Friday, February 22, 2013

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary- Episode 17: "Possibility Two"

  Well, bad news: last night I was pretty sick, fever and everything. But the good news is I'm better today, I got an awesome idea for a comic book to write (I'd tell you more about it, but I'm being properly paranoid and leaving it at that because I don't want anyone untrustworthy on the Internet to steal it.), and I realized that next month is March, meaning they begin shooting season three of Sherlock!

Millerlock represents the normal and non-obsessed, here...

  So, time to review a typical Elementary episode... Oh, and I will have a slight, minor spoiler. Not big enough for a River Song gif, though.

  So, an eccentric billionaire has come down with a rare genetic disease (I forgot which one, sorry. Again, sick as a dog last night), one of the symptoms being dementia, but has no family history of it. He calls on Sherlock to help him, but he initially refuses, even when he offers him a rare bee. But when the billionaire kills his driver due to the illness, Millerlock takes the case. Soon, it's revealed that some other billionaires have mysteriously contracted the disease. And one of the people who can help them gets murdered. Meanwhile, Millerlock trains Joan to deduce and they have a roommate agreement now involving dry-cleaning and fridge-cleaning.

  Okay, to give the episode credit, I thought some of the elements in the case were pretty interesting and cool. They were kind of science fiction-y to me. I like sci-fi, so I thought it was neat.The plan the poisoner had was pretty clever, actually. And, the murder actually involved a tested sociopath this time! Neat! (<- ...What is wrong with me?)

  Millerlock got some funny things in as usual, and he did things I like. there were the subtle heartwarming things. Like he brought one of the victims flowers, which I thought was nice. And when he asked the murderer why he killed his fiance, he sounded so sad. I then realized it was probably because his girlfriend, Irene, was murdered by Moriarty, so that probably had something to do with it. I dunno, maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that's what I thought. It was good to see more of Millerlock: The "More Human" Holmes, again. And he went all polyglot again! That's my favorite trait about him! And, I was surprised he actually cleaned the fridge!

  As usual, I loved everything with Joan, loved her subplot. 'Nuff said.

  But overall, the episode was just...

 ...Eh. Not really exciting. It was typical Elementary: some good things, but overall it wasn't interesting.

  Okay, Last minute thoughts:
  • I think I caught a canon nod. I think the billionaire said Millerlock was recommended by a guy who's name sounded like Musgrave. Musgrave was from the story "The Musgrave Ritual". Which makes me wonder: did the canon cases (sans "The Final Problem" or "The Empty House", natch) all happen before Millerlock's breakdown, but without Watson? Although, "The Musgrave Ritual" was one of the stories that happened pre-Watson in canon, anyway. If so, writers...
  • Not quite a reference to canon, but Millerlock texting Gregson and Bell about how they're wrong about a suspect reminded me of the "Wrong!" scene in the  Sherlock episode "A Study in Pink". Minus the mirror-banging...
  • My favorite scenes were everything involving the dry cleaners, the aforementioned texting thing (mostly for Sherlock memories), and the scenes involving Millerlock's molecule model (especially the dinosaur).
  •  And an honorary mention goes to Millerlock's annoyed mouthing of "Jerry" when Joan starts talking about her old college teacher/ex. Oh, Millerlock, if the creator hadn't supposedly said you and Joan weren't getting together, I would think you were jealous...
  • The music on Millerlock's record player was...interesting...
  Elementary, why do you insist on writing mainly mediocre/average episodes? There are things I like about you, really! When you do something good, you do something good! I know you're a show capable of better than this! Look at episodes 3, 12, and 14! Why can't you be that good all the time? You need to get your act together. Or at least your scripts... I want you to be better than what you've mostly given us so far. To prove you're undeserving of the flak you get from Sherlock fans. (I mean, you're not worth the ignorant, ill-informed, biased, based only on pre-conceived notions complaints...) Please? I love Sherlock Holmes, and I know you can do better. So, can you just give me consistency?

 Good consistency?


  1. 3 good episodes out of 17 - that means Elementary is good only 17% of the time. Not a good statistics for a show in its very first season.

    I too was reminded of BBC Sherlock in the "Holmes texting Gregson and Bell" scene.

    Not sure of the direction Holmes-Watson relationship is headed irrespective of the what the creator might say. TV ratings always decide the content.

    But hey, there is always Sherlock Season 1 and 2!

    And this is from someone who approached Elementary with an open mind.


  2. Yes, exectutives. I've very rarely heard anything good that came from them meddling...

    Yeah, the stats are really against Elementary, aren't they?

    Again, really glad season three of Sherlock starts shooting next month. I need the far more consistent one!