Friday, April 27, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews The Sign of Four

  I love this story. So far, it's one of my favorites.

  First off, we see Sherlock's drug problem for the first time. I want to go on record as saying I had no idea you could inject cocaine via needle (he has a seven percent solution of it). I always thought you only snorted it. Oh well, learn something new everyday. But I also love when Sherlock asks Watson if he was interested in trying some cocaine, as well. (Relax, kiddies, he says no, because cocaine is bad.) Slightly off-topic, but reading this made my whole "Rehab" comment in my Elementary post work even more, since the Amy Winehouse song has the line "So I always keep a bottle near" (bottle of seven-percent solution instead of alcohol!).

  But besides Sherlock's only vice, we also meet the future Mrs. Watson, Miss Mary Morstan! Anyone notice how Sir Doyle has a tendency to give characters last names starting with "Mor"? Professor James MORiarty? Sebastian MORan? Mary MORstan? Anyone?

  Anyway, probably my favorite part of the whole story (and sort of why it's one of my favorites) is Watson and Mary's relationship. It just struck me as sweet. I particularly liked the part after Mary leaves (giving the duo their case) and Watson watches her go, when he exclaims, "What a handsome woman!" And Sherlock simply says he hadn't noticed, prompting Watson to call him an automaton. The scene makes me giggle to no end.

  I also found it sweet how he was going to let her go if they found her inheritance/the treasure, just so he wouldn't seem like a gold digger. And the part where they both instinctively held hands, and.. Okay,  every sweet moment between the two of them. I'm the kind of girl who would not be caught dead reading a romance novel or Nicholas Sparks books, and I loved the love story between Watson and Mary the most. Maybe it's because it wasn't all the story was about...

  *ahem* MOVING ON, I was pleased that this time we didn't have a whole three chapters breaking up the flow of the story to give us the culprit's back story this time around, like A Study In Scarlet. It was nice.

  Overall, It gets a 5 out of 5 in my book.

  I think for the short stories, I'll just list favorites, what do you think?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Avengers In Target

  So, I went to the Target twice in the last few days. And I had all sorts of fun. First of all,  ALL THE AVENGERS STUFF IS THERE, NOW! WOOT! So I went to the Toys aisle to look at all the awesome, and to get opinions.

  But wait, aren't I a little old and female to be looking in the Toys aisle for myself? No, no I'm not. XP
  So, first thought I had was when I saw this figure of Iron Man on a motorcycle. Iron Man, in full armor, on a motorcycle. Said thought was "IRON MAN DOES NOT RIDE A MOTORCYCLE! HE CAN FLY!" Why is it toy developers are stupid about these things and give vehicles to characters that they don't need? Yes, Tony's awesome and could make a motorcycle, but he doesn't need one. Plus, he doesn't strike me as a motorcyclist.
  Then, I say the Mini Muggs. OH SWEET LORD ALMIGHTY THE MINI MUGGS! THEY. ARE. ADORABLE! I want them. I wants them all. Especially the little Hawkeye. He's too adorable. With his little sunglasses and bow...
  Then, I saw the Hawkeye bobble head. that I need as well. He would be my little Yes-Man. And it has been my week-long dream to have a bobble head with Jeremy Renner's likeness. I also wonder if they have Iron Man ones (especially ones with him sans helmet, so I can achieve my other dream of having a bobble head that looks like RDJ).

  After looking at them, I wondered why Hawkeye didn't have any regular figures (besides his Mini Mugg and bobble head). Hawkeye is awesome! I love that guy! I love him so much... And Black Widow's got nothing. SHE IS FREAKING AMAZING! Did the people not see her legendary scene in Iron Man 2?

  It's kind of chauvinistic. Guys are Black Widow fans. And girls love Avengers, too! (Just ask the people I follow/that follow me on Pintrest!) Maybe we want a Black Widow figure, too. THINK OF THE PERIPHERY DEMOGRAPHIC! >:( And Scarlett Johansson is awesome, too! She's earned the right to have her likeness cast in a plastic figurine that comes with accessories!

  (Also, I looked at the Young Justice figures, too. I'm kind of mad Robin and Artemis don't have normal figures. Shame. They're my favorites. :( )
  And finally, I looked at Dr. Pepper. I was overjoyed at them having Avengers cans. (Yeah, I have a reflex that requires me to stop and squee over all things Avengers.) Then I was sad. The Hawkeye and Black Widow cans were in Diet Dr. Pepper. I dislike Diet Dr. Pepper. Seriously, does anyone who would appreciate the cans drink Diet Dr. Pepper?

  And if anyone does, could you wash them out and ship extras of them to me? :P

  So, that was my experience at the Target. Anyone else have fun and/or interesting fangirl/fanboy/fanperson stories from shopping?

UPDATE: Went to Wal-Mart. THEY have Hawkeye action figures. (10 Points Wal-Mart) Still no Black Widows, though. >:(

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews A Study in Scarlet

  So, I now have in my possession copies of The Complete Sherlock Holmes Vol. 1 and 2. I felt the need to review the stories. Currently, I'm reading The Sign of Four, but I think it's best to start with a review of the one that started it all, A Study in Scarlet.

  I'll try not to spoil, tred carefully.

  Now, I came into this having already seen "A Study in Pink", the episode of Sherlock based on this. As I read this, I had Little Internal Moments Of  Fangirlish Squee whenever I saw things that were similar. It increases my admiration of Moffat and Gatiss all the more. Yes, there are differences, but it's still awesome. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

  I enjoyed reading Sherlock Holmes's (in)famous "Brain is an attic" speech. Especially when Watson notes beforehand that he told Holmes about the solar system, and Holmes pretty much says, "Hmm... Fascinating. I'll try hard to forget it." That, coupled with Watson's exclamation of "But the solar system!" post-speech is just funny.

  I also enjoyed when the duo went to the scene of the murder, and as they left, Holmes matter-of-factly points out how "RACHE" isn't "RACHEL", but the German word for revenge to Inspectors Lestrade and Gregson. I can just picture him with this smug look on his face, and it's awesome. I also enjoy seeing them trying to solve the case, only to be proven wrong shortly afterward. And they were so confident. Poor guys...

   My only real complaint was the multi-chapter flashback to the killer's past. Yes, it gave us his motive and his back story, but it was jarring. It could've been its own stand-alone story. I'm a bit impatient when it comes to some things in books (plot points they tell you in the summary not being revealed, long travel sequences, to name two) and knowing there was more Sherlock, I was like: "GET BACK TO MY DETECTIVE, DOYLE!" Other than that, it was pretty good.

  Click back next time for The Sign of Four.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

KH3D Release Date: North America and Europe!

  Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. July 31st for North America, people. Seems far away, but it won't be long! (personally, I have Sherlock to keep me sane, so...) As for Europe, expect it to come out August 3rd! So, now begins the watching and waiting...

Things I Would Pay And/Or Kill A Man To See: Lego Sherlock Holmes

   Okay, so, everyone by now surely knows I kinda like all things Sherlock Holmes. Anyway, I just got Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (LOVE IT!), and I got to thinking...

  They should SOOO make a Lego Sherlock Holmes.

  Think about it: Warner Bros. does (distributes, whatever the term is) the recent movies with my beloved Robert Downey Jr. in them (oh, and happy 3 day late birthday to him :D). Warner is also responsible for Harry Potter and DC Comics, and there's been Lego Harry Potter and Lego Batman games. So I don't see why they couldn't give Sherlock the Lego treatment. I for one would LOVE a little Lego Holmes, Watson, and Irene Adler. Oh, the fun I'd have.

  Plus, think of all the abilities that the characters could have. There could be the classics, like "girls jump higher", and such. And maybe Holmes could have some cool deductive stuff, like finding things other characters can't. And they could employ "Holmes-O-Vision" as a sort of "follow this button code" thing. And he could have little disguise boxes only he can get into, and wear his various disguises (and his epic camouflage!). Moriarty and Moran could leave bombs or something. Moran could snipe things, too. Watson would have a gun, too (maybe we could see the return of blaster targets like in Lego Star Wars). Irene could have special "Charm" doors, like in Lego Batman, that only she could enter.

   AND, just for fun, you know how in Lego Indiana Jones, how Indy could whip his companions to pull them over and kiss them? And in Lego Stars Wars II: The Original Trilogy (Yeah, I play a lot of Lego games, don't judge me), whenever Lando and Leia got close, Lando'd kiss her hand? Maybe Irene can do a gender-reversed version of that: Irene kisses Holmes whenever they're in proximity of each other.

   I would love to see the reenactments of the scenes. Part of the fun of the Lego games is how they parody certain scenes. Like, say, the part where Holmes pushes Mary off the train ("I timed it perfectly!") in A Game of Shadows, or basically any Clingy!Holmes moment. Heck, I'd also love to see how they'd interpret the "beneath this pillow" scene (if they even do it, maybe it would just be Holmes in his underwear). It would be awesome if they could get Eric Loomis (you know, the guy who voices Iron Man in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes) to do Sherlock Holmes' gibberish. Since, you know, the similarity of his and RDJ's voices is uncanny.

   They could probably release the potential game after the third movie comes out in 2013, since they tend to tie-in their game releases to the subject of the game's most recent release (Lego Pirates of the Caribbean came out around On Stranger Tides, for example). Plus, then we could get THREE movie levels.

  And, on a wishful thinking note, if BBC/Moffat and Gattiss were nice and said okay, maybe an alternate Holmes and Watson costume could be BBC Sherlock!Sherlock and John (under something like "Sherlock Holmes (Modern)" and "Dr. Watson (Modern)"). Hey, a freak can dream, can't she?

  So, anyone else want to see a Lego Sherlock Holmes? Anyone have any ideas? Don't stay quiet! Let me know!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Perserving The Time Line

  So, I know a lot of Whovians want David Tennant to carry the torch for the 2012 Olympics in London. 'Cause, you know, he did it in Doctor Who, at the 2012 Olympics. But, sadly, I heard the current James Bond got the job.

  But don't despair for the space-time continuum, fellow Doctor Who fans, I recently saw the episode where The Tenth Doctor (hey, anyone notice how meaningful David TENnant's name is, since he was The TENTH Doctor?) does this ("Fear Her"). He took up the torch AFTER the original runner passed out. He wasn't the initial guy.

  So, obviously, what'll happen is Bond will pass out, and Tennant will rush in and carry the torch, light the cauldron, thus saving the day.

  The time stream's not doomed yet! :)

  That is all.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Bizarrity of my Mind

  So, y'all know I loves me some Sherlock (understatement). Anyway, one of the cool things is that Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Martin Freeman (John) are both in The Hobbit movie that's coming out. Benedict is playing Smaug the Dragon and The Necromancer. Martin, meanwhile, will be playing Bilbo Baggins. To be honest, I want to see it mostly for them (I feel no shame admitting it). And there's a bit of nostalgia from the fact I remember when I as little, my dad read some of The Hobbit to me before bed for a while. We didn't finish reading it, I think we sort of moved on to other stuff, but I remember that. I did eventually finish it years later, though.

 ANYWAY, on Pintrest, I've seen all sorts of funny Sherlock/LoTR crossovers. Heck, I came up with a funny Sherlock/Lord of the Rings thing, as well. BEHOLD, MORTALS!

Couldn't resist...

   I just felt like sharing. Sharing is nice. So, what'cha think? Ya like? Why am I using so many abbreviations? Eh, whatever.