Friday, November 2, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 5 "Lesser Evils"

  Last night's episode had Holmes and Watson investigating the murders of nine patients at a hospital, with 23 doctors as potential suspects. Oh, and did I mention this is also the hospital that Watson was once employed to? No? Well, it is.

  I'm just going to say it; this was absolutely Joan's episode, so to speak. It was her episode to shine and get the spotlight. It was fantastic to see her using her medical knowledge again, and getting more insight into her character. For example, we learn she wasn't fired as a surgeon, she quit due to her shaken confidence. And it was cool to see more of the sports fan in her. Millerlock said to Joan this episode, quote, "I enjoyed watching you in your former element." And well, I agree with him! I really hope at some point in the series she decides to go back to the medical field. Hey, maybe her trying to go back could be used to justify her staying with Holmes after the whole "sober companion for six weeks"-thingy is done! :D

  Not much to say about Millerlock this episode. I think he's settled down on what he's like... But, again, this episode (to me) was more about Joan, so there's not much I have to comment on about MIllerlock this time around.

  I was a little disappointed with the mystery. Mostly because it sounded interesting (and potentially creepy) when I read the brief summary when I looked up the title on Wikipedia. It didn't meet my expectations. The killer was kind of a well-intentioned one, and I could see what he was trying to do. There was also a minor twist involving another character introduced this episode. That twist disappointed me, but only because I liked that character involved.

  Okay, final comments:

  • The scene with Millerlock and the janitor in the elevator was pretty hilarious. Especially the end of it.
  • I loved Millerlock's comment on sushi. It summarizes how I feel about it. (Weird, how we're almost on the same page on some things this episode) 
  • I also liked the fact they made a nod to Sherlock's bee-keeping again.
  • The part where Millerlock is beating up the corpses could possibly be a nod to A Study in Scarlet (I believe), where it's mentioned he's been seen beating a corpse.
  • It was driving me crazy last night trying to figure out where I'd seen the name Anika Noni Rose before. (She played Joan's old friend Dr. Carrie Dwyer this episode). Then I realized she had been the voice of Tiana in The Princess and the Frog... I then proceeded to laugh at my Disney nerdiness...
  Overall, another decent episode, but it could've been better. And Joan Watson is awesome. That is all.