Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Artwork #1: Alien Propaganda

  So I've been a-working on this for two weeks. I drew it, but had to color over it because the scanner wasn't picking up the color. So, here it is! For you to see:

 Yes, this a piece of ZIM fanart. This is TALLEST SPORK, he's from a flashback in the unfinished episode "The Trial". The funky words is the "Irken Alphabet". Supposeibly, from this thing I saw, it should read "I want you to join the Irken Elite". The Irken Elite are the elite soldiers who become the Invaders when needed. I'm not sure whether it's a voluntary thing (probably not), but whatever, it's a cool "propaganda poster".

 I used SPORK because I think the Invader stuff started with him, seeing as the TALLEST before him called the Empire the "Republic", then he called the "Empire". Oh well, that's just my theory. Besides, I've never drawn him before, so I just wanted to use him, so if I'm wrong, roll with it.

 Well, there you go, every weekend I'll be putting up a piece of artwork of mine. So enjoy, and if you want to post it, anyone who may find this, PLEASE ASK TO USE IT FIRST! That's all I ask.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get To The Point!

  One thing that drives me crazy when I'm reading a book is when they take forever to reveal something I already know will happen. I'm not talking like "SPOILER: ________ DIES AT THE END! OMG!" No, I mean like when they TELL YOU ON THE BACK WHAT HAPPENS AND THEY TAKE FOREVER!

 Take for example, Twilight. Here's what it says ON THE BACK! And I quote:

About three things I was absolutely positive:
First, Edward was a vampire.
Second, there was a part of him–and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be–that thirsted for my blood.
And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

 Okay, everyone read that, right? Now, I read Twilight out of curiousity. Got through 100 pages, and there was no mention of Mr. McSparklypants's Vampireness.

 Now I think when you SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT ON THE BACK, you should GET TO IT FAIRLY QUICK! Seriously.

  Well, gotta go work on my CAPS LOCK ABUSE! Bye!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Oingo Boingo = One of the Best Bands Ever

  Ahh, the 80's. Home of thousands of songs about cheating on one's significant other ("Pina Colada", anyone?), and one fantastic band, called Oingo Boingo.

  Oingo Boingo is the band Danny Elfman (AKA The Dude Who Composes The Songs For Nearly Every Tim Burton Movie EVER) came from. They made such fantastic songs as:

  • Weird Science 
  • Only A Lad
  • Dead Man's Party
  • Nothing Bad Ever Happens
 .....And MORE! I love their sound, ESPICIALLY Danny Elfman's voice.  When I heard some of A Thorn For Every Heart's cover of "Dead Man's Party", I smiled at how that band's singer tried to match Elfman's inflictions. Anyway, I love Oingo Boingo's songs.


  *sigh* Did I mention I love Oingo Boingo and Danny Elfman music?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Not Amused, Marvel....

  Okay, since I heard my beloved Nightcrawler died a year ago in the X-Men event Second Coming, I've been less than pleased. I've been anxiously awaiting Mr. Wanger's mandatory revival, which almost all comic book characters go through. Anyway through my beloved Comic Vine, I saw this teaser for Uncanny X-Force, and saw:

 But of course, it's not the REAL Nightcrawler (AKA not the main universe version). This is the Nightcrawler from the Age of Apocalypse.

Here's what Comic Vine's entry on Nightcrawler says on his AoA counterpart....
Nightcrawler of the reality known as Age of Apocalypse has a more pirate-like and vicious style, and is known as Kurt Darkholme instead of Kurt Wagner. An example of his more vicious style is when he teleports Deadpool's head away from his body. In here Kurt is a darker individual. He has two sabers that he uses often. In this version Nightcrawler hates churches, and he also is very close to his mom Mystique.
                                                 -Again, Comic Vine

  It's cool there'll be SOME form of Nightcrawler in the main universe again, but I'd kinda prefer the regular one. I mean, this is not the Nightcrawler I know. Oh well, at least there's a Nightcrawler....

  But hey, on the bright side, there's the chance of an EPIC Main Universe Nightcrawler and AoA Nightcrawler have an epic duel to the pain when regular Kurt returns! Hey, a girl can dream.....

   ....And yes, I copied the pictures and pasted them together for this little poster. And wrote the words. What-cha think? Wouldn't this be awesome?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 Okay, so there's a page on Facebook called InvaderCON. It's the offical page for the convention they had devoted to all things INVADER ZIM. Anyway, they have this little contest going on. When they get a certain amount of likes on Facebook, someone can win an autograph from one of the voice actors from the show. Liking the page make you eligable. At certain levels, another autograph is given away.

 The list and more (probably the same) info is here.

 Here's the page, for those with Facebooks who are intrested and want to go for it. Click it! So that I......I mean, you can have a chance to score some sswwwweeeettttttttt autographs.

 Seriously, it's an awesome shot to get autographs from the cast of one of the best shows EVER! If you wanna go for it, GO FOR IT!

Captain America: The First Avenger

 So last weekend I finally went out in saw Captain America: The First Avenger. It was an awesome movie. I loved it. Chris Evans was awesome as Cap/Steve Rodgers.

 My favorite part's when pre-Super Soldier Steve Rodgers and the other recruits are running and the general-guy challenges them to get the flag on this pole (something no one's done in seventeen years), with the insentive that whoever does this gets to ride in the car with Peggy Carter. All the other guys try and climb up the pole and all fail, so general-guy tells them to go back to running. What does Steve do? He removes the pin at the base, sending the pole crashing down, takes the flag, hands the flag to the genreal, and gets in the car. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

 Also, it has this crazily catchy tune it. Here it is, courtesy of YouTube...

 Anyway, I give it a 5 out of 5, for being AWESOME!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Greatest Cartoon Episodes Never Completed/Made

  Ah, television. It's a fickle world. Someone's show could have the plug pulled at any moment. This can lead to some episodes never seeing the light of day on TV. Or even being completed. Luckily, sometimes reminants of these episodes still live on. And, thanks to the glory of the digital age, can be found on our good friend the Internet. So, here's a total of five episodes of two cartoons that have actual scripts and/or audio that would've been awesome to see, had they gotten to be completed.

 *Honorable mention goes to the unscripted INVADER ZIM episode ideas "Pants (When Pants Ruled)", for having pant-like aliens and the possibility of ZIM and Dib having a dance-off (that would've been epic), and "It Feeds On Noodles" (something that I wrote my little own script for, guessing what might've happened), for having ZIM become a Chinese Food-eating vampire. (Yes, I do think Vampire ZIM could take Edward Cullen down, just sayin'....)*

  Okay, here we go!

  •   The Return of Keef (INVADER ZIM)
    Here's the story, Keef (ZIM's "best friend" from.... "Bestest Friend") returns, crazier and as obsessed with ZIM as ever. And he's also latched onto Dib as well, this time. When Keef learns *gasp* ZIM and Dib aren't friends, he sets out to MAKE them friends, much to their chagrin. This episode just sound so funny, and it has a scene where they try and convince Keef they've become friends (so he'll get happy and explode, long story) though some pathetic-sounding attempts.... and hugging! I would've enjoyed seeing them hug ('cause it's so hilliarious, since they must be hating every second of it) and what they have to say later is pretty funny). Paraphrased:
  Dib: You admitted you're an alien!
 ZIM: It was part of the act...
 Dib: I videotaped it!
ZIM: GAH! Is that hug on there as well?
(Dib freaks out and smashes the camera)
 Here's the audio with the script kindly added.

  • Mopiness of Doom (Again, INVADER ZIM)
   The idea is that Dib gives up on his paranormal studies and dedicates himself to "REAL SCIENCE!" like his Dad. ZIM, at first, is happy, then becomes depressed with no one to challenge him, and goes into a sort of depression (and steals "GIR's couch"). Then GIR goes to get Dib to "fight his master again". I love how they have an odd dependency on each other in this episode. Oh, if only they didn't hate each other, they might've been friends. *snickers*

  Here's a reading that was done at InvaderCON. (With some now infamous puppets! Why, puppets, WHY!? *shudders at the horrors they've encouraged*)

  • Day of Da Spookies (Yup, it's INVADER ZIM)
  The idea is that one of the other Irken (ZIM's species) Invaders, SKOODGE, reveals he lives in our hero's basement. Then ZIM desides to mess with Dib when he finds out he knows a little TOO much. So he, GIR, and Minimoose (ZIM's OTHER sidekick) go and impersonate ghosts in Dib's house. It gets pretty crazy. I like it because it's got some classic ZIM humor, a part with ZIM's imagining of Dib crying, and it's CRAZY!

   Here's the hillarious reading at InvaderCON.

  • The Trial (Guess Which Show....)
  ZIM's put on trial by his leaders, THE ALMIGHTY TALLEST, for everything he's done in his life (appartently, ruining Operation Impending Doom I wasn't his first offence..). Meanwhile, GIR temperarily conquers Earth! This just sounds like and awesome special, and it would've been fun to see. For some reason, I want Jesse McCartney to voice a character from the episode named "Little Timmy", because it would be hilliarious, and I'm a Jesse fan and it'd connect him to ANOTHER thing I like. Probably would've never happened, but I can dream, can't I?

  There's no audio recorded, but I found the script here.

  • Bye Bye Beavers (The Angry Beavers (What? Not ZIM?)
  I've come to like The Angry Beavers. It was... is a good show. There was a series finale that was written, but was never made because apparently it broke the rules they had at Nickelodeon about revealing the characters weren't real, etc., so it never happened. Boo! Am I the only one that finds it stupid that they had rules about that? I mean, I understand censorship rules for shows, but..... Um, I'm going on a tangent, aren't I? Let's reign it back in.....

 I like this episode because it's a unique idea for a finale. With the main characters going through what cartoon characters apparently go through after the shows cancelled, and going to "The Other Side". And I love the fact the characters start to refer to each other by their voice actor's name or some mixture. ("It's okay, Richie-Dag...." "Ya know what, Nicky-Norb?")

  I think this is the audio, but there's no script with it. It has a lot of laughing, so it must be a rough one or something.

 So that's all for now. If I find more, I'll post 'em.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Game: Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Gold Edition

  So today I played some Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Gold Editon for Xbox 360. It's an awesome game. I'm a HUGE Marvel fan, no lie. Viva la X-Men and Deadpool! And Hawkeye. And Spider-Man. And Human Torch (RIP). And.......

 *A long list of Marvel Characters I love later....*

  ANY WHO, I enjoy this game. You can create your own 4-Man team of Marvel heroes and go on missions to fight the Masters of Evil, led by none other than Doctor Doom. Gold Edition adds characters that weren't available in the original. There's:

  • HAWKEYE! (Yay!)
  • NIGHTCRAWLER! (I love you, man! You shouldn't have died in Second Coming! You're awesome!)
  • VENOM! (Ooh, villain!)
  • MAGNETO! (He's cool!)
  • HULK! (He make puny men into rag dolls!)
  • COLOSSUS! (He's pretty cool!)
  • SABRETOOTH! (Ooooooohhhh......)
  • DOCTOR DOOM! (Nice! That's.... Hey! Wait a minuto....) 
  • MOON KNIGHT! (I don't know you, but OKAY!)

  • Cyclops. (Eh. Not a fan....)

   Anyway, it's a cool game. My current favorite team consists of:

  • HAWKEYE! (He's a sharpshooter!)
  • NIGHTCRAWLER! (Coolest Mutant of them all... Okay, one of them, but he's HIGH on the list.. Whatever, he's so awesome, he only needed one appearance in the X-Men Movie series)
  • DEADPOOL! (He's psychotic!)
  • SPIDER-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! (A classic, he's awesome, AND in this game, is voiced by the same guy who played one of my favorite characters in Kingdom Hearts!)
  Let''s just say, Spidey makes people into pinatas, and it's fun! Especially if you get Deadpool to beat 'em up.... >:D

 So, that's what I gotta say. It's a cool game, with great graphics, and worth it. Yooooooouuuuu won't regret iiiiiiitttttttt...........

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anyone Else Notice?

  So I was going retro and watching some episodes of The Angry Beavers today. Anyway, I started watching the episode "Moronathon Man" (AKA the episode Norb and the other animals become stupid and Dag is the only one who's unaffected, for those who've seen it), and I couldn't help but notice something.

 There was a slight similarity to an episode of INVADER ZIM.

 To clarify, it turns out that Daggett's the only one immune to the "Stupidity Potion" (no, really) in the pond water that everyone drank, and his body can produce the antidote through his burps (seriously). The scientists responsible for said potion in the first place then load up Dag in a gun and have him burp at everyone, thus curing them (well, mostly). Hooray! But HOW is this similar to ZIM, besides Daggett and ZIM having the same voice actor?

  Well, allow me to explain as I pull out my pointer and get my diagram. Wait, I don't own a diagram...... Well, just listen.

  In INVADER ZIM, there is an episode called "Lice", where all the children get, well, lice. And ZIM, the title character, is immune (due to being an alien). Eventually the people in-charge of dealing with the lice outbreak find out ZIM's skin destroys the lice, so he's.... wait for it... loaded into a gun and his liquefied skin is sprayed on everyone, killing the lice and the "Queen Louse" that caused them. Yeah...

  See the similarity? And both characters, again, are voiced by the same guy! Wait, I already said that? Oh well, Richard Horvitz (said guy) is awesome, so he can be mentioned repeatedly! Oh, and they both aired on the same network. The retroactive hilarity continues!

 I'd post links of the episodes in question, but I can't find "Moronathon Man" on YouTube. I can find "Lice" though, but it'd kinda be pointless to put it up if I don't have the other to compare it to. So just..... whatever... look for it yourself! (Netflix is where I found Angry Beavers..).

  All in all, it's a weird coincidence. I heard that the ZIM example was a homage to Aliens, but I'm not sure about the Beavers one. But it's funny that almost three years after one episode of a show, another show does an episode with something similar....

(And on an unrelated note, yes, I spell "ZIM" and INVADER ZIM with all caps. That's how I roll...)

Friday, August 5, 2011

"Look At The Brand-New, Sparkly Blog, Hon!"

 Welcome to this new blog. It's so shiny! This is the Loveable Freak (Ohmygosh, just like in the title! *gasp*) And I hope you'll like this.

"So, what can we expect?"

 Well, Random Reader Who's Gender I Can't Determine, you can expect a lot of stuff, mostly in the form words. I'll probably mostly talk about random stuff. Such things as:

....And More!

  Anyway, thanks for checking out this spiffy (do people still use that word?) new blog of mine. I hope you stick around and read my, well, ramblings.

  Oh, and some nice feedback would be delightful. Please? Silence is sccccccaaarrrrrrrrry.......