Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Artwork Special 2011- Doctor Vampire Wolf Mummy Chucky

 HAPPY HALLOWEEN, GUYS AND GHOULS! I decided instead of a Weekend Artwork, I decided to do a Halloween Artwork. So, after racking my brain-meats, I remembered something I drew earlier this month. So, Jhonen Vasquez brought up this thing he made up: a Doctor Vampire Wolf Mummy Chucky. He mentioned something about drawing it, so, of course, the Freak had to obey. So here it is, my rendition of THE DOCTOR VAMPIRE WOLF MUMMY CHUCKY!!!!!


  So, there you have it.  So Happy Halloween. NO I DON'T HAVE NO CANDY! Yeesh.......

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Artwork #11 and 12- Kingdom Hearts: Strange Silly Shenanagins

 Okay, so with the news I got yesterday, I had to draw two pictures and do a "cheap animation" of some KH3D stuff.

 First, I'm hoping someone in the game acknowledges Riku's makeover in the game. And this has a hilarious way for this to happen.

Dang it, Riku! Quit confusing Sora!

 Poor Sora. He's so used to Riku being long-haired...

  Second, one of the Dream Eaters is called the Wonder Meow. But in Japan, it's the Wandanyan. I could not resist this:

Riku and Neku are hating every minute of this...

 This is my first attempt at drawing Neku. The human characters came out weird.

 And finally, after reading the "Nyan" part, I started thinking of a certain video on the web. So, THIS was born! A HORRIBLE ANIMATION BASED ON THE NYAN CAT!

 Yeah, it's kinda bad. I couldn't get audio, so here's the original video of the Nyan Cat, so you can play it with my video and you can get an idea for what I was going for.

 So far, I think I'm the only one who came up with that....

 Hopefully someone will make a better one than I did, and when they do... I WILL POST IT!

 So there you go. I think we all learned a lesson: Don't use Windows Movie Maker to make a cheap animation, leave animation to those who have the software for it. No, wait, that was my lesson.  Anyway, hope you liked this week's Weekend Artwork!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sora and Riku Get New Duds and More in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

  I may be a little late on the Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance update news, but I just found out about some of the new developments.


1. Sora and Riku's Costume Changes

 So in the Dream World, Sora and Riku get some nice new threads.
Goin' back to his Mickey Mouse Allusion roots.
 Sora has given up the jeans with black chap-things with pockets pants and all the black for something with more red color. It's kinda a nice cross between his original costume (which it amazes me he outgrew so much in KHII) and his second outfit with the infamous belts. And zippers and buttons, fun to frustrate them . Overall, I kinda like this one. I'll miss his KHII clothes, but this ensemble is quickly taking it's place as my favorite of his generic outfits, and one of my favorite overall Sora looks.

Now for Riku....

The mane is gone...
 I like Riku's new outfit. It's now my favorite, not counting his blindfolded Organization jacket one. It's an improvement from his last costume. It was alright, but I think my biggest issue was his hair in KHII (except when he had the blindfold). But, he has the excuse that he hadn't had a haircut in about a year, so... But I like Riku with his new haircut. It's funny, I drew a picture of Riku with short hair once, guessing some possible future outfits, and here he is, with short hair! DANG IT, NOMURA! What are you trying to do, make me a RIKU fangirl, too? Well, sir, it is working.......

 I really hope they keep these duds in Kingdom Hearts III. ESPICIALLY Riku's new haircut that makes him look super-handsome...... Did I just write that? Stinkin' Cute Riku Makeover.....


2. Dream Eaters

 There is a new form of enemy called the enemies this time around, called the Dream Eaters. Besides the fact that they are the first enemies that don't have some sort of negative prefix or suffix (Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed), they come in two varieties: Spirits and Nightmares. Nightmares are the bad ones you will be beating the HP/Munny/Items/EXP/Any Other Stuff out of this time around. And the Spirits will be..... YOUR PARTNERS! BUM BUM BUM!!!!! They are... interesting. The Neko Cat and Ram are my favorites so far.

 Here, Lookie!

3. The New Kid In Town

 Also, in Dreamworld!Traverse Town, Sora meets a new friend. His name is Neku, and he is the first non-Original/FF/Disney character in the series. He hails from one of Square Enix's OTHER games, The World Ends With You. I've never played TWEWY, so I can't tell you more. But I do know Sora is going to help him with something called "The Game". And, much like Zack Fair's appearance in Birth By Sleep has made me want to play Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core, I'm sure Neku will leave me wanting to play TWEWY.

  And I get the feeling I'm gonna like this guy, based on the Dream Drop Distance trailer.

4. The Tokyo Game Show Trailer

 Here's the new trailer, which someone kindly added English subtitles to. And the last part is pretty funny.

 I'm guessing either the stories will be like in BBS, where one of the boy's adventures in the world will be shown in/affect the other's. Or, maybe they'll have different versions in The Dream World. Since everyone's dreams are different, maybe that'll be the case.

 Also, looks like we're going to see the adventures of Apprentice!Xehanort. (AKA *SPOILER* "Terranort"). It's kinda said to see little boy Ienzo fade away. He's only a lad! Society made him! Only a.... sorry.

  But, I will laugh when Xehanort inevitably beats down Braig. *laughs evilly*


  Well, all these developments have finally broken me. I think I'm gonna have to get a 3DS. Luckily, the price dropped. Time to save up!

 Tell me what'cha thinking in the comments. Anyone else going to blow big money to get this system for this game, too?

 Oh, PS. I think this will come out in the Fall of 2012 for the US. My reasoning is that they said that Japan gets it Spring 2012. That was what I remember was said about 358/2 Days, Spring 2009 for Japan, and that came out in late August of 2009 for America.

 Just a guess. Anyone else have any guesses?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LOL! Old X-Men.....

  So, on Netflix, Ima watchin' ye olde schoole X-Men series from the 90's. It's kinda funny to watch from a modern-day view. I saw this show as a kid and I... didn't really remember much about it honestly, only "snippets" in my head. But I do remember Lil' Freak thought Jubilee was AWESOME! Now, I think the show's unintentionally funny.

 Like, for example, OVERLY-DRAMATIC STORM!!!!!!

 And then there's Wolverine's voice. OH LORD ALMIGHTY WOLVIE'S VOICE!

Eh... Not a good video example, but, anyway..... Steve Blum will always be my favorite Wolverine, because his isn't as ridiculous (Evolution's Wolvie Voice did not compare when I head it). But at least it's not AUSTRAILIAN WOLVIE FROM THE 80'S!!!!

 Rogue... oh Rogue. I luv ya in a non-creepy way, dahlin', but that accent is not an accent/almost offencive, sugah.

 Also, I found Morph in the one episode I saw him as kinda annoying. It's the laugh. THE LAUGH! OH LORD, THE LAUGH! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOOOOOPPPP!!!!! MAKE THE BAD MUTIE STOP! AND STAY DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  I'm sure the show gets better, but it's the voices and the narminess that makes it silly to me. Not "60's Superfriends" silly, but still hard to take serious.

 But there is one bright side. DEADPOOL CAMEOS!

 Yup, totally makes it all worth it.

 And now, I leave on a question: Okay, so I thought Magneto's helmet made him invulnerable to telepathy. So WHY is it that in this series, he can use telepathy on helmeted-Magneto? Why, oh why, why why, why?

UPDATE: I appoligize to any Morph fans that I used the video that calls him "The crappiest X-Men" in the title. It... was the best example I could find with.... THE LAUGH..........

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Long-Overdue Weekend Artwork #7-10 "THE NINJA KURT SAGA!"

   Sorry for not posting one of these things in forever. Haven't had the time. Anyway, here's something I had sitting, WAITING to be posted. It's based on the episode "I Am Unicorn" of Glee. It's kinda a saga, this WA.

*slips into recap-voice impersonation*

Okay, so here's what you missed on Glee.

Kurt tried for the role of Tony in the school's production of West Side Story with an epic performance of "I'm The Greatest Star", and spun SAI SWORDS! Much fangirling ensued from The Freak and Kurt fans.
Yes. Yes you are.

   Sadly, the people in-charge of casting questioned if our hero was masculine enough for the role.

I'm stumped, too, Kurt.
So then Kurt's confusion turned to rage when he saw his boyfriend Blaine had a better shot at the role of Tony than him. And so he went on a NINJA RAMPAGE through the halls, hunting down those who thought he wasn't suited for the role, and anyone in the way.

He's channeling his inner psycho Raphael and Elektra!
 What? That's not what happened? Well, that's what happened in my world. And it's awesome. So shut up and let me tell my story....

  ANYWAY! Eventually, Kurt saw the error in his ways, and all the hurt and damage he caused. So he remorsfully went to Blaine to appoligize for his deeds.

Let it out, Kurt. Let it out.... (And yes, Blaine, it was cool).
So Kurt went to appoligize to all, put up his ninja outfit, and everyone lived happily ever after for once. Until the Skrull Invasion.

  There you go! That is the Ninja Kurt Saga.

Can I write Glee or what? 

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Pitch Ideas For: Young Justice Episodes

 Is anyone sick of my Young Justice "fan girling"? Well, I'm sure I'll mellow down... Eventually..... You know, when I move onto something new in my "Fan Cycle" (When I have a resurgence of super-fanning of something, and dominently obsess over that). So, I'm desided to post some ideas I have for YJ episodes, that aren't in the works.

  • Something With Robin Singing I just had to get it out the way. I'll settle for something like Robin/Dick listening to an MP3 player and maybe singing along. *sings* Or just maybe, we could see, the return of the Batman The Brave and The Bold-specific character known as.....
               THE MUSIC MEISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Sadly, I could not find a good video for what I wanted. Look up "Mayhem of the Music Meister" on YouTube.

The next one I have two ideas for:
  • Some Sort of Future Related Episode
  1. The whole "One person goes forward in time" thing. That would be okay. I read something saying that wouldn't be a good idea because Teen Titans did that, and it'd be to like that episode, bladdie-blah.... But c'mon. A lot of shows do that. *cough*thewhole"Xaiverwakesup20yearsinthefuturefromacoma"plotfromWolverineandtheX-Men*cough* But there's also....
    2. A Future Team Visits the Present Day. That would be intresting. There could be the successors of The Team visiting (one of the other Robins, the other Speedy, etc.). And there could be hints to the present!Team, like Robin being Nightwing and/or Batman IN THE FUTURE! KF being The Flash IN THE FUTURE! Etc., etc.

That's all I got FOR NOW! I'm a gonna do Loveable Freak-type stuff, then tommorrow, I WILL watch me some Young Justice episodes from tonight and last week since I haven't seen it yet.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aww. Yeah.

 The new trailer for The Avengers is out. IT. IS. EPIC. WATCH!

 I. Cannot. Wait. For. This. Can't. You. Tell. By. The. Spacing?

 Robert Downey Jr. (a King of Awesome), Black Widow, AND Hawkeye? This is gonna be awesome.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Weird OHP "Fanfic": LLAMA!!!!!!

 And now, for something completely different.

 This AWESOME group, Operation Head Pigeons (AKA "Operation Head Pigeons 2.0" on Facebook), has hit 10,000 likes on Facebook not long ago. So, I decided to write the girls over there a "Fanfic" of sorts. Is this weird? Kinda. But anyway, this is my little gift to them. I've been a pigeon since the original "Operation Head Pigeons". So, here we go!


 The Control Brains and The OHP Tallest were hanging out in OHP Land. Tallest Sarah and CB Hillary were discussing the awesomeness of Richard Horvitz. CB Lillias was writing an MST of a bad Fanfic and trying to hold on to her will to live though a particularly bad part. "The plot thickens." She said to herself. CB REL was reading reviews for her singing of the OHP version of "Want You Gone", and CB Opera and Meadow were drawing. And Jackie and Alexia were talking to each other.

 Suddenly, Tallest Karissa  burst into the scene.

 "GUYS! THE LLAMA FINALLY LOST HIS VOICE!" Everyone gasped. "You mean the llama that keeps us from telling THE SECRET?" Meadow asked. "Yes, and wonderful exposition, Meadow." Jackie replied. REL smiled, "This means..." "...We can tell the secret." Opera answered. "Okay guys," Sarah said, "on the count of three..."


 Suddenly, there was loud hip-hop music. A low-rider car drove by loudly as they spoke THE SECRET. Upon closer inspection, one could see a llama in shades, driving. On his licence plate, it read: "LLAMA!"

 Everyone stood there, in shock.

 "I forgot me and Sarah took the llama to the DMV to get a Driver's Licence." Hillary said. Alexia looked over at Hillary. "It seemed like a good idea..." Alexia scowled. "I TOLD you guys that was a bad idea! I swear, sometimes it's like I'm not here..."


 Any Head Pigeons out there? Were the CBs and Tallest "In-Character", so to speak. Tell me what you think! CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, please!


 One of the funny things on this one site, TV Tropes, is the Wild Mass Guessing. Sometimes, the guesses are serious ("_____ Will Die The Next Episode", for example), while others are ridiculous and joking ( for example, "_______ is Cyclops's Son"). So, I decided to do my own, mostly goofy, ones.

The guess is in bold, the explanation in normal, just so yous know.



Perry The Platypus is a Milliner.

 In The Looking Glass Wars, Hatter Madigan (AKA The Mad Hatter) is a Milliner, who are like soldiers with cool hats that do all sorts of stuff (Madigan's top hat becomes blades, for example). Perry's hat does some fly stuff. Thus, part of the OWCA's training must be Milliner training.

YJ Robin and Dr. Doofenshmertz are related somehow.

 Both tend to play around with prefixes (Dr. D:"Your timing is impeccable, and by impeccable I mean COMPLETELY PECCABLE!"; Robin: "Would "aster" be the opposite of disaster?"). Coincidence? I THINK NOT! (*Told you these can be ridiculous*)

Luxord was a pirate.

 Now, this one I'm kinda serious about. In Kingdom Hearts II, "Luxy" knows about "parlay", and I don't think that's common knowledge. Plus, if you look at the Pieces of Eight in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, one is a card (Luxord's signature weapon). Obviously, Luxord was one of the original Pirate Lords, and time just... passes differently.

Cheren is based on Dib.

 When I first played Pokemon Black, I noticed a weird similarity Cheren had:



 See? Their hair has the same sorta look. And they wear glasses and blue stuff. And they're both pretty smart. I'd post an anime version of Dib, but I don't want some fan*insertgenderhere* to get mad that I stole their drawing, then chase me down the street with replicas of the Buster Sword and the Gunblade..... again. Obviously, someone over at Game Freak is a Zim Fan.


 Well, that's it. That's all I got.... FOR NOW.... *evil laugh*

Saturday, October 8, 2011


 I've now gotten 36 views from out of the US (And yes, I count the ones from last time). 2 more from Germany, and 9 more from Russia, (Hello (possibly again) Germany and Russia!) and a few NEW areas. And two are in ASIA!

  • One from Latvia (Hi, Latvia! Ya know, I sort of think of Latveria from Marvel Comics when I think of here, since the spelling's similar. Just sayin')
  • One from Sri Lanka (Hello, Sri Lanka! Great another country I picture a Camp Lazlo character saying the name of)
  • Seven from Indonesia (Hel-lo, Indonesia! *insert witty message here*)
   And that's all I have to say about that. THANKS!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Overused Plot Parody Theater #4: Whose Side Are You On?

 Been a long time since I've done one of these, huh? So here's plot parody 4: Zim or Dib have a change of heart.



 Zim had an epiphany one morning. The human race was beautiful, with it's ignorance, and disgustingness. He decided that he would work with the human race. He would become..... A LAWYER! Like this guy he saw in some superhero movie he watched for research. But he was blind, so obviously these "lawyers" had to have some sort of horrible handicap.

 So Zim was going to gorge out his eyes.

 BUT! Before he could mutilate himself, Dib BURST into his base. "ZIM! I've realized my species is horrible! I am going to align myself with you to destroy them!"

 Zim looked to Dib, "But.... your species is beautiful! Why would you do that? I no longer seek destruction, Dib!"

 Dib snarled and headed for the door.....

 "But you make a good point! I must destroy them!"

 "What!? Well, I'll stop you!"

 "Well, I want to help humanity again!"
 "UGH! I just remembered how much the human race stinks! I MUST ELIMINATE IT!"

 This went on for a long time. The Computer groaned and shut itself down. GIR got bored and ran to Las Vegas, and then promptly razed it to the ground. It was Minimoose who snapped. He went to the lab.

 "NYAH!" He screeched, and FIRED A LAZAH AT THEM!

 The two promptly realigned themselves to their proper sides.

 And peace was restored.


The next one's here!
Parody 1
Parody 2
Parody 3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Don't Feel Like Doing A Weekend Artwork This Weekend

 I just don't. But I WILL post a "saga" of pics this week/weekend. Want a hint? What have I been going on about in "One Liners"?

 So... I'm gonna go running around screaming "I LOVE ROBIN!" or something related to one of the many things I'm a fan of while playing "Rose's Turn" (The Glee Version) on my MP3 Player. Why?

So here's the song so you can get a hilarious mental image.

 And because I can, the Portal 2 trailer. SOMEDAY, I WILL PLAY THOSE GAMES!

Wow, this post took a weird turn...


 Yes, I am partially insane. Why do you ask?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

REVIEW: Young Justice-Home Front

 So I just watched the episode of Young Justice today, and I figured, "what the heck? The Freak's gonna review it!"


 *Reader Beware, you're in for some SPOILERS!*

 Alright, so at the start, we're treated to Artemis waking up and having a flashback about her sister, who's *gasp* Cheshire! Apparently she ran away from home when Arte was little. Anyway, Artemis starts school at Gotham Academy, and has this funny interaction with Robin/Dick Grayson (but of course, she has no idea who it is):

(Dick runs up to Artemis)
Dick: We'll laugh about this someday.
(takes a surprise picture with Artemis on his cell phone, disappears, NINJA STYLE)

 And to top off this little brief school moment, we have an interaction between Dick and Batgirl/Barbra Gordon, who's makin' a cameo.

 Next we see Megan/Miss Martian and Superboy, enjoying their little relationship upgrade, until Superboy's little pet robot ball comes along and warns them Kid Flash/Wally's coming by. Wally comes up, mentioning they "sure spend a lot of time working on his bike" and that they obviously need his help. I'm still back and forth on whether this is Wally being semi-aware what's going on and trying to get in their way, or him being oblivious. ANYHOW, and Kaldur/Aqualad discusses the whole "team mole" thing with Red Tornado, when Tornado has to leave for SUSPICIOUS! reasons. But I think he delivered his best line ever this episode:

 "I agreed to cover for Green Arrow, he has an interpersonal event with Black Canary. A "hot date"."
   After that, we get back to Artemis. She heads for The Cave, and bumps into Robin in Gotham. They have a pretty funny interaction, and then go to The Cave. Then, *gasp* The Cave's under attack by two Red Tornado-eske robots (SUSPICIOUS!), one with fire power, the other with water, who have captured the other members of The Team and have KF and Superboy in a watery death-trap and Miss Martian (who's out cold) and Aqualad in a fire cage. The "Reds" threaten that they'll kill the others if Artemis and Robin don't surrender in ten minutes.

 Arte's panicking, because if all the guys with superpowers are down, how are she and Robin, the normal ones, going to stop them? Robin, however, is calm in the face of danger. They find the others, but have to get away from the Reds. Robin tells the distraught Artemis she has to "get traught or get dead", and our heroes come up with a plan to send out a electro-magnetic pulse to shut down the Reds, with some technical help from KF. But just as they're about to set up the EMP, The Reds capture Robin, and have him drowning in a water tube (NOOOOOO! ROBIN!!!!! I LOVE-ES YOU ROBIN! I LOVE-ES YOOOOOOUUU!). And Artemis, having used her last arrow, runs for it.

 Arte ends up in Wally's room, and finds Wally's collection of "souvenirs", including Cheshire's mask. She has another flashback, and then starts to tell the mask she's found a "new family" with The Team (awww). She sees her arrow from "Schooled" (AKA a Chekhov's Gun, as they say on TV Tropes and the literary world), and goes to stop the robots. Long story short, she makes an awesome shot that sets off the EMP (all it needed was metal), and stops the robots, saving everyone. Once everyone's confirmed to be okay, Red Tornado "happens" to come back, everyone's not happy he ditched them. Suddenly, The Team realizes everything electronic that was in The Cave's starting up again, and Red Tornado starts sucking all the air out of the cave, to incapacitate everyone. SUSPICIOUS!

 When everyone comes to, the Justice League's there to check on them, and it's mentioned that the Reds (including Tornado), have all disappeared. SUSPICIOUS! 


 I liked this episode. I loved Artemis and Robin's interactions in the beginning. I also liked Robin being serious, and his "get it together" moment with Artemis. It does make sense, since he's been doing this longer/he's Batman's sidekick. I also liked seeing Artemis's vulnerable side, it was nice to see. She definitely scored some "like" points in my book this episode. And the distraction Kid Flash and Superboy(!) make was awesome.

I'm not to crazy about the pacing of Superboy and Miss Martian's relationship. I think it's kinda fast. Yes, he did kiss her last episode, but I think the writers could have held off a little longer to make it official, Y'know? Unless something bad's going to happen to one of them....

Also, was I the only one who thought it would've been hilarious if while the water raised, there had been an interaction between Kid Flash and Superboy that went like this?:

 Superboy: Me and M'Gann haven't been working on my bike, we've been kissing...
 Kid Flash: WHAT!?
 Anyway, I hadn't considered Red Tornado could be the mole. My theory was the obvious Artemis or Superboy, but he's not aware of it, because The Light have some way of seeing/hearing what Superboy's doing (mayhaps via G-Gnome). And maybe MM (beware the nice ones, you know?). But I can see Tornado being the mole, in hindsight.


 I give it a 5 out of 5.

Tell me what you think, and hey, maybe I'll do another review of next week's episode or something. Wow, this might be my longest post ever. Peace out!