Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sora and Riku Get New Duds and More in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

  I may be a little late on the Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance update news, but I just found out about some of the new developments.


1. Sora and Riku's Costume Changes

 So in the Dream World, Sora and Riku get some nice new threads.
Goin' back to his Mickey Mouse Allusion roots.
 Sora has given up the jeans with black chap-things with pockets pants and all the black for something with more red color. It's kinda a nice cross between his original costume (which it amazes me he outgrew so much in KHII) and his second outfit with the infamous belts. And zippers and buttons, fun to frustrate them . Overall, I kinda like this one. I'll miss his KHII clothes, but this ensemble is quickly taking it's place as my favorite of his generic outfits, and one of my favorite overall Sora looks.

Now for Riku....

The mane is gone...
 I like Riku's new outfit. It's now my favorite, not counting his blindfolded Organization jacket one. It's an improvement from his last costume. It was alright, but I think my biggest issue was his hair in KHII (except when he had the blindfold). But, he has the excuse that he hadn't had a haircut in about a year, so... But I like Riku with his new haircut. It's funny, I drew a picture of Riku with short hair once, guessing some possible future outfits, and here he is, with short hair! DANG IT, NOMURA! What are you trying to do, make me a RIKU fangirl, too? Well, sir, it is working.......

 I really hope they keep these duds in Kingdom Hearts III. ESPICIALLY Riku's new haircut that makes him look super-handsome...... Did I just write that? Stinkin' Cute Riku Makeover.....


2. Dream Eaters

 There is a new form of enemy called the enemies this time around, called the Dream Eaters. Besides the fact that they are the first enemies that don't have some sort of negative prefix or suffix (Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed), they come in two varieties: Spirits and Nightmares. Nightmares are the bad ones you will be beating the HP/Munny/Items/EXP/Any Other Stuff out of this time around. And the Spirits will be..... YOUR PARTNERS! BUM BUM BUM!!!!! They are... interesting. The Neko Cat and Ram are my favorites so far.

 Here, Lookie!

3. The New Kid In Town

 Also, in Dreamworld!Traverse Town, Sora meets a new friend. His name is Neku, and he is the first non-Original/FF/Disney character in the series. He hails from one of Square Enix's OTHER games, The World Ends With You. I've never played TWEWY, so I can't tell you more. But I do know Sora is going to help him with something called "The Game". And, much like Zack Fair's appearance in Birth By Sleep has made me want to play Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core, I'm sure Neku will leave me wanting to play TWEWY.

  And I get the feeling I'm gonna like this guy, based on the Dream Drop Distance trailer.

4. The Tokyo Game Show Trailer

 Here's the new trailer, which someone kindly added English subtitles to. And the last part is pretty funny.

 I'm guessing either the stories will be like in BBS, where one of the boy's adventures in the world will be shown in/affect the other's. Or, maybe they'll have different versions in The Dream World. Since everyone's dreams are different, maybe that'll be the case.

 Also, looks like we're going to see the adventures of Apprentice!Xehanort. (AKA *SPOILER* "Terranort"). It's kinda said to see little boy Ienzo fade away. He's only a lad! Society made him! Only a.... sorry.

  But, I will laugh when Xehanort inevitably beats down Braig. *laughs evilly*


  Well, all these developments have finally broken me. I think I'm gonna have to get a 3DS. Luckily, the price dropped. Time to save up!

 Tell me what'cha thinking in the comments. Anyone else going to blow big money to get this system for this game, too?

 Oh, PS. I think this will come out in the Fall of 2012 for the US. My reasoning is that they said that Japan gets it Spring 2012. That was what I remember was said about 358/2 Days, Spring 2009 for Japan, and that came out in late August of 2009 for America.

 Just a guess. Anyone else have any guesses?


  1. Wow Dream Drop Distance looks like it'll be an awesome game. Too bad it comes out in SPRING of next year. Booo...

  2. Hmm i wonder if "The Game" is a timed thing because on Neku's palm was a timer. Mysterious, no?

  3. Oh yeah, it says Spring 2012. But I'm just not sure if that's just for Japan or not. Since exports can take a while to leave their country of origin sometimes.

  4. Yes, it is mysterious, that "Game"...