Friday, October 26, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 4 "The Rat Race"

  Alright. New episode of Elementary last night. Let's get right to it...

  At Wall Street, a COO has disappeared, and Holmes, much to his chagrin, has been hired by his co-workers to find him. He's found dead of an overdose. Holmes suspects foul play, and discovers a string of seemingly unconnected murders within the firm and it's branches. But it seems like Holmes is in for more than he bargained for...

  This episode actually starts in media res, with Joan Watson desperately going to Gregson for help. Holmes has gone missing on a case, and fears that Holmes's gotten high. This requires her to tell him the truth about their relationship (that's she's helping him rehabilitate from drugs). Then it cuts back two days earlier, to when this case began. It was an interesting change of pace.

  Millerlock seemed a little better. Though he seemed to be extra-snarky this episode. Though, since we learned this episode he hates stock market people, that might be why. Though he did do some impressive things this episode.  I liked hearing him do a New York accent, and speaking Mandarin. Plus, there was when he got free and subdued his captor. That was admittedly impressive.

  Also, we learned the drug that got Millerlock into rehab in the first place was heroin. I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't cocaine, but I'll live. And, I get the sense from the ending, when he's telling Joan about the downfalls of being good at deduction, that Millerlock's a bit more self-loathing than the others.

  As for Joan, we got to see her try dating again. It seemed like everyone was meddling with her love life. Her friend, Millerlock (which I find hilarious, when I take into account how the other two Sherlock's I know fairly well deal with their Watson's relationships). I, frankly, didn't care much for the guy of the week, mostly for the same reason I don't get too attached to most of John Watson's love interests in Sherlock: "Is it Mary Morstan or some variant thereof? No? Don't care, not my one true pairing!" But, I did like how she was showing better signs of deductive skill.

  I love how Millerlock and Joan's relationship is improving. You can definitely see they're starting to genuinely care about each other. And I mean more than "you're my client/you're my sober companion", it's starting to be more friendship, I think. Which is good, because that was a complaint I had with "While You Were Sleeping". So yeah, I liked the relationship development here.

  Also, I liked the conversation Gregson and Millerlock have towards the end, too. They discuss the fact Holmes didn't tell him he was a recovering addict, and it was sort of heartwarming. I'm thinking I'll like Gregson here...

  But the last thing I have to go on about is the case. Honestly, it wasn't as interesting. It just wasn't. The villain was alright, but they were no Moriarty. And they definitely couldn't top last week's antagonist. But they were clever. And something about the inconspicuousness of the killer reminded me of the one from A Study in Scarlet. But it wasn't as good as the last three.

  Last minute thoughts:
  •   So, turns out Millerlock luvs 2 use d abbrivs when he's txting. (It saves him time) IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) It did serve as a nice Chekhov's... Character Trait? IDK What to call it.
  •  Sweet, Joan's been promoted from "Valet" to "Bodyguard" in Millerlock's lies!
  •  Well, what interesting thing I learned is... erm... I didn't learn anything! Except for another (interesting) word for prostitute, from (who else?) Millerlock... But I don't think the term "slappper" will ever come in handy, so...
  • My favorite scenes were the one with Gregson and Holmes, the lunch at the fancy restaurant scene, and I liked Millerlock's blunt deductions of the board.
  I have to say, this episode was kind of lackluster to me. I liked the relationship stuff, but there really wasn't much else. The case wasn't as interesting as the past ones. And unlike last week's, which I thought wasn't so good until the end (thanks to it's villain), it was pretty "eh". But, I'm still hoping for more improvement.

  And, now that I think about it, I didn't like "The Blind Banker" episode of Sherlock that much, either. Hmm... Maybe careers in money and Sherlock Holmes don't mix well to me. (I'll have to keep that in mind...)

  Oh! And I found the opening sequence to the show on YouTube, finally! I'll just have it play me out!


  1. Nice points about Holmes and Watson improving their relationship and Holmes being more snarky.

    I too did not like 'The Blind Banker' episode as much as I did 'A Study in Pink' or 'The Hounds of Baskerville' :)

    1. I agree about the Sherlock episodes. Those two are my favorites, too! :)