Saturday, October 11, 2014

Newsy News!

 I am going to do reviews again. Soon. Next Week, hopefully:

 My plans are to review Sherlock Season 3, first.

Then I'm going to review three Supernatural episodes form Season 9:
  • 'Bloodlines" (to discuss how the pilot ultimately failed)
  • "I'm No Angel" (because I need to rip that abomination to shreds myself)
  • "Blade Runners" (I need to squee about this... So much)
As for those reviews of Marvel movies, I'll get to them when I get to them.

Same for the Supernatural recaps. Just not feeling them right now.

And I hope to start reviewing Hannibal episodes after Christmas, since hopefully I'll have the Season 2 DVD by then. Then I may review other shows. (If it's over 13-ish episodes a season, the review will be an overall, with maybe some episodes worth talking about getting individual reviews, if it's 13-ish or less, it'll be episode-by-episode most likely.

 Also, I might do a thing talking about my impressions on Constantine. That show looks pretty promising.