Friday, November 30, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 8 "The Long Fuse"

Well, I got some bad news this week. They probably won't be showing the new season of Sherlock until late 2013-early 2014...

I had to. I just had to...

  *ahem* Got that out of my system. Okay, back to reviewing Elementary.

  Alright, last night's episode was about a bomb going off in the office of a web design company. The bomb's detonator is a pager. But, it turns out that it was an accident it went off now. It was really meant to go off four years ago. And said office held an entirely different company, then. A crisis communications firm. Oh, and there's a subplot about Sherlock and Joan (mostly Joan) trying to find Sherlock a sponsor to take her place when she leaves, so he can enter the next stage of his rehab.

  I gotta say, I liked the in-show continuity nods this episode. Like Sherlock's hatred of bankers was brought up again, and we finally got an explanation for Sherlock's about six TVs on different channels thing. Apparently it's all a memory game for him to keep his head sharp. (Thus explaining his whole "love at first sight" quoting as NOT predicting...)

  And I really liked Millerlock this episode. The memory game thing was cool (oh, and he was also reading a book), and it turned out to come in handy this episode. And he made homemade bombs! And, and... I was just really impressed today.

  Heck, the only issue I had with him was with the part when the woman in charge of the firm, Ms. Heather Van Owen, was flirting with Millerlock. Now, the woman flirting with him I had no problem with (I was kind of laughing); it was just when Millerlock started talking about them having a physical relationship. -_- Yeah, I'm still not crazy about Sherlock with an active sexuality. Again, I'll give Downeylock a pass because it's just Irene Adler for him (and I like their dynamic, as I've said multiple times), and when she was gone, it was no one. But Millerlock... It's still kinda jarring. Eh, maybe I'm nitpicking. Besides, this Millerlockian trait gives me joke fodder...

  I can't say much about Joan this episode. Though she did get one of my favorite lines this episode. Basically, she described a suspect as looking like "a hobo puked another hobo". Oh, Joanie...

  Oh! And Millerlock gave her yet another fake job when he introduced her. This time she was his "consultant/housekeep". I, being the shameless BBC Sherlock fangirl I am, couldn't help but think: "Not your housekeeper!"

 I liked the subplot this episode. It actually addressed the fact that Joan was going to be leaving Millerlock. It was kind of touching, in that you could see that Sherlock seemed sad that Joan was going to be leaving soon. And I liked that. And you could see that Joan wanted to make sure Millerlock was going to be alright when she's gone. It was sweet. Even if whenever Joan said "I'm gonna be out of your life in a few weeks..." I was saying, all sing-song:

WHOO! I got a WhoAvengerLock set of Gifs this review!

  Also, I think I wouldn't mind seeing Alfredo, the guy Millerlock chose as his sponsor, again. He seems like an alright character.

  Now, on to the case. I really liked this case. I got into this one a little more than most of the others. Heck, I even actually tried to guess this time! (And I was right, in case you were wondering...)

  Okay, last minute thoughts:
 -I think the pacing was different this episode. I think I liked it this way.

 -Finally! I learned something from this show again! I learned that the fuel source of a bomb atomizes when it 'splodes! :D

  -"Yellow Sponge Man" is the best nickname for Spongebob ever. Thank you, Millerlock.

 -Some of my favorite scenes/lines were the aforementioned memory thing and the "hobo" line. There was another line I liked, but I can't really explain it without possibly giving something away.


  Overall, I really liked this episode. I think it was the most solid episode so far. And it had more things I liked about it. I was more invested. It's definitely a contender for my favorite episode. This is kind of what I was hoping for with this show. So what if I'll have to wait over a year for the next season of Sherlock? Or at least two years for the next Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr.? If they can at least keep these episodes at this quality (and do better) from this point on, I think I'll be alright...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Thank-You Notes 2012

  Last year at Thanksgiving, I wrote some "thank you" notes (in the style of  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon). So this year, I'm going to do it again! And boy, do I have a lot of people to thank!

*Que Thank You Note Music*

Thank You, Joss Whedon,

For for making the BEST. SUPERHERO MOVIE. EVER.


Loveable Freak

Thank You, "Final Act" from Sherlock's Soundtrack,
For keeping me sane while fighting freaking Young Xehenort in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. I could've killed someone if not for you!

Loveable Freak

Thank You, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance,

For making me a fan of Riku.


Loveable Freak

Thank You, Skepkitty,

For doing your blog, The Half-World. It's always entertaining to read your MSTs.


Loveable Freak

Thank You, Sherlock,

For finally convincing me to read the books, and subsequently making me a Sherlockian.


Loveable Freak

Thank You, Robert Downey Jr.,

For being awesome. 'Nuff said.


Loveable Freak

Thank You, Guy Ritchie,

For making one of the best movie series EVER!


Loveable Freak

Thank You, Hans Zimmer,

For being a fantastic composer!


Loveable Freak

Thank You, Joan Watson/Lucy Liu,

For being awesome!


Loveable Freak

Thank You, Christopher Eccleston,

For being my favorite Doctor. You, sir, are fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.


Loveable Freak

Thank You, Steven Moffat,

For writing both my favorite Doctor Who episodes and favorite Sherlock episode.


Loveable Freak

Thank You, Neil Gaiman,

For being a fantastic writer.


Loveable Freak

Thank You, Mark Gatiss,

For writing my second favorite Sherlock episode, and being Mycroft.


Loveable Freak
Thank You, Jude Law,

For setting my Watson standards, and just being neat.


Loveable Freak
Thank You, Martin Freeman,

For RIPPING MY HEART OUT IN "THE REICHENBACH FALL"! ...Oh, and being charming...


Loveable Freak
Thank You, Benedict Cumberbatch,

For being wonderful. 

Loveable Freak
Thank You, buddy2blogger,

For being the closest thing to a regular I have here, following my blog, and reading my Sherlock posts.


Loveable Freak
Thank You, UnicornSlayer,

For reading and commenting on that fanfic of mine. And encouraging my use of gifs. And following me.


Loveable Freak
Thank You, Lythium33,

For the commenting conversation on the end of the world. It was really fun talking to you. Oh, and for following me!


Loveable Freak

Thank You, Anonymous (however many people you are),

For the comments. Especially my old friend who I know is (one of the) anon(s). I miss you!


Loveable Freak
Thank You, Insane Guy of DOOM,

For killing me off spectacularly in that trollfic of yours! That made my life!


Loveable Freak
Thank You, ASBuisnessMagnet,

For actually commenting here. And the shout-out and cameo in your fanfics!


Loveable Freak

Thank You, TROXA and xion-puppet,

For more or less reassuring me that my Xion-defending post wasn't a terrible rant-y thing to post after all...


Loveable Freak
Thank You, abby.spiaggi, OGO, and Neelam Ali,

For following this little blog of mine.


Loveable Freak

Thank You, My Family and Friends,

For being wonderful family and friends. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to be in my life.


Loveable Freak


Thank You, All My Readers I Failed To Mention Earlier,

For taking the time to read my ramblings, ravings, and rantings (oh my!).

I appreciate you guys.


Loveable Freak

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Enjoy your holiday, however you celebrate...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Loveable Freak Discusses Elementary (After Actually Watching at Least Seven Episodes)

  Well, I'm pretty sure with Thursday being Thanksgiving, there will be no Elementary. Thus, no review on Friday. (That's okay, because I have another post planned for Thursday, anyway.) So, I've decided, to fill my weekly "Go on and on about something Sherlockian" quota, to discuss my feelings about Elementary. So far, that is...

  Now, I admit, I was a little... skeptical when it came to this show. I wasn't a full-on member of the "Pressed Sherlock Fandom" (apparently that is the proper term for the Sherlock fandom members who blindly hate this show, mostly because "Ermahgersh, It's a Sherlock rip-off!" or "Ermahgersh, Watson's a woman!"), but there were things I was hesitant about. But, I tried to keep an open mind. Besides, there were things that showed potential.

  And I'm glad I tried it.

  But, I'm going to break down my thoughts on certain elements:


  Millerlock has been sort of a work-in-progress for me. For a good chunk of the show so far, he's been a little unsure of what direction he wants to go. Does he want to be All-New, All-Different? Does he want to be like Downeylock and Cumberlock? But he's settled into the role pretty well by now.

  I think he's a decent Sherlock so far. Yeah, I had/have a few nitpicks with him. And, yes, in these little humor comics I draw about the different Sherlocks and their various supporting casts (often interacting with each other), he got picked on a lot before I watched the show. But, Some of those things have grown on me. Like the T-Shirts and waistcoats. Plus, I've found some of the things he does I don't normally associate with Holmes to be good joke fodder. (Besides, it gives him distinction). And, I do still tease him in my comics, but it's a bit more loving. ;)

  And who knows? While right now, I may not love him like I do Downeylock or Cumberlock, I might in time...


  Oh, my gosh, where to begin with Joanie? She was the thing I was most worried about with this show. I wanted her to be awesome, but I wasn't sure if it would work out. I worried about the dynamic and such, etc., etc...

  Then I saw the pilot, and I was like: "Okay, she's alright. Not horrible..."

  THEN I saw "Lesser Evils", and all fears and hesitations were zapped.

  JOAN. IS. AWESOME! I absolutely adore her now. She's brilliant! She's fantastic. She is wonderful, like rainbows laid by unicorns in the dreams of small children!

....No, I have no idea what I just said in that last sentence...

  On this one Tumblr I sort of look at, ONLY FOR THE PRESSED (which is dedicated to pointing out the irrationality and stupidity of The Pressed Sherlock Fandom, and praising Elementary), the person in-charge often refers to Joan Watson/Lucy Liu as a goddess. While I wouldn't go that far, I think that's pretty close.

 (And no, I still don't have a Tumblr. For the same reasons I've stated before: dang it I have Pintrest, It'd consume my "life" (whatever that is), and the potential to see something that'd leave me asking:
I made this gif mahself! I'm very proud...

  Well, not much more to say about Joan except:
Come at me, Pressed Sherlock Fandom!


  The supporting cast is pretty good, too. I really like Gregson. I think the "he's originally form America" thing was a good idea, and could be used as a reasonable excuse for why he didn't appear as much in the Canon (though I do have another theory). And Detective Bell is pretty good, too. I certainly prefer him to the other detective in the pilot, who was pretty forgettable.


  The cases are alright. I have to give the show credit for coming up with original cases. Though I felt some of the earlier ones were a little more interesting. The antagonists are all right, too, but the third episode's was the best so far.

  Overall, I like the show. I may not have a definite favorite, but I often can find something I really like in an episode (Joan in "Lesser Evils", the relationship developments in "The Rat Race", The villain in "Child Predator", etc.) I could kind of compare it to my feelings towards the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz: I certain things about it. It still has a lot of potential.

 And who knows? Maybe now that everything's settled, it can really live up to it's full potential.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 7 "One Way To Get Off"

 Well, yesterday's episode filled me with sad dissapointment...

  Oh, it wasn't that the episode was bad, it was another decent one, but there was one little thing that I'll talk about later.

  So, there's, what else?, a serial killer on the loose, and his trademarks are suspiciously similar to that of a killer Gregson arrested years ago. Did Gregson get the wrong man? And, worse, did Gregson set the man up by planting evidence?

 ...Oh, and things are awkward over in...erm... the brownstone, (I'm pretty sure by now that it's not my beloved 221B Baker Street), since Joan wants to know about Irene, and Millerlock refuses to share about her.

  Okay, Millerlock did some stuff I liked. One was when he took a wrench to a door lock and saved a woman. And I was pleased to see Millerlock FINALLY do some science! And I thought the conflict he had this episode was interesting. Someone he respects is possibly responsible for a set-up.

  As for Joan, she spent most the episode involved in her own subplot, trying to get more information on Irene Adler from Millerlock's rehab center. This leads her to some letters, but she restrains herself from reading them, instead giving them to Millerlock (who kills them in the blender). While I am disappointed that we never saw/heard their contents (especially later), I admire her resistance.

  The twist involving the case was unexpected. It wasn't like it came out of nowhere, it was clever. I didn't see it coming.

  Now, by now you're wondering: "so what got you sad, Freak?" Well, it involves Irene (and is a mild spoiler).

 Irene Adler is dead. Before the events of the show.


  Elementary got my hopes up! I was excited to see her! I was hoping she'd be awesome, and everything Sherlock!Adler wasn't! But I have to wonder: did Moriarty kill this one, too?

  But one thing I noticed was Millerlock simply said that they were "close". Could this be an adaptation (that I've seen so far) where Adler & Holmes weren't romantically involved/intrested in each other? :O

  Okay, last minute thoughts:

  -Yay! More Millerlock accents!

  -I noticed a possible shout out to the Canon. There was a hidden compartment Millerlock found under some floorboards, under a rug. This seemed like it was a nod to "The Adventure of the Second Stain".

  -Cumberlock may have his homeless network, but I think Millerlock's showing signs of having a BEEKEEPING Network. ;)

  -My favorite scenes were when we found out Millerlock's ringtone is the song from Psycho, and when he suddenly throws a ball at a suspect to prove his innocence (it makes sense in context).

  So, yeah, aside from learning one of my favorite characters is dead, it was a decent episode. So, dear reader, I leave you with this question: ELEMENTARY AND SHERLOCK HOLMES MOVIES: Y U NO LET IRENE ADLER LIVE!?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 6 "Flight Risk"

  I apologize in advance if this review isn't as good as the others. I was really tired last night.

  Oh, and I may have a few minor spoilers. Two aren't that big, and the other one's kicking off a subplot in the next week's episode, so I don't feel so bad about that. I'm still not going to tell you who committed the crime or anything, it's just so I can talk about some more things, is all.

  Anyway, Holmes discovers via police scanner that there has been a plane crash, and he and Watson go to investigate. Holmes then discovers that there was a murder prior to the doomed flight, and the plane had been sabotaged. Also, we deal with more of Holmes's daddy issues and Joan wanting to get to know more about Holmes's life before rehab.

  Okay, first of all, I totally approve of Millerlock having a police scanner. I think it makes sense, especially when it comes to him fighting boredom and mental stagnation. Just check the police scanner, something horrible must be happening.  It's an advantage he has over his fellow Modern Holmes counterpart, Cumberlock, who I don't think has one as far as I can remember (though that version has non-law enforcement clients, so I guess it evens out).

  Also, we learn he has anxiety when it comes to flying in planes. Personally, my money was on it being something like his mother died in a plane crash, what with this episode bringing up Millerlock's daddy issues. Then my pessimistic side wondered if it was Mycroft, at which point I was prepared to get mad.

  But no, it wasn't anymore familial issues. 'Twas just his hyper-analytical skills catching every little thing that makes him not like flying. And that totally makes sense. I can believe that. It reminds of Downeylock's line about his curse being that he sees everything. I applaud that.

  As for Daddy Holmes, we never see him. On one hand, I'm okay with that. I think it would take some of the mystery away if we saw him. (And the fact it's weird, when you picture an unseen character everyone talks about one way, but they look totally different than how you thought of them.) But on the other hand, I want to see who was partially responsible for bringing this Sherlock into the world.

  I don't have a firm picture of how Daddy Holmes looks (just that it wasn't what the red herring looked like), but I do have a "for hilarious meta humor" casting: Hugh Laurie. Why? Because 1) He played Dr. House, a character based largely on Sherlock Holmes. (Plus, that would be a bit hilarious, since House had a vicodin problem, I can just picture the "Dad, you vicodin-popping hypocrite!" pictures...). And there was a pretty well-edited video on YouTube portraying House as Cumeberlock's dad (relying also on clips of a show the two actors were on called Fortysomething). But, I'm not fully attached to it. Anyway, I'm off on a tangent.

  Joan was fantastic as always. Awesome Watson is awesome. 'Nuff said.

  Kind of disappointed in the mystery. I had I hard time following it. But, again, I was drowsy as heck, so that could've been a part of it. And I think the villain of "Child Predator" kind of spoiled me as far as antagonists on this show go. I need that guy, someone as good, or Moriarty himself! Please?

  And the final thing I really want to talk about is the semi-cliffhanger/ hook for next week's subplot. During Joan's digging into Sherlock's past, she learns from one of his friends about a name he said when he was dangerously high one time. The woman who possibly set forth the chain of events that brought Holmes and Watson together this time around.


 Irene Adler.

  My jaw dropped a little. We're possibly getting another canon character? And so soon? And it's one of my favorite characters? Yes, please!  I'm really optimistic about new Adler. I'm just hoping I like her better than Pulver!Adler (but that will be another review). C'mon, Elementary people! Don't you dare mess this up for me like Moffat did!

...And that's about all I had to say. No real standout scenes, 'cept the one where Joan knows something Sherlock didn't and corrects him. Again, this one had problems holding my attention, but I was tired. But, the promise of a shiny new Adler  in the not to distant future, Some Thursday AD, made this worth it. :)

 That is all.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 5 "Lesser Evils"

  Last night's episode had Holmes and Watson investigating the murders of nine patients at a hospital, with 23 doctors as potential suspects. Oh, and did I mention this is also the hospital that Watson was once employed to? No? Well, it is.

  I'm just going to say it; this was absolutely Joan's episode, so to speak. It was her episode to shine and get the spotlight. It was fantastic to see her using her medical knowledge again, and getting more insight into her character. For example, we learn she wasn't fired as a surgeon, she quit due to her shaken confidence. And it was cool to see more of the sports fan in her. Millerlock said to Joan this episode, quote, "I enjoyed watching you in your former element." And well, I agree with him! I really hope at some point in the series she decides to go back to the medical field. Hey, maybe her trying to go back could be used to justify her staying with Holmes after the whole "sober companion for six weeks"-thingy is done! :D

  Not much to say about Millerlock this episode. I think he's settled down on what he's like... But, again, this episode (to me) was more about Joan, so there's not much I have to comment on about MIllerlock this time around.

  I was a little disappointed with the mystery. Mostly because it sounded interesting (and potentially creepy) when I read the brief summary when I looked up the title on Wikipedia. It didn't meet my expectations. The killer was kind of a well-intentioned one, and I could see what he was trying to do. There was also a minor twist involving another character introduced this episode. That twist disappointed me, but only because I liked that character involved.

  Okay, final comments:

  • The scene with Millerlock and the janitor in the elevator was pretty hilarious. Especially the end of it.
  • I loved Millerlock's comment on sushi. It summarizes how I feel about it. (Weird, how we're almost on the same page on some things this episode) 
  • I also liked the fact they made a nod to Sherlock's bee-keeping again.
  • The part where Millerlock is beating up the corpses could possibly be a nod to A Study in Scarlet (I believe), where it's mentioned he's been seen beating a corpse.
  • It was driving me crazy last night trying to figure out where I'd seen the name Anika Noni Rose before. (She played Joan's old friend Dr. Carrie Dwyer this episode). Then I realized she had been the voice of Tiana in The Princess and the Frog... I then proceeded to laugh at my Disney nerdiness...
  Overall, another decent episode, but it could've been better. And Joan Watson is awesome. That is all.