Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LOL! Old X-Men.....

  So, on Netflix, Ima watchin' ye olde schoole X-Men series from the 90's. It's kinda funny to watch from a modern-day view. I saw this show as a kid and I... didn't really remember much about it honestly, only "snippets" in my head. But I do remember Lil' Freak thought Jubilee was AWESOME! Now, I think the show's unintentionally funny.

 Like, for example, OVERLY-DRAMATIC STORM!!!!!!

 And then there's Wolverine's voice. OH LORD ALMIGHTY WOLVIE'S VOICE!

Eh... Not a good video example, but, anyway..... Steve Blum will always be my favorite Wolverine, because his isn't as ridiculous (Evolution's Wolvie Voice did not compare when I head it). But at least it's not AUSTRAILIAN WOLVIE FROM THE 80'S!!!!

 Rogue... oh Rogue. I luv ya in a non-creepy way, dahlin', but that accent is not an accent/almost offencive, sugah.

 Also, I found Morph in the one episode I saw him as kinda annoying. It's the laugh. THE LAUGH! OH LORD, THE LAUGH! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOOOOOPPPP!!!!! MAKE THE BAD MUTIE STOP! AND STAY DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  I'm sure the show gets better, but it's the voices and the narminess that makes it silly to me. Not "60's Superfriends" silly, but still hard to take serious.

 But there is one bright side. DEADPOOL CAMEOS!

 Yup, totally makes it all worth it.

 And now, I leave on a question: Okay, so I thought Magneto's helmet made him invulnerable to telepathy. So WHY is it that in this series, he can use telepathy on helmeted-Magneto? Why, oh why, why why, why?

UPDATE: I appoligize to any Morph fans that I used the video that calls him "The crappiest X-Men" in the title. It... was the best example I could find with.... THE LAUGH..........

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