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Dear Other Fandoms, HELP A FANDOM OUT! Sincerely, A Fannibal (Or, "How One Show Can Greatly Benefit From The Help Of The Other Show's Fandoms, And Vice Versa"...)

  Okay, so I know Marvel May hasn't been working out as well as I hoped. (I didn't know I'd be this busy, and that last Elementary review kinda burned me out, leaving me unwilling to get to the next two X-Men... :( I'll try and do better these next few days...) Anyway, I kinda wanted to talk more about a show that's become very dear to me. And by talk, I mean plead for help...

  You see, I've become hooked on Hannibal. It's great. It brings me joy to watch. And, on Twitter (no, not telling y'all what my Twitter name is...) I've been hanging out with the fanbase, and we are all incredibly nice people, considering we watch a show named after cannibal serial killer. But we're also really worried, too. You see, we haven't gotten word on whether or not our beloved Thursday Night Obsession is going to make it to next season. We're supposed to get word by June 1st, but that only gives us one more week to do anything. We've had pretty successful Twitter campaigns, but we can't be sure.

  So, I'm going to make a plea. I've been trying to covert people on my Pintrest, but I think I can use my blog for this, too. Please watch this show! It's bloody brilliant!

  I've even prepared a plea/case for at least four of the fandoms to convince them why they should give Hannibal a chance...
"SuperWhoLockibal"? Eh? Eh?


  Okay, I know you guys know I'm not exactly the biggest fan of this show. It's just not for me. But, think about it: your show wrapped up for the season last week. You have a huge gap in your Thursday plans and DVRs. Why not fill it with another show. It's just reruns now of Elementary, you won't miss anything. Besides, if you couldn't check out Hannibal because it was on at the same time, now you can. Your show is safe, it's getting another season. So why not help a show that's on the bubble?

  Plus, Will Graham is a bit like Sherlock, in that he's gifted at what he does. Plus, he's troubled but kinda cute. Kinda like Millerlock is troubled. And, Will's played by Hugh Dancy, who's British, but is really good at covering his accent. I couldn't even tell.

  I'm just saying, you need something to fill the void.


  Ah, my people! Long have we suffered in this hiatus! Our sanity has been worn to it's very fibers, and worn thinner still! But, hark, I have found something that has filled the whole in my heart, Hannibal! It has proven to be a show on par with Sherlock in quality. It's like America's equivalent to Sherlock in that regard. It's clever, it's great to look at. And it has murders! Lots and LOTS of murders!

  As I told the Elementary Fandom, Will Graham is cute, gifted, but troubled, girls! And again, played by a British actor... Just saying. Also, he has lots of dogs.

  And, if you're missing Moriarty, Hannibal is deliciously creepy. Mads Mikkelston does great at his job. His Hannibal a lot more subtle than Scottiarty, but he's also strangely likeable. Heck, he might be the sanest person on the show! No lie! And, yes, he's strangely kind attractive, too. I'll admit. Plus, he dresses sharply. STUPID HANDSOME CANNIBAL!

...What am I doing with my life?


  Again, our show won't be back until November 23rd, the 50th Anniversary. What else do we have to do? Our buddies Sherlock and Supernatural don't have anything else out for now. Merlin ended last year. And I think Hannibal deserves a try, Whovians. I don't know how else to bait you that I haven't already used, yet. Handsome guys, cleverness, Oh wait! But it also has creepiness! Lots and lots of creepiness! You thought Moffat gave you nightmares? Wait until you see what Brian Fuller and his crew cook up (pun partially intended)... I elaborate in my plea to Supernatural...


  You, too, my friend, have to wait for your next season, and Hannibal is great. You want nightmare fuel? We GOT nightmare fuel! The death tableaus are so creepy and gory. They aren't so horrifying that it's indecent, but they are still pretty creepy for primetime. How do people made into slowly dying comatose mushroom farms, bodies made into angels, human cellos, and totem poles of bodies sound? That make up for scary monsters? Speaking of which, next week's episode? The killer hides under the beds of his victims and drags them under. *nods* That sounds like sweet dream fuel, eh? It'll keep your need for horror whetted.


 And, I can't believe I'm going to make a plead to this side of any fandom, but...

  Fans of slash pairings! Those who ship stuff like Johnlock, Merthur, Destiel, etc. May I present you to Hannigram?

  (Okay, before I go further, I want to make it clear that I don't ship it. I'm not a big "ship guy/guy pairings" girl. I may jokingly ship something/joke about a guy/guy pairing. And, if I'm being honest, there are some of those pairings I like as guilty pleasures, at least. But I don't ship Hannigram. I can kinda see where they're coming from, but I don't. But, I'm not all "RAWR! YOU SHIPPERS MAKE ME SICK!" about it. I'm at the point in my life as a fangirl where I'm like, "*shrugs* Shippers gonna ship." It's inevitable. I have a whole post planned on shipping...)

  Yes, we have Hannigram. The fandom ships a cannibal serial killer with a empathic mental case. One's a sharp dresser and I guess qualifies as a bad boy, the other is a handsome woobie you want to hug and make everything okay for. (I can't believe I'm writing this...) They have some moments. And did I mention they both have a surrogate daughter of sorts, Abigail Hobbs? Heck, this week, Hannibal outright said, "we are her fathers now"! (I'm breaking down laughing. I'm really doing this? I'm going this far?) That alone is fanfic fuel, shippers!

  Okay, I gotta stop... I can't keep that up anymore...


  But see? I love this show! I just want it to do well! I don't want it to be one of those shows ended in it's prime, when it had so much more to offer. While shows that have gone on too long and don't deserve it anymore get to go on, like say Two and a Half Men (oh, sweet lord, let it die, CBS! It's not good anymore!) Please, please, PLEASE watch it! For the love of quality TV!

  This is my design plea...

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Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary- Epsiodes 23/24- "The Woman/Heroine"

  Well, after nearly eight months of watching every episode, the time has come at last to finally review the first season finale of Elementary! This is a day late because I sat at the computer for and hour and twenty-seven minutes watching both episodes, and quite frankly, I was done sitting at the computer after that. Plus, I had to... process... some things...

  But nonetheless, let's get into the last two episodes of Elementary! (I'm reviewing them together because I WANT TO GET THIS OVER WITH!)

Everybody now!

  When last left Sherlock...
I couldn't find a gif of this without editing... Apologies... You... you get the point...
 Yeah, shortly after I wrote the "Risk Management" review, I read Buddy2Blogger's review of the episode, and I realized how Millerlock's little breakdown is ridiculous, in a way. While Miller's sadness could work in another role, here's the thing: HE'S PLAYING SHERLOCK HOLMES! He wouldn't react this way! He's not really an "emotion person". It's actually quite rare in canon to see him get emotionally worked up (an example being when Watson gets shot (again) in canon). So, really, it's kind of unintentionally cheesy/narmy. I think Downeylock in A Game of Shadows and, in and even better example, Cumberlock in "The Hounds of Baskerville", showcase "I'm having an emotion" better for Holmes's character. Just sharing. Especially for later in this review.

  Anyway, yeah, Irene Adler was revealed to be Irene. In part one, Millerlock goes on a rollercoaster of emotions (sigh). He opts out of searching for Irene's kidnappers to take care of Irene (and because he's a little emotionally compromised right now), leaving it to Joan to find out. The rest of part one/"The Woman" alternates between Joan working the case of Irene's kidnappers mostly solo, Millerlock trying to care for his seemingly basket case of a... sigh... girlfriend, and DOING THE TIME WARP multiple times for flashbacks to Millerlock and "Dormdler"'s relationship.

   Okay, first of all, let's get it out of the way, Millerlock and Dormdler's "love story" was... kinda eyeroll-inducing. Mostly for it being so any romantic thing ever. Eh, I was not moved. And Irene seemed a bit dull. Though there may be a reason for that we'll get to a little later... And Millerlock continues to be so not Sherlock with his emotions and... activities... but also HE KNEW ASTRONOMY IN THIS EPISODE! SHERLOCK! DOESN'T! KNOW! ASTRONOMY! It was the WHOLE REASON he gave the "mind is like an attic" speech in A Study in Scarlet! D;<

  On the flipside, I liked seeing Joan work the case on her own. I keep thinking how awesome it would be, if they do some sort of "Final Problem" situation, if they had a miniseries of Joan taking over Sherlock's consulting job for him after his fake death. I'd watch the HECK out of that! Maybe Gregson and Bell would finally get better development. And it'd finally cut out the less than stellar Millerlock! I can dream...

Okay now the big thing before we get into part two, the reveal of Moriarty. It turns out Moriarty isn't a man at all. Moriarty is a spider a woman. Specifically, THE woman. Yup, Irene Adler was a lie. Moriarty was Irene. Yeah... I'll admit, it's an interesting idea, and it's cool to see another female version of a character, buuuut... I think it fell flat. I'll explain when we get to part two.

  Part Two, "Heroine", is Sherlock and Joan trying to stop the recently revealed Moriarty, with Joan worrying about Sherlock being past his breaking point and possibly relapsing.

  Okay, let's talk about "Dormiarty" a little bit... I didn't like her. I think she fell flat compared to other Moriartys. It was like she was trying to be like "Harriarty" (Jared Harris's Moriarty), with her trying to make a profit off of the animosity of two nations (gee, sound familiar?). But I think she tried too hard. Her plan, really, was a little convoluted. I mean, I still don't fully understand everything about it beyond 1. Get Grecian to shoot Macedonian, 2. Get the countries ticked off to avoid a name change and join in European Alliance thing, 3. Profit!

 And there were two other things. One, it was revealed that Dormiarty HAS REAL FEELINGS FOR MILLERLOCK!

 WHAT THE HECK!? That is... why!? WHY DOES GIRL MORIARTY HAVE TO HAVE FEELINGS FOR SHERLOCK!?  I mean, come on! This is what we were fearing with girl Watson WITH MORIARTY! I mean, I'll admit to joking about Scottiarty having a stalker crush on Cumberlock, in a tongue in cheek way, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I WANT MORLOCK/SHERIARTY/WHAT EVER YOU CALL IT FOR REAL! Heck, the whole thing almost feels like some strange fanfic!
 Also, in the end, this Moriarty gets arrested. And it seems like she's not going to work the system quite like Scottiarty did. Ahem. WORST! MORIARTY! EVER! I feel awful that I'm saying this about the first female Moriarty. I wanted to like her. Maybe someone else would do better with that idea. I should be used to disappointment from this show.
  But luckily, on the flipside, Joan was once again awesome. She's the one I feel ultimately caught Dormiarty. It was her plan and her seeing that Moriarty had... ugh... feelings for Millerlock. Yes, it's even more official, she's one of the best Watsons ever. How were both of these characters from the same show?
Okay, final thoughts:
  • Favorite parts were pretty much every time Joan was awesome. She was the best thing in these episodes.
  • Canon nod I caught: "Irene's" "captor" being called "Stapleton" (a character from The Hound of the Baskervilles).
  • So, one of Moriarty's employees has the last name of "Proctor"? XD Okay, I need to make a joke few people will probably get: "I SAW ISSAC PROCTOR COMUNNING WITH MORIARTY!"
  • So, the status on this show is Joan>Dormiarty>Millerlock? I'm completely cool with this...
  • Was I the only one getting Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade vibes from Millerlock and "Irene's" date in the catacombs? Heck, it even had a blonde who turned out to be evil and be attracted to the hero!
  • I kinda giggled when Millerlock said narwhals were "The Unicorns of the Sea", seeing as I was thinking of a certain song on the Internet (minor language)...
  • Speaking of giggling at Millerlock, for some reason, I kept snickering at his face at odd times. Either my lack of seeing him as a credible Sherlock has reached a zenith, or this show has finally made me crazy...

  Overall, these were very "eh" episodes. For reals.Moriarty and Irene Adler turned out to not be so great, and while Joan was awesome, she couldn't save the overall episodes. But at least it's over. I want to give a separate post about what I feel about the show as a whole next week (though you probably get the idea, I just want to elaborate on it. Besides, I like to read myself type) but for now, it's all over...

  It's over...

Gifs cannot express my joy... CUE HAPPY MUSIC OF YOUR CHOOSING!

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Marvel May: Loveable Freak Reviews X2: X-Men United

  And, I'm back for more Marvel May. Yesterday, I discussed the first movie in the original X-Men Trilogy, so it's only logical that I talk about the second in that series: X2: X-Men United!

Sadly not pictured: the best X-Man ever...

  Yeah, I know the movie's like 10 years old, but I'd hate to give it away for someone who hasn't seen it. You know the drill...

  In The White House, the president is attacked by a certain teleporting mutant. Naturally, Xavier and Cyclops go to see if Magneto is somehow behind this. But they are captured by Col. William Stryker. Stryker has been controlling mutants using his son Jason's (a mutant with the power to create illusions, not unlike the comics' Mastermind) brain fluid, and plans to eliminate the mutant population once and for all using his son, Professor Xavier, and a version of Cerebro he made himself. He also kidnaps some students from the school. Now the X-Men (including a newly-returned Wolverine), Iceman, Rogue, and Nightcrawler must team up with Mystique and Magneto (who escaped prison in the coolest way EVER!) to save mutantkind. Cool fight scenes, some flaws in logic, and the ultimate sacrifice that anyone who reads the comics knew the outcome of ensues.

  I'm going to get my biggest source of fangirling out of the way: OHMYGOSH NIGHTCRAWLER IS AWESOME!

  I mean, from the minute he appears on screen, he is brilliant! The costume is awesome! The teleporting effect is fantastic! The actor did a good job! And they kept his faith, which is good, since I like that about the character (that and his being the most genuinely good guy on the team. Why did freakin' Marvel have to replace him in-comics with his chaotic AoA counterpart? (sorry I keep complaining, but it still ticks me off...)). Though I thought the whole "Self-mutilation for every sin/angel symbol "cutter-ish scar-toos"" were a little weird. I don't know what the deal was with those. But they looked cool, too. (Maybe I've answered my own question...) It was worth it to see this movie just for him alone. He was so awesome, they never used him again in the movies for fear he'd overshadow the others! (At least, that's what I think... ;) )

  Okay, that's out now...

  Once again, the cast is really good. I loved Magneto and Wolverine, as usual. And, again, Mystique was cool. It's now apparent to me that that is where Nightcrawler got his awesome. (At least, in-comics, where Mystique's his mother. I'm not sure as far as the movies go yet. I mean, they had his dad in-comics in First Class, so maybe...) Stryker was a good villain. Also, I liked this version of Lady Deathstrike. (Mutants are cooler than cyborgs. Just sayin'...) And they worked in a lot of characters as cameos. Especially during the part where Mystique hacks into Stryker's files. I paused the movie to look at the names, and I was pleased to know all but three. Here were the names and who they were:
  • Guthrie (2) (Cannonball and Husk)
  • Keniucho Harade (Silver Samurai)
  • Remy LeBeau (Gambit)
  • Garrison Kane (didn't know this guy, had to look him up)
  • Artie Maddiks (again, no idea. Looked him up.)
  • Jaime Mardrox (Multiple Man)
  • Xi'an Coy Mahn (Karma, but I didn't recognize the name...)
  • Maximoff (2) (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch)
  • Kevin McTaggart (Proteus)
  • Danielle Moonstar
  Okay, that self-ego-stroking's out of the way...

  The story is really awesome. I enjoyed it. Though, I did find some things I had problems with, logic-wise.

   First, there was the whole, "leaving the kids with Colossus" thing for Wolverine. Seriously, he leaves the kids to fend for themselves with only one guy to protect them from trained military officers (who, evidently, can only capture six mostly sleeping kids)? And he eventually takes the three teenagers who could, in theory, fend for themselves better on their own or help the kids? Obviously, Wolverine is only capable of taking care of small groups of teenagers, especially teenage girls. :P

  But the biggest one was probably Jean's sacrifice in the end. Why did she necessarily have to leave the plane to hold back the water long enough for the plane and give the plane the boost it needed? Seriously! It would have been easier to do that in the plane! And she wouldn't have to waste energy saying goodbye through Xavier and keeping Nightcrawler from teleporting her back. Clearly, if she could do all that, I'm sure she could do it from INSIDE THE PLANE! And another thing, how was she keeping Nightcrawler from teleporting? I know The Phoenix is all-powerful, but I don't think she could screw up powers! Seriously, I know it's Jean's lot in life to die and become the Flame Bird of Psycho, but still, that's ridiculous! They never explain it properly!

  But, despite these flaws, it's still a good movie. And they balance it out with clever things like Magneto's escape. That was cool.

  Alright, final thoughts:
  • Favorite scenes were Nightcrawler's opening scene, Magneto's escape, Mystique getting into Stryker's base, and various assorted things.
  • Mutantism is totally not used for a metaphor for anything, here.../sarcasm
  • Did anyone else get a creepy vibe from the Mystique/Nightcrawler conversation? At least Nightcrawler's reaction afterwards? Or was it just me? Seriously, that's his mom in the comics!
  • Cyclops still cannot be discreet. Seriously, couldn't they make him some more casual-looking visor/glasses for sneaky stuff? You can't do that cosplaying as the guy from Star Trek: The Next Generation... And listening to Backstreet Boys proves he can't own a motorcycle...
  • The Drakes' Cat is the best cat ever. He don't give a crap about any of the weirdness...
  Overall, I really like this movie. Yeah, it has some logic flaws, but the awesome stuff balances it out. It's as good, if not better than, its predecessor...

  Well, next time I do Marvel May reviews, I'll get to the more... infamous of the X-Men movies. X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And boy, do I have a controversial opinion on the latter...

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Marvel May: Loveable Freak Reviews X-Men (2000)

(Blogger's still being rude and won't let me put up a new profile pic. Meanie...)

 Well, to start off Marvel May, I thought I'd begin with one of the earliest Marvel Comics movies to come out that's in my possession: X-Men!

 I love the X-Men! They're one of my favorite superhero teams. Mostly because their series' produced a lot of characters I love/think are cool: Rogue, Psylocke, Gambit, Deadpool, Wolverine, and of course, Nightcrawler to name a few. So I figured I'd start out with that! Does it hold up, 13 years after it came out? We'll see!
 Oh, yeah, for those who haven't seen it, there's likely to be

  In "the not too distant future" (Next Sunday AD), humankind fears the rising of mutants: superhuman individuals who claim to be the next step in human evolution. We see one of these mutants, a young girl called Rogue, develop her power to syphon people's life force and powers. She runs away in fear of what she could do, and meets the mysterious Wolverine. After a fight with Sabertooth, they end up at Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters, a school for mutants and home of the X-Men. They soon end up involved in the conflict between The X-Men and Magneto and The Brotherhood, who believe mutant supremacy is the only way they'll be accepted. Decent special effects, superhero fights, and science I don't fully understand ensues.

  I think they did a good job at casting three of the major roles in this movie. Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and Hugh Jackman all do fantastic as Professor X, Magneto, and Wolverine respectively. The others do good, too, but they're the standouts.

 They showed the dark grey morality of Magneto pretty good. I especially like how with Wolverine, they got to show one of the traits that I adore/find amusing about him: that while he's one of the baddest bad boys of the Marvel Universe, he's also kinda a mentor/surrogate father to almost all the teenage mutant girls! In the movies, it's Rogue, but in the comics he's been one to Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, X-23 (technically, by cloning genetics, he IS her dad, biologically), Armor...

  The effects are pretty good for early 2000s, they still hold up. Like Cerebro is cool, and that computer thingy that looks like those little metal needly things you can stick your hand of face into and it keeps the shape. I especially think they had a good time with Magneto's magnetic stuff, which was really good. I also think they had a lot of fun with how much punishment Wolverine can take. And the story's pretty decent, too.

  Though I do have one problem: how the heck does magnetism generate mutating radiation at all? Especially with Magneto's funky device? I don't think magnetism creates that strong of radiation.... I mean, yeah, I'm questioning comic book science, but I still wanna know! (Also, fun fact: Professor Xavier's mutation was the result of radiation. Maybe it's a nod to that...) But, I did like the idea of Magneto turning Senator Kelly into a mutant. It was awesome karma.

  I feel the need to mention it now: I do NOT like the character of Cyclops. Here or otherwise. I just don't. Most of it might be the recent stuff I've heard about the character (that he's basically becoming Magneto 2.0), though to be fair that could be Wolverine fanboys running things and it basically being "make your fanfiction from when you were 12 where Wolverine was a freaking god and Cyclops was a big jerk canon". And there was the fact he left his wife and son when Jean Grey came back to life. And that in-comics he's dating Emma Frost, who I also despise. But I gotta ask: people who've read more X-Men than me, was Cyclops ever cool? Like, back in the early days of the X-Men? I genuinely want to know. Does he have fans? And why?

 Like, one of the things I don't like about movie Cyclops was when he gets onto Wolverine for accidentally stabbing Rogue in his sleep. I'm sorry he was SUFFERING A PTSD-INDUCED DREAM AND ACCIDENTALLY HURT SOMEONE WHO WAS CHECKING ON HIM! Seriously, he didn't know! >:( Sorry for ranting. I just don't like Cyclops. (Why does half the mutant population now have to be connected to him by blood or other relation again?)

  But, I have realized I like Mystique, now. She's pretty cool. Though, I have to wonder, too: how does she make clothes when she shapeshifts? Is it just skin? (Eww....) I can't be the only one who wonders this... (Also, I don't think she can turn into inanimate objects, movie. Sorry...)

Final Thoughts:
  • Favorite parts were a lot of Wolverine's lines and all the Ellis Island stuff at the end (I especially liked Wolverine and Cyclops's banter)
  • Cyclops you are not cool enough for a motorcycle. Nor can you stealth when you have your BIG FREAKIN' VISOR ON!
  • I won't get into continuity errors with Origins or First Class, here. I might get into them if/when I get to them. (Since it's their fault said errors exist...)
  • I'm not as well-versed in DC as I am Marvel, but does movie!Toad look a lot like DC's The Creeper?
  • Also, Rogue's hoodie jacket and her scarf/V-neck looks kinda remind me of two of her later looks in comics. Which is weird, seeing as those looks weren't around in 2000, I think...
  • I forgot to mention, I really like that they didn't kill off Magneto in this movie. It kinda bugs me when they kill off the villains in superhero movies, especially big ones like The Green Goblin in Spider-Man...
  While the story is decent, it's not exactly the best movie I've ever seen. It's still decent, though. The stuff at Ellis Island's probably the best stuff. And it still does clever things. Like the plastic prison for Magneto, the turning Kelly mutie thing I said earlier... It's a movie I don't mind watching again, but it's not on my top movie lists.

  Tomorrow(?), I review the improved-from-the-original sequel, X2: X-Men United! AKA "The one with my beloved Nightcrawler in it!"

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Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 22 "Risk Management"

(I apologize that I don't have a profile pic right now. I'm trying to change it and Blogger's being stubborn and not loading my options! >:( Tomorrow I'll have one, again...)

  Gotta say, despite way too many ads between sections, I prefer watching Elementary online, now. It's easier for my reviewing AND I can watch Hannibal instead on Thursdays, which does wonders for my mood. (Next week's Hannibal looks awesome, BTW.)

  But enough of that, let's get to reviewing the next episode, which not only gets us further in the Moriarty plot, but gets us closer to finishing the rocky road to the finale  one two three four five!

  Oh, beware:

  So, when we last left Millerlock and Joan, they received a phone call from Moriarty. After explaining his deal to Sherlock, he then hires the consulting detective to investigate a murder in exchange for answers about Irene. But just when Sherlock thinks he's got it figured out, Moriarty throws more curveballs at him, both for the case and regarding what Sherlock knows. Also, there's a sorta subplot where Gregson tries to get Joan out of Sherlock's life for her safety, but not much comes from that except that Joan assures Sherlock she'll see this Moriarty business through to the end with him.

  You know, for a "story arc" episode, I don't have much to say about it. Moriarty sounds intriguing. It's confirmed that he does a lot of manipulation and has a web of connections in the criminal world. You know, Moriarty 101. We still don't learn much about him or see him. We just get Millerlock's deductions based on the phone calls.

  I felt like Joan kinda represented myself here. One, with the "I don't wanna know!" when Millerlock starts bringing up what it was like to (to use the other Adler's "euphemism" because I like using euphemisms...) "have dinner" with Irene. And with the "I don't care, I'm sticking through this"-ness (for her, the Moriarty Conspiracy; for me, the rest of the season...).

  I need to praise Jonny Lee Miller a little on his acting. He did good showing Sherlock's frustration with the case. And there was his emotional breakdown at this week's kinda-sorta-but-not-really-spoiler, which I'm about to get into...

 So, we get more insight into Irene Adler. According to Millerlock, she was a nice lady and was a painter (As someone who enjoys art, I approve of this. Certainly more than a certain other Irene interpretation...). And we and the duo find out at the end that she's not dead. Yup, she's still alive. And she's a blonde (if I had a gif of the scene from Doctor Who where Martha says "Oh, she was a blonde! What a surprise!", I would so put it here.)

  I'm really not surprised. Besides the fact I feel most of the Internet (at least, the sites I frequent) more or less called it (and I sorta did, too, after a while), there was the fact that they announced that the character would be appearing in three episodes, and when I was looking up the number for last week's episode, I accidentally saw a spoiler on Wikipedia saying she was alive. Yeah... Maybe if they kept it a better secret...

  Not sure what my feelings are towards this. If I'm happy or not. On one hand, yay! More canon characters. I would have been ecstatic many episodes ago. Plus: new Irene to discover. But on the other hand, I still barely know this character. I have little attachment to this version so far. She's been a literal non-entity; barely mentioned. More a "device that got the plot going", if anything else. That, and I'm still mourning Moran... *sniff* I miss that psychopath...

  Okay, final thoughts:
  • Favorite parts were the soccer ball scene, the light flickering, and kinda Sherlock reassuring Joan he'll make sure she's not harmed for her involvement. And Miller's acting.
  • Canon nods were Moriarty describing himself as a spider (as Holmes described him in canon), and Sherlock considering Irene "The Woman", above all of her gender.
  • Joan, love that you're staying, but part of me feels the need to point out that it's all fun and games until you're strapped to a bomb vest,  standing in a pool with your best friend and a madman with snipers aimed at you and said friend, who's armed. Felt that needed to be put out there.
  • D-did MIllerlock poke fun of/lampshade his "raging heterosexual" status with that "I learned things, Watson! Me!" when discussing Irene? (At least I think that's what he said). Maybe I'm reading too much into this...
  • Waitaminute! Irene's a blonde artist... living in a big, mostly empty, fancy house... And has connections to the main character's memories... MY LORD! IRENE IS NAMINE FROM KINGDOM HEARTS! Heck, I think she was even wearing white!
  So far, out of what I'm going to call the "Moriarty Quintology" ("M", "Landmark", this episode, and the two to come), this has the least in terms of contribution. The most it has to offer is Irene, but that's just a quick thing at the end. Kinda disappointing, seeing as the episodes involving Moriarty have been some of the best... It's pretty skippable, I say.

  Well, next week is the last two episodes of the season! Huzzah! I'm almost done! (And Doctor Who ends it's season next week, too... I'm trying to forget that... At least I still have Hannibal...)

  Tomorrow, I FINALLY kick off Marvel May! :D

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 21- "A Landmark Story"

  Yeah... Sorry this was so late, guys. You see, Thursday, I was having trouble with my signal as far as CBS was concerned, so I missed a lot of what was happening early on, and I was having a bad day already, so by the time I got it back I just ragequit and watched what was left of Hannibal instead. And Friday was chaos, sooo....

  ...Buuuuut I found it online for free (a lot of the stuff I watch now I can't watch for free, so I forgot about the Internet being an option), so I'm gonna postpone my "Marvel May" Review project and watch and review while I got some peace before more chaos ensues in my life. (One word: visitors. I'm gonna be so off this week...)

  So, let's get to "A Landmark Story", and see if it lives up to its title...

  Okay, I can't help it, I feel I need to talk about spoilers for this episode. River gif, you know what to do...

  Moran calls Millerlock into prison to tip him off to the latest crime involving Moriarty. Then he kills a guard. (Oh, I've missed you, you psychopathic Natural Born Killer...)

This sets our duo on the trail of a serial killer named Daniel Gottlieb, who is talented at killing people in ways that seem like an accident. Recently, he's been killing people involved with a vote on a Speakeasy/Prohibition museum's status as a landmark...

   He's captured by our duo, and leads Millerlock not to the Napoleon of Crime, but to another of Moriarty's employees, John Douglas. (Who is promptly killed.) The episode ends with Millerlock closer to Moriarty, and me feeling sad for reasons I'll get to later...

  Alright, I really liked this episode! I mean, come on, it had Moran, for starters! And it brought back the Moriarty plot, which I've missed with the mostly episodic, filler-y episodes we've had since "M". And the story was pretty good, too. And, while we never see the real Moriarty, we at least get to hear him. And he sounds awesome, but right now I'm mad at/kinda hating him at the same time, after... I'll... get to that later...

  I really dug our serial killer, Daniel Gottlieb. (You can tell, seeing as he's one of the few antagonists I've bothered to remember the name of...) He was clever, as were his murders. I enjoyed them a little too much in that regard. He's been added to my list of favorite antagonists for the show, around the "Snow Angels" thieves.

  John Douglas was killed shortly after he was introduced and revealed to NOT be Moriarty (a "Feaux-iarty"), so I have few thoughts on him.

  Now, the big thing I was mentioned. The sad thing that left me mad at Moriarty.

  Okay, so at the end of the episode, Millerlock gets a coded text from Moriarty on Gottlieb's phone, and since Gottlieb couldn't translate the code, he takes it to Moran. Moran claims he doesn't know the code, but when Sherlock decodes it, he realizes it's a message for Moran, saying if he doesn't kill himself, he (Moriarty) will kill Moran's sister. (Aww, killers DO have loved ones...) We're treated to the lovely image of Moran bashing his head into the mirror of his cell.

  My literal reaction (besides whispering/shouting "NO!") in my notes was this:
 "Nooooo! Moran! Don't die! I love you! You're one of the few things I've to look forward to with this show! Moriarty might kill your sister, anyway! You can't trust him! YOU CAN'T TRUST HIM!!"
  Anyway, Millerlock calls Gregson to get him to stop the act, but Gregson informs him Moran's probably not going to make it through the night...

   :( I'm not happy about this development... Goodnight, Sebastian Moran; and flights of Arsenals sing thee to thy rest. We hardly knew thee...

  Unless he lives somehow...

Final Thoughts:

-CBS Internet Viewer's annoying with excessive ads. Better to watch on TV in that regard. So, watch instant whenever with millions of ads, or watch when it airs and get ads out of the way on breaks? Well played, CBS... T_T

- Favorite scenes were the dissection scene (though seeing the insides was gross), the straightjacket scene, the interigation scene, the Taser scene, Moran's early sc... Okay, pretty much everything I liked. Watch it.

-Oh, and I loved Millerlock saying Joan was the reason he wasn't going be like he was in "M" with Moriarty and Co. this time.

-You know, Gregson, Millerlock could've potentially used the Legos for torturing Douglas by making him step on them... ;P

-Elementary kills everyone I love that's from canon... They're worse than Moffat. ... ...
Wait a minute...
- Never heard the end credits song until today. I like it...
  Overall, another one of the elusive "good throughout" episodes. I really liked it! Now, three more episodes to go, and two nights of this show left! It can't be that hard to keep goodness up now, can it? We got more Moriarty plot and Irene coming up! YAY OPTIMISM!
  (Next post: hopefully I kick off my Marvel May Reviews...)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Brief Announcement

Well, it's May! And I'm excited! So many wonderful things: soon I'll be free of my Unbreakable Vow with myself and finish watching/reviewing Elementary, Iron Man 3 is out this month (and Star Trek: Into Darkness [note to self: WATCH THE FIRST MOVIE!]), and my birthday is on the 25th! (Fun fact: not only do I share a birthday with Sir Ian McKellen (awesome!) but it also falls on Towel Day AND Geek Pride Day.)

So, I decided to do something special this month. In addition to wrapping up the Elementary reviews, I'm going to review some of the Marvel movies. At least the ones I own (Netflix Instant View never ceases to amaze me with what it does and doesn't have…). *So that means I'll be covering:
-The X-Men Trilogy
-X-Men Origins: Wolverine (More in-depth than I did last time, anyway...)
And of course...
-The Marvel Cinematic Universe (Iron Man 1&2, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America: The First Avenger (again, more in-depth), and The Avengers!

(*I may get some movies besides them, and I might get to review them, too. And, since I'm planning on seeing Iron Man 3 for my birthday, so that may get a review this month, too...)

So, I'm going to start this project this Saturday, hopefully. Hope this goes well! :D