Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Long-Overdue Weekend Artwork #7-10 "THE NINJA KURT SAGA!"

   Sorry for not posting one of these things in forever. Haven't had the time. Anyway, here's something I had sitting, WAITING to be posted. It's based on the episode "I Am Unicorn" of Glee. It's kinda a saga, this WA.

*slips into recap-voice impersonation*

Okay, so here's what you missed on Glee.

Kurt tried for the role of Tony in the school's production of West Side Story with an epic performance of "I'm The Greatest Star", and spun SAI SWORDS! Much fangirling ensued from The Freak and Kurt fans.
Yes. Yes you are.

   Sadly, the people in-charge of casting questioned if our hero was masculine enough for the role.

I'm stumped, too, Kurt.
So then Kurt's confusion turned to rage when he saw his boyfriend Blaine had a better shot at the role of Tony than him. And so he went on a NINJA RAMPAGE through the halls, hunting down those who thought he wasn't suited for the role, and anyone in the way.

He's channeling his inner psycho Raphael and Elektra!
 What? That's not what happened? Well, that's what happened in my world. And it's awesome. So shut up and let me tell my story....

  ANYWAY! Eventually, Kurt saw the error in his ways, and all the hurt and damage he caused. So he remorsfully went to Blaine to appoligize for his deeds.

Let it out, Kurt. Let it out.... (And yes, Blaine, it was cool).
So Kurt went to appoligize to all, put up his ninja outfit, and everyone lived happily ever after for once. Until the Skrull Invasion.

  There you go! That is the Ninja Kurt Saga.

Can I write Glee or what? 

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