Friday, February 22, 2013

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary- Episode 17: "Possibility Two"

  Well, bad news: last night I was pretty sick, fever and everything. But the good news is I'm better today, I got an awesome idea for a comic book to write (I'd tell you more about it, but I'm being properly paranoid and leaving it at that because I don't want anyone untrustworthy on the Internet to steal it.), and I realized that next month is March, meaning they begin shooting season three of Sherlock!

Millerlock represents the normal and non-obsessed, here...

  So, time to review a typical Elementary episode... Oh, and I will have a slight, minor spoiler. Not big enough for a River Song gif, though.

  So, an eccentric billionaire has come down with a rare genetic disease (I forgot which one, sorry. Again, sick as a dog last night), one of the symptoms being dementia, but has no family history of it. He calls on Sherlock to help him, but he initially refuses, even when he offers him a rare bee. But when the billionaire kills his driver due to the illness, Millerlock takes the case. Soon, it's revealed that some other billionaires have mysteriously contracted the disease. And one of the people who can help them gets murdered. Meanwhile, Millerlock trains Joan to deduce and they have a roommate agreement now involving dry-cleaning and fridge-cleaning.

  Okay, to give the episode credit, I thought some of the elements in the case were pretty interesting and cool. They were kind of science fiction-y to me. I like sci-fi, so I thought it was neat.The plan the poisoner had was pretty clever, actually. And, the murder actually involved a tested sociopath this time! Neat! (<- ...What is wrong with me?)

  Millerlock got some funny things in as usual, and he did things I like. there were the subtle heartwarming things. Like he brought one of the victims flowers, which I thought was nice. And when he asked the murderer why he killed his fiance, he sounded so sad. I then realized it was probably because his girlfriend, Irene, was murdered by Moriarty, so that probably had something to do with it. I dunno, maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that's what I thought. It was good to see more of Millerlock: The "More Human" Holmes, again. And he went all polyglot again! That's my favorite trait about him! And, I was surprised he actually cleaned the fridge!

  As usual, I loved everything with Joan, loved her subplot. 'Nuff said.

  But overall, the episode was just...

 ...Eh. Not really exciting. It was typical Elementary: some good things, but overall it wasn't interesting.

  Okay, Last minute thoughts:
  • I think I caught a canon nod. I think the billionaire said Millerlock was recommended by a guy who's name sounded like Musgrave. Musgrave was from the story "The Musgrave Ritual". Which makes me wonder: did the canon cases (sans "The Final Problem" or "The Empty House", natch) all happen before Millerlock's breakdown, but without Watson? Although, "The Musgrave Ritual" was one of the stories that happened pre-Watson in canon, anyway. If so, writers...
  • Not quite a reference to canon, but Millerlock texting Gregson and Bell about how they're wrong about a suspect reminded me of the "Wrong!" scene in the  Sherlock episode "A Study in Pink". Minus the mirror-banging...
  • My favorite scenes were everything involving the dry cleaners, the aforementioned texting thing (mostly for Sherlock memories), and the scenes involving Millerlock's molecule model (especially the dinosaur).
  •  And an honorary mention goes to Millerlock's annoyed mouthing of "Jerry" when Joan starts talking about her old college teacher/ex. Oh, Millerlock, if the creator hadn't supposedly said you and Joan weren't getting together, I would think you were jealous...
  • The music on Millerlock's record player was...interesting...
  Elementary, why do you insist on writing mainly mediocre/average episodes? There are things I like about you, really! When you do something good, you do something good! I know you're a show capable of better than this! Look at episodes 3, 12, and 14! Why can't you be that good all the time? You need to get your act together. Or at least your scripts... I want you to be better than what you've mostly given us so far. To prove you're undeserving of the flak you get from Sherlock fans. (I mean, you're not worth the ignorant, ill-informed, biased, based only on pre-conceived notions complaints...) Please? I love Sherlock Holmes, and I know you can do better. So, can you just give me consistency?

 Good consistency?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy (Late) Birthday To Christopher Eccleston

(Dang it, why do I always find out birthdays AFTER they happen?)

Anyway, yesterday was the 49th birthday of an actor I like: Christopher Eccelston. I've brought him up a lot. He played The Ninth Doctor on Doctor Who, and was my first and favorite Doctor.

 I can't wait to see him in Thor: The Dark World as Malekith. I really need to see more stuff with him in it, I feel bad I haven't. Like, I really want to see this biopic he was in about John Lennon called Lennon Naked, as Lennon. (It also has Andrew Scott in it as Paul McCartney, so that's a bonus...) Anyway, I think he's a good actor and I want to see more stuff with him. (Like, say, Sherlock with him as Moran? Please? I heard you want to experiment with original villains, Moffat and Gatiss, but you can still do that and have Moran! Please?)

Anyway, happy (belated) birthday, Eccleston! You fanTAStic actor.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary - Episode 16: "Details"

  Well, I hope you all had a good Valentine's Day/Forever Alone Day yesterday! I had no special plans yesterday. But I didn't just curl up with a pint of ice cream watching Elementary. No, I'd already finished the remains of the cookies and cream shake I was drinking during the last few minutes of Person of Interest waiting for Elementary to come on. There's a distinction.

  But, enough personal asides! Time to review this puppy!

  Okay, so Detective Bell is attacked while driving one night. At first, they think it's a former drug lord, Curtis Bradshaw, who Bell investigated years ago. But then Bradshaw is found dead. And to make matters worse, there appears to be evidence that Bell did it. Also, Sherlock tries to overprotect Joan by having guerrilla tests of her self-defence skills.  Oh, Millerlock... She's played Lucy Liu, she'll be fine! Have you seen some of the movies she's in?

  Okay, this one wasn't so interesting to me. It was cool to see more of Bell's life outside of his mandatory appearances for case-related things and nothing else. Like that he has an ex-gangster brother named Andre he's concerned about. But the plot didn't have me that invested.

  ...But, as seems to often to be the case with these episodes that I think are kind of duds, there was adorableness from my favorite fictional friendship, or as I've started calling it since my last review: my OTF ("One True Friendship", I shall try and get this into general fandom vocabulary!)! Okay, first there was the whole "trying to make sure Joan can defend herself" thing, because he, quote, "couldn't forgive himself" if she got hurt because of him. And the big one...

  ...Millerlock reveals he knew for a while Joan wasn't his sober companion anymore. And he wasn't mad, but grateful she stayed. And he tried to let her know he was fine so she wouldn't feel obligated to stay but "curiously, you stayed". And he tells her he wants her to stay, and he'll pay her with some funds he has. And, and he tells her it's because "I'm better with you, Watson..." A-and she agrees to stay. Andandand nngh! oiufrahtujergtnherajgujergterhtiureth!


  ...Okay, I've composed myself, now. Anyway, I also appreciate that they didn't just use Millerlock finding out Joan was lying for some "I can't believe you lied to me! I trusted you! Do you not trust me? Go away!" drama. That was nice.

   Alright, last minute thoughts time!
  • Millerlock suggesting Joan take up boxing could be a reference to the fact Holmes could box in canon.
  • Favorite scenes where everything with my OTF, Joan's reactions to/revenges(?) for Sherlock's help (including her taking out the lock collection organized by country of origin), and this scene with a basketball. Oh! And when the Bell brothers reconcile!
  • Is it bad that I noticed every other black guy in this episode besides Bell was either a gangster or former gangster?
  • I've officially decided I hate Joan's therapist. I mean, in "M" she's more or less suggesting Joan stay with Millerlock, then in "The Red Team" and here she's all "this is bad, you should leave"! Doesn't she understand they're bros even though Joan's a woman now!? I think she should take Mycroft's advice to John about his therapist in "A Study in Pink" and fire her...
 Overall, besides my squeeing over my OTF, it wasn't that impressive of an episode. I guess that they needed an episode to balance out the scales between the even-numbered episodes and the odd-numbered ones (besides "Child Predator"). Oh well, I guess all the post-"M" episodes can't be gems. Besides, they just make the good ones shine brighter! :) "Dirty Laundry" makes them all seem like diamonds. Let's hope the next episode gets things back to "M" and "The Deductionist" levels!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary- Episode 15: "A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs"

Alright, time to review the latest episode of Elementary! Has it lived up to the streak the show's had of decent episodes? Find out!

  An old friend of Sherlock's, Rhys, drops in from out of the blue (and makes himself at home in the brownstone, much to Joan's dismay) seeking his help. He tells Holmes that his daughter's been kidnapped for ransom and he can't pay, so he asks our protagonists to help. But there's a catch. You see, this friend of Sherlock's... He used to be his drug dealer... DUN DUN DUN! Now, on top of all this, we have Joan worrying about Rhys triggering a relapse for Millerlock.

   First of all, let's address something amazing here: this wasn't a murder! It never once turns into one this time! He never goes to the NYPD for help until the end (and that's just to arrest and interrogate the culprit). HALLELUJAH! I'm stunned and pleased. They actually didn't have anyone killed this episode to turn into one. In fact, minor spoiler, nobody dies at all in this episode! It's fantastic!

"Everybody lives, Joan. Just this once, everybody lives!" 

So kudos to them. Another brief thing I want to bring up plot-wise is that I admired the little bait-and-switch at the beginning, when we see Rhys's daughter's kidnapping. It looks as if the guy knocking at her door is out potential killer/distraction with the world's most flimsy excuse. And the whole time I was thinking, "Lady, if you fall for this, y'all gonna die." But it turned out that the guy really did need his phone charged, and while Rhys's daughter didn't let him in, if she would have... It was a nice touch. And I liked that they addressed the reason they couldn't go the easy way out and just have Sherlock "My Dad Is Rich Enough To Own Multiple Properties In New York" Holmes lend Rhys the cash (besides the obvious "we'd have no plot" thing).

  The character of Rhys was a pretty interesting one. On one hand, he has faith in his friend that he can get his beloved daughter back. But at the same time, he's wary and desperate when he's not getting results as fast as he'd like. He even goes so far as to say Millerlock'd probably do better if he was doing drugs again. Heck, he goes out and BUYS MILLERLOCK COCAINE AND TELLS HIM TO TAKE IT TO DO BETTER! (Millerlock never does, BTW). The whole time, I thought, "Joan's is gonna kill this guy. And it will be awesome and Lucy Liu will get to show off why no one messes with Lucy Liu...". But, in the end he redeems himself. I kind of like his character for that in the end. I have a feeling we'll never never see him again, though. (And I'm not cementing it by saying I want to see him again, because every time I say I want to see another character show up, it feels like they never will again...) Also, I liked his accent.

  Okay, same stuff as usual to say about the leads: Millerlock's clever this episode. I think he's, dare I say it, growing on me. And Joan is made of rainbows and is stylish and awesome. And she does take a guy out with Agnus the Bust. And they have more "aww"-inducing friendship moments.

  Alright, final thoughts:
  • Favorite parts were: Millerlock's story at the support group; the introduction of Rhys; as immature as it is, Millerlock knowing...certain things about Joan; everything to do with the finger deduction; Watson chewing out Rhys; and every time the words "I Believe In Sherlock Holmes" were said. Especially when Joan says it.
  • About the aforementioned "I believe in Sherlock Holmes"s, I especially liked it, knowing the Sherlock fandom's whole thing revolving around that phrase. It's now canon in one of the versions! ^_^
  • Two nods to canon I noticed: Millerlock knowing multiple types of tobacco ash and the fact that apparently Millerlock has done cocaine as well.
  • I have the feeling that Holmes's deal with his dad's going to pop up again...
  Overall, it was a decent episode with things I liked. Was it my favorite? Well, not really, but it was okay.

  But next episode looks fun. Three words: Overprotective Millerlock Paranoia (ooh, "Overprotective Paranoia", that'd be a good band name). And, based on the previews, this is gonna be entertaining...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

So, I Hear You Like Reichenbach Theories...

Alright, I just had an idea for a Reichenbach theory. A real one, not like, "Molly stuffed Sherlock in The Pandorica and that revived him." and it actually revolves around Moriarty. And no, it's not, "Moran's going to revive him like they revived The Master in "The End of Time" Doctor Who special." No, this is semi-serious.

Okay, so word on the street is Jim Moriarty will be back somehow. (Andrew Scott's confirmed for season 3, or so I hear.) Now, I kind of think it will more than likely be flashbacks, and I'm cool with him staying dead. He went out, with lack of a better term, with a bang. Besides, he can always have a posthumous effect on The Valley of Fear, the second appearance (in order of story publishing) of Holmes's arch-nemesis. But I want to throw out an idea for the fandom to run with.

What if Jim Moriarty never appeared on the roof at all?

Okay, I know that that theory's already out there, but I have a (hopefully) new variant to work with.

In canon, Moriarty had an older brother. He was a colonel (or stationmaster, yeah, Doyle was a great, influential writer, but sometimes continuity wasn't exactly his strong suit...). Said brother, at the beginning of "The Final Problem", was said to be trying to defend his brother's name...

...See where I'm going with this?

If "Moftiss" wanted to resurrect their version of "The Napoleon of Crime", they can always do this: make it Moriarty's brother who erm.. ate his gun.

   Here's how I'm thinking this could work, hypothetically: Instead of an older brother, the other Moriarty boy could be his twin brother instead. (Hey, they changed Watson's long-dead alcoholic brother from the canon to his alive-but-estranged lesbian alcoholic sister, it's not the most bizarre thing to happen to a canon character's unseen relative...) The brother could have wanted to help clear ol' Jimmy's name (okay, NEVER calling him that again). What better way to clear it than to help him convince the world that name never existed, and aid in killing one of the only men to prove that wrong? Hey, I didn't say his theoretical brother was sane...

  The brother could be an actor (and, for added fun, his previous roles could have been a colonel and a stationmaster, making a nice iffy-continuity gag a la John's psychosomatic limp...), and, being siblings, I think said hypothetical brother could probably copy his twin's mannerisms on the rooftop. It didn't have to be perfect, just good enough to dupe Sherlock enough to jump...

  ...Wow, this sounds kinda insane now. But who knows? It's just a theory...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary- Episode 14 "The Deductionist"

   Ugh, I feel tired staying up for this one. The things I do for this blog... Anyway, the time has come to review the post-Super Bowl/"jumping on point" episode (for new viewers. Well played, CBS, if it weren't for that short blackout...) of Elementary. Was it worth me staying up until 11:10 PM to watch? You're about to find out!

  Okay, so a serial killer, Ennis (nicknamed "The Peeler" by the press). Has escaped the police under the guise of donating a kidney to his ailing sister. But when the time to go under the knife comes, he kills everyone in the operating room. Of course, our protagonists are called in to help track down and stop the escaped killer. But the FBI are also called in; namely, a FBI profiler named Drummund, who profiled The Peeler the first time he was caught and wrote a controversial book about what she thought made him tick. Millerlock dislikes her, because, well, she's an "ex" of his and wrote a less than flattering paper on him titled "The Deductionist", and sort of predicted his breakdown.

LOL, I don't really watch Adventure Time...
  Also, Joan gets evicted from her apartment because her co-tenant, roomie thing was caught having shot a dirty movie in the apartment. Suddenly, every Sherlock has become better roommates in comparison.

  Okay, so I have to admit, I was really impressed with Millerlock here. I'm serious. It may have been the sleep deprivation, but I doubt it. I thought Millerlock was really good. Props to Jonny Lee Miller. He was notably exceptionally clever here. And he does this really awesome thing with a stick. That's all I gotta say so I don't give away too much. And he had good snark, as usual. And you know what? I'm glad I liked him here. This is the sort of thing I was looking forward to with him. And I'm glad it's finally happening! ^_^

  Heck, the only thing I had an issue with for him was in the opening, where he had strippers in the brownstone. Yeah, it was a police set up because they were robbers, but still... DO NOT WANT! I'd rant, but...
Well quoted, Thranduil...

  Yeah. Besides, it's pointless to rant at this point...
  Also, I'm noticing Millerlock's more open about Joan's "job" as his sober companion. He's not lying anymore. Who are you and what have you done with Millerlock?
  Okay, and as for Joan, I have my usual squeeing for her. Blah blah blah, she's so clever. Blah blah blah, she's so witty. Blah blah blah, she's so smart. Blah blah blah, and so pretty. Platonic girl crush, platonic girl crush.... And she does this awesome chew out of the guy from her apartment at the end. It was great.
  Also, as far as my one true friendship (my "OTF", to possibly coin the phrase) goes, they had this very sweet moment, where something wonderful happened. Joan actually said to Sherlock that they were friends! ^_^


  Okay, as for the case. It was an interesting one. I thought the twist was alright. Though I'll admit, it did feel a tiny bit like the twist in the second episode, "While You Were Sleeping". And I did feel a tiny bit of sympathy for the killer and his search for revenge on Drummund. Mostly because despite the fact he did a horrible thing, he loved his family. And as it's revealed, Drummund's book, that accused his family of abuse, destroyed them.

  In fact, the whole thing, and I may have been reading too much into it, was sort of an interesting look at how people go so far to manipulate and stretch evidence and the truth to justify their claims. And the consequences for everyone else affected by these claims.

  Okay, final thoughts:
  • Favorite scenes were when Millerlock confronts the killer, the conclusion of Joan's subplot, and Joan's pep talk to Sherlock. Also, Millerlock laying out clothes for Joan.
  • On that note, I must admit I kinda like the outfit Millerlock picked for Joan. I would so wear that outfit. Are we sure Millerlock's true calling wasn't fashion? ;)
  • Canon nods include the killer writing a message in blood on the wall (A Study in Scarlet), and Millerlock knowing how to fight with a stick (Canon Holmes knew singlestick).
  • Hmm... "[Holmes] is destined for self-annihilation"... Foreshadowing for "The Final Problem" at some point?
  • I love how everyone calls their house their sanctum santorum. It's neat and quirky!
  • The map of where the killer's kills going with a picture/design... was that possibly a nod to the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie? (Although here it was fake).
  • ... :( No Clyde this episode. My heart is sad...
  Overall, I really liked this episode. It was pretty good episode, especially on Miller's part. I'm glad it's good, and I hope this trend continues. It makes me happy that I haven't sat through varying degrees of quality in episodes this long in vain. And I didn't stay up so late for an episode like "Dirty Laundry"... *shudders*

  So, here's hoping for more quality work! ^_^

Sunday, February 3, 2013

So, The Ravens Won The Super Bowl...

...That is awesome, I was sorta rooting for them. And yet, when I root for Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock to win ALL the awards... LOL NOPE.

Oh, well, congrats, to The Ravens. :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 13 "The Red Team"

  Well, we're back to Elementary reviews again. I'll admit, as what often happens when a good episode of Elementary airs, the next week, I tend to get optimistic.

  ...And as it sadly often happens, the episode following did not quite meet my expectations.

  Okay, so shortly after the events in the wonder that was "M", Sherlock has been suspended from helping the police by Gregson for his attempted torture of Moran. But that doesn't stop Millerlock from trying to find out why a conspiracy theorist has died in his own home. What he uncovers is an actual conspiracy, involving a military war game in 2009, where the "red team" uncovered something about the government that could be dangerous. And now each member of that team's being picked off one by one...

  ...Also, Millerlock takes care of a tortoise. And it is brilliant.

  Okay, first of all the case was sort of another "eh, not so interesting" one. It kind of had a big one to follow up on, after all. Though it was kind of interesting to have Millerlock trying to use the NYPD's resources to solve the case, but Gregson constantly telling him "no". I kind of admire Gregson for trying to stick to his decisions and such.

  Speaking of which, I both liked and disliked the final scene, where Millerlock tries to make amends with Gregson. On one hand, I liked Gregson's speech about how Millerlock betrayed his trust, he thought he was better than that, "I'll admit we need you, and I'll let you come back, but that doesn't mean I can trust you again". Blah blah blah... He even punches him in the gut before he leaves. But on the other hand, I was a little disappointed (and this may sound ridiculous), because I was kind of hoping Gregson and Millerlock were going to end up with a surrogate father-son relationship since "The Rat Race". And now, (while it may still be salvageable) nope! He's mad and distrustful of him! :( Why doesn't this show let me have nice things?

  Besides Joan...

...And Moran...

   But other things regarding Millerlock. First of all, it turns out he trolls conspiracy theorists. That is hilarious. And also, there's this whole running gag with him and a tortoise named Clyde that Millerlock takes in. That was brilliant, too. I loved everything involving the tortoise.

  Now it's time from my Obligatory Joan Watson Gushing Paragraph! :D

  *ahem* OHMYGOSH JOANNIE I MISSED YOU! YOU HAD SUCH WONDERFUL SNARK AT TIMES! AND AS USUAL, OHMYGOSH I LOVED YOU GETTING TO BE ALL "DR. WATSON'-Y AGAIN! AND CONGRATS ON SHERLOCK PROMOTING YOU TO ASSOCIATE! I wish I knew what music you were listening to before Millerlock turned the radio to static. I bet it was awesome. AND OHMYGOSH, YOU HAILED THAT TAXI LIKE A BOSS! OHMYGOSH! I loved your jacket. And your hair. If I grew my hair long, I wish it'd look like yours! And you should fire your therapist, because she's crazy: you can't cause any problems for Millerlock! You're bloody PERFECT! :D

  *ahem* Okay then... Last minute thoughts...
  • Favorite scenes where everything to do with Clyde, the fact Millerlock trolls conspiracy theorists, the aforementioned Gregson speech, and the scene where Millerlock texts Bell...
  • A lot of good lines, too, mostly from Millerlock. My favorite was when Millerlock introduces Joan: "This is Joan. She keeps me from doing heroin."
  • I really hope they keep Clyde the Tortoise. I love that little guy, and the shenanigans Millerlock gets up to with the wee fella.
  • There is a reference to Moriarty being referred to as "The Napoleon of Crime" in The Canon, with Sherlock's "wall of crazy" having a picture of Napoleon on it.
  • Millerlock's maroon sweater he wears at some point reminded me of a Starfleet uniform for some reason. How apropos, because it feels like this show's episodes have a similar curse to the old movies: where the even-numbered ones are more consistently good than the odd ones...
  • The ex-red team member McClenahan seemed crazy awesome.
  • Okay, I'm calling it now: I think Moriarty was the one who made an offer to the killer and somehow arranged for Sherlock to get photos of the crime scenes! (Unless I missed something with the latter....)
  As usual, an alright-not-spectacular episode. It's a shame. I think I need to stop getting such high expectations for this show after good episodes. But still, I thought "M" was going to set the standard from here on out! We'd have consistancy!

  Oh well, we got another one to look forward to this weekend, after the Super Bowl. I won't be watching the game, not really interested. I can always look up Iron Man 3's new TV spot and the new ads on teh internetz. Erm... Go Ravens, because I don't hear about you guys a lot and your mascot is cooler, I guess. I'll skip it and hope my theory that the even-numbered episodes are the pretty good ones is true...

EDIT: Here, I found a picture of Clyde. Bask in his reptilian glory, mammals!