Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Other Fandoms, HELP A FANDOM OUT! Sincerely, A Fannibal (Or, "How One Show Can Greatly Benefit From The Help Of The Other Show's Fandoms, And Vice Versa"...)

  Okay, so I know Marvel May hasn't been working out as well as I hoped. (I didn't know I'd be this busy, and that last Elementary review kinda burned me out, leaving me unwilling to get to the next two X-Men... :( I'll try and do better these next few days...) Anyway, I kinda wanted to talk more about a show that's become very dear to me. And by talk, I mean plead for help...

  You see, I've become hooked on Hannibal. It's great. It brings me joy to watch. And, on Twitter (no, not telling y'all what my Twitter name is...) I've been hanging out with the fanbase, and we are all incredibly nice people, considering we watch a show named after cannibal serial killer. But we're also really worried, too. You see, we haven't gotten word on whether or not our beloved Thursday Night Obsession is going to make it to next season. We're supposed to get word by June 1st, but that only gives us one more week to do anything. We've had pretty successful Twitter campaigns, but we can't be sure.

  So, I'm going to make a plea. I've been trying to covert people on my Pintrest, but I think I can use my blog for this, too. Please watch this show! It's bloody brilliant!

  I've even prepared a plea/case for at least four of the fandoms to convince them why they should give Hannibal a chance...
"SuperWhoLockibal"? Eh? Eh?


  Okay, I know you guys know I'm not exactly the biggest fan of this show. It's just not for me. But, think about it: your show wrapped up for the season last week. You have a huge gap in your Thursday plans and DVRs. Why not fill it with another show. It's just reruns now of Elementary, you won't miss anything. Besides, if you couldn't check out Hannibal because it was on at the same time, now you can. Your show is safe, it's getting another season. So why not help a show that's on the bubble?

  Plus, Will Graham is a bit like Sherlock, in that he's gifted at what he does. Plus, he's troubled but kinda cute. Kinda like Millerlock is troubled. And, Will's played by Hugh Dancy, who's British, but is really good at covering his accent. I couldn't even tell.

  I'm just saying, you need something to fill the void.


  Ah, my people! Long have we suffered in this hiatus! Our sanity has been worn to it's very fibers, and worn thinner still! But, hark, I have found something that has filled the whole in my heart, Hannibal! It has proven to be a show on par with Sherlock in quality. It's like America's equivalent to Sherlock in that regard. It's clever, it's great to look at. And it has murders! Lots and LOTS of murders!

  As I told the Elementary Fandom, Will Graham is cute, gifted, but troubled, girls! And again, played by a British actor... Just saying. Also, he has lots of dogs.

  And, if you're missing Moriarty, Hannibal is deliciously creepy. Mads Mikkelston does great at his job. His Hannibal a lot more subtle than Scottiarty, but he's also strangely likeable. Heck, he might be the sanest person on the show! No lie! And, yes, he's strangely kind attractive, too. I'll admit. Plus, he dresses sharply. STUPID HANDSOME CANNIBAL!

...What am I doing with my life?


  Again, our show won't be back until November 23rd, the 50th Anniversary. What else do we have to do? Our buddies Sherlock and Supernatural don't have anything else out for now. Merlin ended last year. And I think Hannibal deserves a try, Whovians. I don't know how else to bait you that I haven't already used, yet. Handsome guys, cleverness, Oh wait! But it also has creepiness! Lots and lots of creepiness! You thought Moffat gave you nightmares? Wait until you see what Brian Fuller and his crew cook up (pun partially intended)... I elaborate in my plea to Supernatural...


  You, too, my friend, have to wait for your next season, and Hannibal is great. You want nightmare fuel? We GOT nightmare fuel! The death tableaus are so creepy and gory. They aren't so horrifying that it's indecent, but they are still pretty creepy for primetime. How do people made into slowly dying comatose mushroom farms, bodies made into angels, human cellos, and totem poles of bodies sound? That make up for scary monsters? Speaking of which, next week's episode? The killer hides under the beds of his victims and drags them under. *nods* That sounds like sweet dream fuel, eh? It'll keep your need for horror whetted.


 And, I can't believe I'm going to make a plead to this side of any fandom, but...

  Fans of slash pairings! Those who ship stuff like Johnlock, Merthur, Destiel, etc. May I present you to Hannigram?

  (Okay, before I go further, I want to make it clear that I don't ship it. I'm not a big "ship guy/guy pairings" girl. I may jokingly ship something/joke about a guy/guy pairing. And, if I'm being honest, there are some of those pairings I like as guilty pleasures, at least. But I don't ship Hannigram. I can kinda see where they're coming from, but I don't. But, I'm not all "RAWR! YOU SHIPPERS MAKE ME SICK!" about it. I'm at the point in my life as a fangirl where I'm like, "*shrugs* Shippers gonna ship." It's inevitable. I have a whole post planned on shipping...)

  Yes, we have Hannigram. The fandom ships a cannibal serial killer with a empathic mental case. One's a sharp dresser and I guess qualifies as a bad boy, the other is a handsome woobie you want to hug and make everything okay for. (I can't believe I'm writing this...) They have some moments. And did I mention they both have a surrogate daughter of sorts, Abigail Hobbs? Heck, this week, Hannibal outright said, "we are her fathers now"! (I'm breaking down laughing. I'm really doing this? I'm going this far?) That alone is fanfic fuel, shippers!

  Okay, I gotta stop... I can't keep that up anymore...


  But see? I love this show! I just want it to do well! I don't want it to be one of those shows ended in it's prime, when it had so much more to offer. While shows that have gone on too long and don't deserve it anymore get to go on, like say Two and a Half Men (oh, sweet lord, let it die, CBS! It's not good anymore!) Please, please, PLEASE watch it! For the love of quality TV!

  This is my design plea...

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