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Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary- Epsiodes 23/24- "The Woman/Heroine"

  Well, after nearly eight months of watching every episode, the time has come at last to finally review the first season finale of Elementary! This is a day late because I sat at the computer for and hour and twenty-seven minutes watching both episodes, and quite frankly, I was done sitting at the computer after that. Plus, I had to... process... some things...

  But nonetheless, let's get into the last two episodes of Elementary! (I'm reviewing them together because I WANT TO GET THIS OVER WITH!)

Everybody now!

  When last left Sherlock...
I couldn't find a gif of this without editing... Apologies... You... you get the point...
 Yeah, shortly after I wrote the "Risk Management" review, I read Buddy2Blogger's review of the episode, and I realized how Millerlock's little breakdown is ridiculous, in a way. While Miller's sadness could work in another role, here's the thing: HE'S PLAYING SHERLOCK HOLMES! He wouldn't react this way! He's not really an "emotion person". It's actually quite rare in canon to see him get emotionally worked up (an example being when Watson gets shot (again) in canon). So, really, it's kind of unintentionally cheesy/narmy. I think Downeylock in A Game of Shadows and, in and even better example, Cumberlock in "The Hounds of Baskerville", showcase "I'm having an emotion" better for Holmes's character. Just sharing. Especially for later in this review.

  Anyway, yeah, Irene Adler was revealed to be Irene. In part one, Millerlock goes on a rollercoaster of emotions (sigh). He opts out of searching for Irene's kidnappers to take care of Irene (and because he's a little emotionally compromised right now), leaving it to Joan to find out. The rest of part one/"The Woman" alternates between Joan working the case of Irene's kidnappers mostly solo, Millerlock trying to care for his seemingly basket case of a... sigh... girlfriend, and DOING THE TIME WARP multiple times for flashbacks to Millerlock and "Dormdler"'s relationship.

   Okay, first of all, let's get it out of the way, Millerlock and Dormdler's "love story" was... kinda eyeroll-inducing. Mostly for it being so any romantic thing ever. Eh, I was not moved. And Irene seemed a bit dull. Though there may be a reason for that we'll get to a little later... And Millerlock continues to be so not Sherlock with his emotions and... activities... but also HE KNEW ASTRONOMY IN THIS EPISODE! SHERLOCK! DOESN'T! KNOW! ASTRONOMY! It was the WHOLE REASON he gave the "mind is like an attic" speech in A Study in Scarlet! D;<

  On the flipside, I liked seeing Joan work the case on her own. I keep thinking how awesome it would be, if they do some sort of "Final Problem" situation, if they had a miniseries of Joan taking over Sherlock's consulting job for him after his fake death. I'd watch the HECK out of that! Maybe Gregson and Bell would finally get better development. And it'd finally cut out the less than stellar Millerlock! I can dream...

Okay now the big thing before we get into part two, the reveal of Moriarty. It turns out Moriarty isn't a man at all. Moriarty is a spider a woman. Specifically, THE woman. Yup, Irene Adler was a lie. Moriarty was Irene. Yeah... I'll admit, it's an interesting idea, and it's cool to see another female version of a character, buuuut... I think it fell flat. I'll explain when we get to part two.

  Part Two, "Heroine", is Sherlock and Joan trying to stop the recently revealed Moriarty, with Joan worrying about Sherlock being past his breaking point and possibly relapsing.

  Okay, let's talk about "Dormiarty" a little bit... I didn't like her. I think she fell flat compared to other Moriartys. It was like she was trying to be like "Harriarty" (Jared Harris's Moriarty), with her trying to make a profit off of the animosity of two nations (gee, sound familiar?). But I think she tried too hard. Her plan, really, was a little convoluted. I mean, I still don't fully understand everything about it beyond 1. Get Grecian to shoot Macedonian, 2. Get the countries ticked off to avoid a name change and join in European Alliance thing, 3. Profit!

 And there were two other things. One, it was revealed that Dormiarty HAS REAL FEELINGS FOR MILLERLOCK!

 WHAT THE HECK!? That is... why!? WHY DOES GIRL MORIARTY HAVE TO HAVE FEELINGS FOR SHERLOCK!?  I mean, come on! This is what we were fearing with girl Watson WITH MORIARTY! I mean, I'll admit to joking about Scottiarty having a stalker crush on Cumberlock, in a tongue in cheek way, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I WANT MORLOCK/SHERIARTY/WHAT EVER YOU CALL IT FOR REAL! Heck, the whole thing almost feels like some strange fanfic!
 Also, in the end, this Moriarty gets arrested. And it seems like she's not going to work the system quite like Scottiarty did. Ahem. WORST! MORIARTY! EVER! I feel awful that I'm saying this about the first female Moriarty. I wanted to like her. Maybe someone else would do better with that idea. I should be used to disappointment from this show.
  But luckily, on the flipside, Joan was once again awesome. She's the one I feel ultimately caught Dormiarty. It was her plan and her seeing that Moriarty had... ugh... feelings for Millerlock. Yes, it's even more official, she's one of the best Watsons ever. How were both of these characters from the same show?
Okay, final thoughts:
  • Favorite parts were pretty much every time Joan was awesome. She was the best thing in these episodes.
  • Canon nod I caught: "Irene's" "captor" being called "Stapleton" (a character from The Hound of the Baskervilles).
  • So, one of Moriarty's employees has the last name of "Proctor"? XD Okay, I need to make a joke few people will probably get: "I SAW ISSAC PROCTOR COMUNNING WITH MORIARTY!"
  • So, the status on this show is Joan>Dormiarty>Millerlock? I'm completely cool with this...
  • Was I the only one getting Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade vibes from Millerlock and "Irene's" date in the catacombs? Heck, it even had a blonde who turned out to be evil and be attracted to the hero!
  • I kinda giggled when Millerlock said narwhals were "The Unicorns of the Sea", seeing as I was thinking of a certain song on the Internet (minor language)...
  • Speaking of giggling at Millerlock, for some reason, I kept snickering at his face at odd times. Either my lack of seeing him as a credible Sherlock has reached a zenith, or this show has finally made me crazy...

  Overall, these were very "eh" episodes. For reals.Moriarty and Irene Adler turned out to not be so great, and while Joan was awesome, she couldn't save the overall episodes. But at least it's over. I want to give a separate post about what I feel about the show as a whole next week (though you probably get the idea, I just want to elaborate on it. Besides, I like to read myself type) but for now, it's all over...

  It's over...

Gifs cannot express my joy... CUE HAPPY MUSIC OF YOUR CHOOSING!


  1. "So, the status on this show is Joan>Dormiarty>Millerlock? I'm completely cool with this..."

    That pretty much sums up the the entire first season!