Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Artwork #1: Alien Propaganda

  So I've been a-working on this for two weeks. I drew it, but had to color over it because the scanner wasn't picking up the color. So, here it is! For you to see:

 Yes, this a piece of ZIM fanart. This is TALLEST SPORK, he's from a flashback in the unfinished episode "The Trial". The funky words is the "Irken Alphabet". Supposeibly, from this thing I saw, it should read "I want you to join the Irken Elite". The Irken Elite are the elite soldiers who become the Invaders when needed. I'm not sure whether it's a voluntary thing (probably not), but whatever, it's a cool "propaganda poster".

 I used SPORK because I think the Invader stuff started with him, seeing as the TALLEST before him called the Empire the "Republic", then he called the "Empire". Oh well, that's just my theory. Besides, I've never drawn him before, so I just wanted to use him, so if I'm wrong, roll with it.

 Well, there you go, every weekend I'll be putting up a piece of artwork of mine. So enjoy, and if you want to post it, anyone who may find this, PLEASE ASK TO USE IT FIRST! That's all I ask.

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