Friday, November 9, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 6 "Flight Risk"

  I apologize in advance if this review isn't as good as the others. I was really tired last night.

  Oh, and I may have a few minor spoilers. Two aren't that big, and the other one's kicking off a subplot in the next week's episode, so I don't feel so bad about that. I'm still not going to tell you who committed the crime or anything, it's just so I can talk about some more things, is all.

  Anyway, Holmes discovers via police scanner that there has been a plane crash, and he and Watson go to investigate. Holmes then discovers that there was a murder prior to the doomed flight, and the plane had been sabotaged. Also, we deal with more of Holmes's daddy issues and Joan wanting to get to know more about Holmes's life before rehab.

  Okay, first of all, I totally approve of Millerlock having a police scanner. I think it makes sense, especially when it comes to him fighting boredom and mental stagnation. Just check the police scanner, something horrible must be happening.  It's an advantage he has over his fellow Modern Holmes counterpart, Cumberlock, who I don't think has one as far as I can remember (though that version has non-law enforcement clients, so I guess it evens out).

  Also, we learn he has anxiety when it comes to flying in planes. Personally, my money was on it being something like his mother died in a plane crash, what with this episode bringing up Millerlock's daddy issues. Then my pessimistic side wondered if it was Mycroft, at which point I was prepared to get mad.

  But no, it wasn't anymore familial issues. 'Twas just his hyper-analytical skills catching every little thing that makes him not like flying. And that totally makes sense. I can believe that. It reminds of Downeylock's line about his curse being that he sees everything. I applaud that.

  As for Daddy Holmes, we never see him. On one hand, I'm okay with that. I think it would take some of the mystery away if we saw him. (And the fact it's weird, when you picture an unseen character everyone talks about one way, but they look totally different than how you thought of them.) But on the other hand, I want to see who was partially responsible for bringing this Sherlock into the world.

  I don't have a firm picture of how Daddy Holmes looks (just that it wasn't what the red herring looked like), but I do have a "for hilarious meta humor" casting: Hugh Laurie. Why? Because 1) He played Dr. House, a character based largely on Sherlock Holmes. (Plus, that would be a bit hilarious, since House had a vicodin problem, I can just picture the "Dad, you vicodin-popping hypocrite!" pictures...). And there was a pretty well-edited video on YouTube portraying House as Cumeberlock's dad (relying also on clips of a show the two actors were on called Fortysomething). But, I'm not fully attached to it. Anyway, I'm off on a tangent.

  Joan was fantastic as always. Awesome Watson is awesome. 'Nuff said.

  Kind of disappointed in the mystery. I had I hard time following it. But, again, I was drowsy as heck, so that could've been a part of it. And I think the villain of "Child Predator" kind of spoiled me as far as antagonists on this show go. I need that guy, someone as good, or Moriarty himself! Please?

  And the final thing I really want to talk about is the semi-cliffhanger/ hook for next week's subplot. During Joan's digging into Sherlock's past, she learns from one of his friends about a name he said when he was dangerously high one time. The woman who possibly set forth the chain of events that brought Holmes and Watson together this time around.


 Irene Adler.

  My jaw dropped a little. We're possibly getting another canon character? And so soon? And it's one of my favorite characters? Yes, please!  I'm really optimistic about new Adler. I'm just hoping I like her better than Pulver!Adler (but that will be another review). C'mon, Elementary people! Don't you dare mess this up for me like Moffat did!

...And that's about all I had to say. No real standout scenes, 'cept the one where Joan knows something Sherlock didn't and corrects him. Again, this one had problems holding my attention, but I was tired. But, the promise of a shiny new Adler  in the not to distant future, Some Thursday AD, made this worth it. :)

 That is all.


  1. Loved the reference to 'Game of Shadows' and the casting choice of Hugh Laurie. The latter would be a great gag!

    I love Miller's performance in this episode. He is shaping up to be a great Sherlock :)

    1. Thanks!

      And I'm glad he's doing better, too.