Friday, October 19, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary Episode 3: "Child Predator"

  Well, back to usual. So long, A Game of Shadows; hello again, Elementary.

  So yesterday's episode sort of mixed it up a little. It wasn't just a (serial) killer, this time, but a serial child abductor! I'm glad they (sort of) changed it up. Mostly because in the original stories, Holmes didn't just deal with murders. There was blackmail, abduction, theft, sometimes just "something that seems sinister is afoot, I heard you're brilliant, Holmes, so help me!", and etc. But I'm going off on a tangent.

   Anyway, a kidnapper called "The Balloon Man" (so called for his signature move of leaving his victims' families a bunch of "Thank You" balloons after kidnapping the children) has abducted and killed children since 2005 and just taken his most recent victim. Naturally, Holmes is called in to help solve the case. But, DUN DUN DUN! The first victim, Adam (hmm... the first male victim's name is Adam... symbolism?) is alive! But appears to have a dependence on his kidnapper...

  Anyway, let's start with the antagonist this episode. I kind of liked our antagonist this episode. First of all, the idea of the Balloon Man is creepy. But I have to admit, the "leaving balloons for your victim's family" thing is kind of a cool creepy. It reminds me of this character I liked (and felt was sadly underused) from the Alex Rider series; an assassin named The Gentleman, who sends flowers to the families of the people he's paid to kill. But anyway, the villain in this episode is awesome. Bit of a psychopath, but awesome (hey, I like psychopaths). I'd even, dare I say it, compare him to Moriarty! That's what he was, a pseudo-Moriarty. In fact, I almost thought there was a moment where they were going to reveal Moriarty to be the mastermind behind it all. Also, there was a moment where I felt bad for our villain. THAT'S HOW GOOD HE WAS! I'll admit, I wouldn't mind seeing this guy again in future episodes...

  Millerlock once again sort of shifted how he is. He toned down the Cumberlock and Downeylock moments here. I'm hoping he's finally settled down on what he's like. Mostly because I want to see him do something to really impress me. He hasn't done much in the way "wow" yet (the closest being his (Holmes') acting/plan in "While You Were Sleeping"). But I've been too busy trying to place him and figure out if I like him or not. (Unlike the other two, who I liked right off the bat and was "wow"ed by) For the love of Conan Doyle, Millerlock! Settle down on what you're like! All I know for sure about your personality is that you're snarky and a "jerk with a heart of gold" (as TV Tropes puts it)! Consistency, man! CONSISTENCY!

  But, on the bright side, he showed another "classic Holmes" trait, the "being so focused he doesn't bother to eat or sleep until the case is solved" trait! Yay!

  Joan didn't really bring much this time. But then again, as far as Millerlock was concerned, her job this time was to listen or just make "white noise" while he talked. But I did like how she at least tried to help Millerlock however she could/he'd let her.

 Okay, last minute thoughts/notes:
  • Millerlock apparently has daddy issues. I get the feeling they'll bring this up more...
  • I think Millerlock and Joan are starting to get along better. Hooray! It's about time!
  • Millerlock sure lies a lot. Hmm... Maybe he is going to end up being the equivalent of The Eleventh Doctor... After all, Rule #1 is The Doctor lies...
  • Hey! Millerlock has a bust he used to carry around to talk to before Joan (named "Angus", I think). Why is it that I could already hear the BBC Sherlock fans who automatically hate this show crying "PLAGIARISM! You ripped off the idea of Sherlock's Skull! A pox on you!"?
  • One last thing on Millerlock, apparently also got random people to listen to him talk, including the "occasional prostitute". WHAT IS IT WITH YOU AND PROSTITUTES, MILLERLOCK? First there was you and that one in the first episode... GAH! I'm not going back there! But, I will admit, that (the mentioned use this episode) is the one of the few times I'm okay with the words "Sherlock Holmes hired a prostitute to" in a sentence. (Wow... that is probably the most times you'll ever see me use that word on this blog. Congrats..)
  • This episode's "thing I didn't know that I've now learned" is how to tell when a wine bottle's been bought (but seeing as I don't drink, this probably will never be of use to me). And apparently, squats help you stay awake.
  • My favorite scene is when Joan teaches Millerlock her method of staying awake back in medical school. Mostly for her line when she tries to convince him she's not crazy ("I was valedictorian. Just sayin'...."). And Millerlock's face just sells it! You can tell he's thinking, "Watson. What, what, what are doing? You are insane." (Honorable mention has to go to the "time to sleep" scene, for seeing Millerlock go from "we can solve at least six more cases!" to sleeping like a baby.) 

  Overall, I don't think this one was quite my favorite. I didn't feel it quite sucked me in. At least, not until the end. The most memorable thing, though, was the villain, who made the the last half interesting, at least. And that's all I have to say about that.


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