Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm Not Dead, Let's Start Blogging

 Sorry I haven't blogged in weeks, and that Marvel May didn't quite work out like I hoped. I didn't realize all the stuff that was going to happen that month, I got sucked into Twitter, I wasn't in a reviewing mood after that Elementary review, and I'm just freaking lazy. It's my biggest fault.

  Anyway, this is just a post to assure my followers I'm okay. (Hannibal gets a second season, how could I not be okay?) And I kinda wanted to state my plans:

-I feel bad about not at least finishing the X-Men reviews, so I'm going to finish those. (Plus, I have First Class now! So there's that...)
-I think I'll do a final overall review of Elementary just to vent out any residing thoughts...
-In the interest of expanding my horizons, I think I might start reviewing some fanfics and/or video games. (Or books...)
-I also wanna do an MST of this fanfic that is just... Not good... (with a twist).
-More reviews as they come up
-Website/Blog/Net Stuff Apreciations
-Also, I'm toying with the idea of doing a sort of "commentary" on that fanfic I did. It'll be like an MST of sorts...
-Other Stuff

...So sorry I've been quiet, I promise I'll try and get back to blogging!