Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stories I Want To See Adapted (Or Referenced) In Sherlock

   I enjoy all things Sherlock Holmes. I know that the third season of BBC's Sherlock will start being worked on in 2013. So, here's a list of four stories I want to see adapted or referenced in some way.

* STORY: "The Red-Headed League"
   POSSIBLE RE-NAME: "The Red-Headed Corp."
   EPISODE OR REFERENCE: Reference, it's the only way it'd work.
   SCENARIO: John could bring it up, and both Sherlock and John could dissolve into laughter remembering the ridiculous story of Jabez Wilson.
   WHY?: Because the insane scenario Wilson retells was very funny. Plus, I love it when Sherlock and John laugh together on this show...

*STORY: "The Reigate Squire"
 POSSIBLE RE-NAME: ...I Got Nuthin'
 EPISODE OR REFERENCE: Episode, please!
 SCENARIO: John manages to drag Sherlock out for a vacation after Sherlock has been sick, when they end up having to solve a mystery. Oh, and Sherlock may still be sick...
 WHY?: It's sick!Sherlock, what more could you want? All sorts of hijnks will ensue!

*STORY: "Case of Identity"
  POSSIBLE RE-NAME: ..Again, Nuthin'
  SCENARIO: Sherlock chases some unknown guy out of 221B wielding his riding crop. 'Nuff Said.
  WHY?: Sherlock chasing *SPOILER EDITED OUT* out with a whip (if memory serves me right) after revealing what he'd done to his client was probably one of my favorite moments in The Canon. It was one of those wonderful "He's HUMAN!" moments. Just... just read the story, for that moment. (Heck, read ALL the stories, you won't regret it. ;) )

*STORY: "The Copper Beeches"
  POSSIBLE RENAME: Still nuthin'...
  EPISODE OR REFERENCE: Episode, episode, episode...
  SCENARIO: A woman named Violet Hunter comes to Sherlock for advice pertaining to a flat she was considering renting on Copperbeech Street (or "Copper Beeches" could be the name of the apartment complex, or whatever they're called in England). It's cheap, but the landlord is highly suspicious...
 WHY?: I really really REALLY liked this story. It was interesting (and one of the few I worked out myself, so I was proud :P), and fun to read. I would really like to see Violet again. She needs some love. It would also be interesting to see the other woman who caught Mr. Holmes's attention (albeit briefly) on-screen. Heck, Watson even said that he was disappointed Holmes lost interest in her after the case was solved... Aaaaaand, it's kind of one of my favorites...

   ...The list is still in process, as I'm about to read the post-"The Final Problem" stories, but those are the stories that are jumping out to me right now. Anyone else have any ideas for stories that could get the Sherlock treatment? (Or name options for the above ones I had no ideas for?)


  1. "The Red-Headed League", convert it to "League (Firm) of the Red Beards". One of John's war buddies from Afghanistan gets involve in a "firm" (which is I believe is the British equivalent for a front business) that has ties to Yemeni terrorist and their involvement in the Afghan heroin trade. In Arab cultures, dyeing your gray hair is common practice. Frequently, they use a reddish-brown dye.

    1. Okay, that sounds awesome! Way better than my idea! :D