Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hypothetical Casting: Sebastian Moran for Sherlock Series 3

  So, one of the minor mysteries of the Sherlock fandom is who will be Sebastian Moran and what will he be like. After all, with where the last series ended, the writers will have to do Moran's story, "The Empty House". I've heard a couple ideas. Heck, I've even heard/seen someone's idea that he will be a woman ("Sabrina" (?) Moran? That could be interesting...) And I've come up with some ideas, too. Here is the one I came up with that I'm currently set on and I'm all for.

  Christopher. Eccleston.

  Why Christopher Eccleston? Because I think he could do very well as Moran. Granted, I've only really seen (and paid attention to) him in Doctor Who, during his run as The Ninth Doctor (my personal favorite). But he was a very good in his performance.

  I think "Dalek" is a very good example. In that episode, he confronted the last of the Daleks. The part where he confronts the Dalek for the first time (and subsequently tortures it) gave me chills. I was seriously freaked out. I mean, he was THE FREAKIN' DOCTOR! (EDIT: I had a clip of the scene up on this post, but the person who originally posted the clip took it down. Sorry. But I do suggest watching the episode. Heck, I highly suggest watching all of the (New Series) Series 1 (Eccleston's run), and the show in general. ;) )

   For example, one of his lines when talking to the Dalek is: "And I got your little signal. Help me. You poor little thing..." Somehow, I can totally see Sherlock!Moriarty's equivalent of "Watson" saying something like that in that sort of voice. Yeah, I picture Sherlock!Moran to be a little mentally unstable. They may not be how he behaves in-show, but that's how I picture him for now.

  Plus, I saw this picture of Eccleston. (Not sure how recent it is, but...)

Could you be our Moran, sir?

  I can picture modern Sebastian Moran looking like that. I saw it and I thought: "That could TOTALLY be Moran!" Yes, it would be a little weird/jarring to see The Doctor playing a sniper working for Moriarty, but I think he could pull it off.

  Well, that's who I've mentally cast as Sebastian Moran. Who are your possible candidates for the role?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh. My. Gosh...

   So, I was a wanderin' 'round the Internets when I stumbled on THIS! The article is a little old, but still...

  Long story short, rumor has it BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH is being considered for a Marvel movie. This is fantastic to me, since I really want this to happen...

 So, I'm hoping that it becomes true. I know that rumors are, well, rumors. But, I'm also hopeful because I've seen pictures of him and Steven Moffat (co-"creator" of Sherlock/head writer for Doctor Who) at Marvel's offices during their publicising of Sherlock series 2 in the US. There's always the possibility someone offered him a role.

  Also, when I scrolled through the article's comments, I was pleased I wasn't alone in my thinking that Benedict = great Doctor Strange. I still want him to play him.

  That is all. I know return you to your regularly scheduled life...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

More of The Freak's Thoughts on Elementary

  So, Elementary has officially been picked up by CBS. You remember my last post about this show, right? Anyway, they've officially released a first look at the show:

 Here's some of my thoughts from watching this (I'll TRY not to be picky):

 -First, I'm disappointed that it appears Lucy Liu's Watson comes into Johnny Lee Miller's Sherlock's life BECAUSE of his rehab. Specifically, she's hired to help him "transition" back into society. I liked the original way they first met: they both needed a place to stay, so they shared 221B, and became friends. I mean, props for coming up with something new, but the original way wasn't broke.

 -Second, I do have SOME hope for "Millerlock". He seems alright from what I've seen, but I'd have to see a little more of him, though.

  -I'm a tiny bit irked by Sherlock-in-a-T-Shirt. I know, I promised not to be picky, but Sherlock Holmes has never struck me as a T-Shirt guy. Just sayin'... But who knows, if Millerlock's good, I may let it slide... (I'm not going to complain about the tattoo, though. Can't be helped, *Little Korra Voice* I GOTTA DEAL WITH IT!)

 -I'm also a little sad the detective of the show isn't one of the story detectives/inspectors. You know, like Lestrade, or Gregson! Sherlock hasn't used Gregson. He needs love, too...

 -And I'm a little surprised that Sherlock has a father in this show. I don't think Sherlock's father has ever been mentioned (let alone seen) in a Holmes work. Usually, the only family we ever see of Sherlock's is his brother Mycroft. This could be interesting, or (as my pessimist side says) proof the writers aren't THAT familiar with the canon. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

 -Finally, to go with the aforementioned father, I get the feeling that Daddy Holmes was the one who got Sherlock in rehab. Well, that was sort of like the "tough love" scenario I mentioned in my earlier Elementary post, so, I guess that's a little better...

 Overall, this hasn't got me excited or anything. It seems okay, but I'm not like, "OHMYGOSH! NEW SHERLOCK! WHEE! I'M WANNA WATCH IT! HURRY UP, *INSERT PREMIERE DATE HERE*!" Which is kind of sad. But, I'm not going to go all "It's terrible! It's a Sherlock knock-off! Let's attack CBS!" Not yet. I think I'm going to watch it first, and see how I feel about it. Then I'll decide whether or not to let forth the horrors of EPIC NERD RAGE!

 Well, I've said my piece. What are your thoughts on Elementary?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1st MST: Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack The Ripper (100th Post)

   100 Posts. I did it. I've reached 100 posts. This is pretty big for me. So I said to myself, "Yo, Freak! Let's do something special!" And, well, I've been wanting to try and enter the world of fanfic MSTing. (For those unfamiliar with MSTing, it's when someone mocks a terrible work, first pioneered by the TV Show Mystery Science Theater 3000). So, for the 100th Post, I'm doing an MST of a fanfic!

 I will be MSTing something I know's a trollfic (meant to be bad), that I found through the website TV Tropes. Why? Because one, I had some good snark, and two, I sort of know one of the author's other personas (at least, I think we're Internet acquaintances), so I don't feel so guilty :).  This is "Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack The Ripper" by Sue Mary, and it's pretty much what the name implies, only wackier.

 I should probably have a disclaimer... Nah! The words that aren't my own are in blue...

  Well, no time to waste! Let's get started! ALLONS-Y!


Authrons Note: Thsi story is based of teh 3009 movee off SHerlock.

 I believe this puts another nail in that "The World Ends In 2012" conspiracy, if we have "3009" movies.

Sherlook at that body. Sherlook at that body. Sherlook at that body. I work out!

sHERLOCK an Wasson were at three house solving criem.
First they would solve the crimes against grammar, then they would solve the mystery of who left the Caps Lock on!
Waton wad readin a paper of news an see a big artakle.

A paper of news. As opposed to a paper of fiction.
"Serhock, there is big bad news Jick Ripper has murdred again!" Sherlock standing up on him toes and grolwled at mirror.

 "Stupid mirror, I can't see my handsomeness if you keep thinking I'm as tall as Cumberlock!"

"THIS IS AN UNESEEPTABALE AKSHUN!" He pumped. "We must bring hiom to justace."
An Waton agreed becuz on eof teh Ripper's victums was his WIFE!
 Mary died? :( Well, I'm sure RDJ!Lock can live with that, he doesn't have to share Watson anymore! (Sorry, couldn't resist... ;))
First tey went to da inner city for investiage witnessis.

 Um, Sherlock? You know I'd never question your methods, but wouldn't any witnesses to Jack the Ripper's murders most likely be... oh I don't know, BRUTALLY MURDERED!?
"I donnot no who he is but i seed him kill ones" Sherlock nodding an Whatson rited it all down.

Well, can't argue with that logic...

It wis hard of find more witness becuz killer was gud trail stopper.


Then they fond a guy. It was wereworlf name Jacob lol.
Oh, no...

 Jaco say "Followt me, I no were he living".

Well, that's convenient...

When da duges got there it was a hunted mansion!

But I thought they'd hunted the mansions into extinction!
"Im scare!" Watson crieded and poppied his pants.
Oh, it's just a haunted mansion, Watson! Suck it up, be a man, and get back in character! Be a good example for Joan Watson!

"Stay stong Wasteon, we must do for justice"

Sherlock knows what's up...

An Sherlock brokened door becuse nocking would alert THE CRIMINAL!"


Well, can't argue with that logic...

Serching in the masnon was like an episod of Skooby Doo but no moosteers or id they?


At mansion summit was atik but Sherlock didn't see nothing. "Criminal am not nowhere" Whutson say "Gived up, SSherlock note ven u can solved this"
Oh, ye of little faith, Watson. The Canon Watson and the Sherlock fangirls are ashamed of you...

 But that ony sent him intro overdive!

Oh, snap!

 Jakob who went with tem saw a thing "I saw thing!"


 When they go there it a box of trouble bcause a zombied Albert Einting camed out.
Somewhere a history buff is crying...

"Shertock, lets pump!" Waton plead but Sherlock shook "no"

Oh, ye of little faith. Martin Freeman's Watson is ashamed of you....

"We canort let this abnation of justaice not put to rest!" Battle was turlf.

Show, don't tell, author...

Alber first used a punch attak but Sherlock used BRANE BLAST to make it stop.

Thaaat's more like it!

Wheatson tried to run bu slip on a banama peel and fell so da audience laffed.
Andre Morell's Watson DEFINITELY is ashamed of you from what I've read...

"Return to dead or I wilt have to kill u!"
Oh, crap! Sherlock's bustin' out the Ye Olde Englishe! Things just got real!
Sherlucksperated Ablert's head and he hurt but a box went an hit him da bowls.

...Um... Okay... Yay, I guess?
Shertlock looked fro signs of the crush an see Watson had triped on a box that was so much flying to the very zombie Watson blush "Did I do that?" and da audience laffed again.
Nigel Bruce's Wats... No, that was the "stupid" Watson, so I guess he's not so offended...

 "Good jub!" Hacob said but he was seekritly angary.
It was a lung day sso Sherlock said "Les go home an serch more torromow" An Watson agreed.

Yay! Nothing accomplished, boys! *thumbs up*

Meanwhil at ta masion Jacob said to his dark mastar "Tey defeats zombie Albert Eientin an gotted aways."
WHAT A TWIST! That TOTALLY wasn't foreshadowed or nuthin'...

 "Dont worry Jakob" say Jack the Ripper "I has present fro the heroes at there house!"

Aw, Jack got them a present! That is so nice of him! You know, Moriarty would nev...

...Oh, wait, it's a bad present. Oh.... Oh, okay! I get it, I-I get it now...
An they lauffed because Jacob is a bad guy seekritly workin for Jack the Riper because im on Teem Edwin!

Jacob is a villain  in Victorian London, secretly working for Jack The Ripper, just because the author's on Team Edward.
Jacob is a villain in Victorian London, secretly working for Jack The Ripper, just because the author's on Team Edward.

Wrap your mind around that.

When Sherock and Watson got home they was get out keys when da house shalked and den burst an a dinosaur that was more bigger than the whole everything was dere.
Yup, the historical buffs AND the zoology/paleontology buffs are definitely sobbing...
Dinosaur make roarl sounds an lunged at Waton but Sherlock punch away.
That defies all logic!
Do it again!
Sherlock Holmes Fact: Do not threaten a Sherlock's Watson, or he will straight up kill you, with extreme prejudice. (Or threaten to eat his friend Tryanonosaurs Reks, apparently...)

 Dinosaur that was Tryanosaruso Rex laffed and tired to eat him. Sherlocks hasd to the theink fast.  "What I do What I do" Watson sad "Eskuse me!" An it farted louder than sun which was sooooooo stonky.

*facepalm* Just when you thought she couldn't stray further from Jude Law!Watson's characterization...

...And all other, unmentioned Watsons are ashamed of him...
 Trex felled over an Shertlok see a sowrd which was Xcalibar an say "It only way to permantely defeat da Tranno forever for good and permanent" So he stabed it.

I think this scene defines the term "crazy awesome"...
"CURSES!" Jack scramed. "How I kill now?"

I DON'T KNOW! How you kill before?

 Jaco comfortated him with a friendly back massage.
Riiiiight. A "friendly" back massage. Totally not awkward. Well, he could do worse. Jack could be a newborn half-vampire, half-human hybrid...

"Thhanks Jaco, I neded that."

Is it sad that the villains have more bromance than the classic, timeless bromance does in the fic? Especially since this is about the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes, with his jealousy issues?
But how wuld he get revenging?

How? HOW!? Tune in next week for the... No, wait. There's more...

Shertock an Waton wents to a hotel becuse house was dino destroyed.
Waaait a minute... Was Gladstone in there? NOOOOO! GLADSTONE! CURSE YOU, JACK! KILLING THE DOG'S SHERLOCK'S JOOOOOOB! *sobs*

But hotle had a seekrit spurise for them…

*sniffle* That's nice of them. Maybe it's a new dog...



"OH NO IS TERRORISTS!" Waatson cried an da audicene laffed.
Not sure whether to facepalm or laugh... So, I'm gonna do both...

 "So ew meets at last Jack Ripper" Sherock demandlings. "Hahahahahahahaa I will kell u!" Say Jack an Jkaob was ther 2.
To borrow the one of the shticks of a fellow blogger, Skepkitty, from The Half World for a second:


n. 1. A kiln.
1. A sort of pottage; kale. See Kale, 2.
1. The caul; that which covers or envelops as a caul; a net; a fold; a film.
I'll have him cut to the kell.
- Beau. & Fl.
2. The cocoon or chrysalis of an insect.

  So, Jack is gonna put Sherlock in a cocoon? Eh. I've heard of worse fates.

"NO WAY HOSE!" Screemed Sherlock.

Oh snap! Sherlock's breaking out the (bad) Spanglish! Things just got serious!

 It wad time for teh final conflict of god vs evel.

Did Sue Mary just refer to Sherlock as a god? That totally wouldn't inflate his ego...

Sherlok attacks first wif FFIST UPNCH!

As opposed to a foot punch...

But Jacob went weareolf and grabed him arm.

Oh snap! C'mon Watson, now's your chance to redeem yourself! Do it for Mary!

Watson hids underd a bead an say "AAAAAAAAAAAA" really really loud.

*headdesk* Oh, COME ON! The hound from "The Hound of the Baskervilles" was scarier than Jacob. Heck, the dog in "The Copper Beeches" was scarier than him, and you shot it's brains out (like a boss)!

Jack Ripper Ripped Sherloak face but he grined the teeth and did head butt to break Jack nose. Waton pooped sooo much him pants exlodd. "I am scare!" He sayd wile Sherkok an Jack were FIGHTING.

Sherlock, I don't know how to say this, but your Watson's defective. You need to trade him in for a new one...

"Gives upd Shelock I will Ripe you like all da others I kirlled!" Sherlock got infushun of powar and justace so say "NO!" And wif power of true justice he did lots of punch and kick and chop fast liek speed of fast to win the grate victory. "Dead!" Yell JACK an Jacom as Shertok throws them out of windowed.

...Thank you for clarifying, guys. I would've thought you survived the power of true justice.

Next Dayu Sherloo and Waqtons was big news for kill of Jack teh Ripper. "Good jub guys!" Say King an givesd them key to da city of Englond.

Well, the good news is the history buffs aren't crying anymore. The bad news is they've lost their faith in humanity and the will to live! :(



I werked like 3 dayz on this stor so plaze give me good revioows this tiem guys.

You poor thing. Well, in that case... No. No I will not.


 So, there you go! My first MST! It's a little harder than I thought, but I'm willing to try again. So, what did you guys think?

 I now return you to your regularly scheduled life...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stories I Want To See Adapted (Or Referenced) In Sherlock

   I enjoy all things Sherlock Holmes. I know that the third season of BBC's Sherlock will start being worked on in 2013. So, here's a list of four stories I want to see adapted or referenced in some way.

* STORY: "The Red-Headed League"
   POSSIBLE RE-NAME: "The Red-Headed Corp."
   EPISODE OR REFERENCE: Reference, it's the only way it'd work.
   SCENARIO: John could bring it up, and both Sherlock and John could dissolve into laughter remembering the ridiculous story of Jabez Wilson.
   WHY?: Because the insane scenario Wilson retells was very funny. Plus, I love it when Sherlock and John laugh together on this show...

*STORY: "The Reigate Squire"
 POSSIBLE RE-NAME: ...I Got Nuthin'
 EPISODE OR REFERENCE: Episode, please!
 SCENARIO: John manages to drag Sherlock out for a vacation after Sherlock has been sick, when they end up having to solve a mystery. Oh, and Sherlock may still be sick...
 WHY?: It's sick!Sherlock, what more could you want? All sorts of hijnks will ensue!

*STORY: "Case of Identity"
  POSSIBLE RE-NAME: ..Again, Nuthin'
  SCENARIO: Sherlock chases some unknown guy out of 221B wielding his riding crop. 'Nuff Said.
  WHY?: Sherlock chasing *SPOILER EDITED OUT* out with a whip (if memory serves me right) after revealing what he'd done to his client was probably one of my favorite moments in The Canon. It was one of those wonderful "He's HUMAN!" moments. Just... just read the story, for that moment. (Heck, read ALL the stories, you won't regret it. ;) )

*STORY: "The Copper Beeches"
  POSSIBLE RENAME: Still nuthin'...
  EPISODE OR REFERENCE: Episode, episode, episode...
  SCENARIO: A woman named Violet Hunter comes to Sherlock for advice pertaining to a flat she was considering renting on Copperbeech Street (or "Copper Beeches" could be the name of the apartment complex, or whatever they're called in England). It's cheap, but the landlord is highly suspicious...
 WHY?: I really really REALLY liked this story. It was interesting (and one of the few I worked out myself, so I was proud :P), and fun to read. I would really like to see Violet again. She needs some love. It would also be interesting to see the other woman who caught Mr. Holmes's attention (albeit briefly) on-screen. Heck, Watson even said that he was disappointed Holmes lost interest in her after the case was solved... Aaaaaand, it's kind of one of my favorites...

   ...The list is still in process, as I'm about to read the post-"The Final Problem" stories, but those are the stories that are jumping out to me right now. Anyone else have any ideas for stories that could get the Sherlock treatment? (Or name options for the above ones I had no ideas for?)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Things I Would Pay/Kill A Man To See: Christopher Eccleston Come Back For A Multi-Doctor Story

  I love Doctor Who. It's a fantastic show. It and Sherlock are my two favorite TV shows right now, and I really enjoy it.

  So far, The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) is my favorite. Wait, wait, hear me out, Ten and Eleven fans! Don't get me wrong, I like Ten and Eleven, but Nine has a special place in my heart right now. You see, he was my first Doctor.

  At first, I wasn't so fond of Nine, he was alright, but very rough around the edges. Then came "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances". Those are my personal favorite episodes. Why? Well, there was the fact Moffat wrote it, Captain Jack Harkness made his debut...

  ...And Nine was just so happy at the end:
"Everybody lives, Rose. Just this once! Everybody Lives!"
  That, and the fantastic smiles, were what finally, completely sold me on the show. I continued to enjoy the series/season after that.

  Then, there was his tragic "death" (regeneration, whatever) at the finale:
"....You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I..."
    It's very sad to me that he didn't get at least another series. I mean, he seemed to be finally be fully adjusting from the Time War (in a way), and then, FWWOOOOM! New Doctor: "Now where was I? Oh yeah, Barcelona..." (Not that I dislike Ten. I liked him, too. I just didn't like what happened to him towards the end (Specifically, his behavior at the end of "The Waters of Mars" special, that disappointed me), poor guy went through a lot, too.)

  (There's also the fact Jack only got a few companion episodes, but that's another post...)

  I would love it if Nine got to have another appearance. Like, for example, in the 50th Anniversary Special, or a multi-Doctor story (a la "The Three Doctors" or "The Five Doctors"). I would like to see his reaction to his regenerations. It would most likely have to be a pre-"Rose" Nine, if they did a multi-doctor story, since I think it would cause all sorts of timey-wimey, plot-holey, continuity issues.

  Honestly, I think Eccleston should get one last hurrah as The Doctor. After all, I feel we barely got to know him during his brief tenure.

  Anyone else want to see a reappearance of Christopher Eccleston's Doctor for a multi-Doctor story?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sherlock Is SO CLOSE!

  I am so excited for Sunday. That's the day Sherlock's second series (season) airs in the US on PBS. I've been looking forward to this ever since I saw "The Great Game". I'm really looking forward to it. Especially since I will no longer have to worry about SPOILERS on Pintrest. (*Note To Self*: Find Some River Song Pic With Word "Spoilers"...)

  Here's my list of things I'm looking forward to with the new Series:
  • More Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, obviously...
  • More Moriarty! I like this Moriarty, psychopaths are fun...
  • Irene Adler and the "A Scandal in Bohemia" Remake. I like that story, and Adler is pretty awesome...
  • Sherlock's Buckingham Palace.. erm... Attire. 'Nuff Said.
  • More Everything Else!
  My only issue once they get through the three episodes? They don't get started on production of Series 3 until 2013! (All the more reason to pray for no "end of the world"...) And I'm getting close to finishing catching up on the recent Doctor Who series, and THAT doesn't continue until fall of this year (And I don't get BBC, I'm dependant on Netflix Instant View... :( ). WHAT AM I GOING TO DO IN THIS HORRID HIATUS!?


 Watch the some of the Granada Sherlock Holmes Series and the Classic Doctor Who collections on Netflix?

 Anyway, I'm excited. Anyone else counting down to this?