Friday, November 16, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 7 "One Way To Get Off"

 Well, yesterday's episode filled me with sad dissapointment...

  Oh, it wasn't that the episode was bad, it was another decent one, but there was one little thing that I'll talk about later.

  So, there's, what else?, a serial killer on the loose, and his trademarks are suspiciously similar to that of a killer Gregson arrested years ago. Did Gregson get the wrong man? And, worse, did Gregson set the man up by planting evidence?

 ...Oh, and things are awkward over in...erm... the brownstone, (I'm pretty sure by now that it's not my beloved 221B Baker Street), since Joan wants to know about Irene, and Millerlock refuses to share about her.

  Okay, Millerlock did some stuff I liked. One was when he took a wrench to a door lock and saved a woman. And I was pleased to see Millerlock FINALLY do some science! And I thought the conflict he had this episode was interesting. Someone he respects is possibly responsible for a set-up.

  As for Joan, she spent most the episode involved in her own subplot, trying to get more information on Irene Adler from Millerlock's rehab center. This leads her to some letters, but she restrains herself from reading them, instead giving them to Millerlock (who kills them in the blender). While I am disappointed that we never saw/heard their contents (especially later), I admire her resistance.

  The twist involving the case was unexpected. It wasn't like it came out of nowhere, it was clever. I didn't see it coming.

  Now, by now you're wondering: "so what got you sad, Freak?" Well, it involves Irene (and is a mild spoiler).

 Irene Adler is dead. Before the events of the show.


  Elementary got my hopes up! I was excited to see her! I was hoping she'd be awesome, and everything Sherlock!Adler wasn't! But I have to wonder: did Moriarty kill this one, too?

  But one thing I noticed was Millerlock simply said that they were "close". Could this be an adaptation (that I've seen so far) where Adler & Holmes weren't romantically involved/intrested in each other? :O

  Okay, last minute thoughts:

  -Yay! More Millerlock accents!

  -I noticed a possible shout out to the Canon. There was a hidden compartment Millerlock found under some floorboards, under a rug. This seemed like it was a nod to "The Adventure of the Second Stain".

  -Cumberlock may have his homeless network, but I think Millerlock's showing signs of having a BEEKEEPING Network. ;)

  -My favorite scenes were when we found out Millerlock's ringtone is the song from Psycho, and when he suddenly throws a ball at a suspect to prove his innocence (it makes sense in context).

  So, yeah, aside from learning one of my favorite characters is dead, it was a decent episode. So, dear reader, I leave you with this question: ELEMENTARY AND SHERLOCK HOLMES MOVIES: Y U NO LET IRENE ADLER LIVE!?


  1. Great catch about the nod to 'The Adventure of the Second Stain'. I too loved the ringtone from Psycho.

    Just FYI - the last pic is not being displayed properly...


    1. Thank you! Luckily, I had just read that story, so it was great timing!

      And thank you for letting me know about the picture. I tried something different with that picture than the others, so I probably won't do it again...

    2. From what you have read so far, what are your favorite short stories and novels.

      My favorites are 'Silver Blaze' and 'The Valley of Fear'.


    3. Let's see, I like "A Scandal in Boheimia", The Sign of Four, "The Copper Beeches", and "Charles Augustus Milverton" was pretty good, too. (I'm just about to read The Valley of Fear, I'm excited!)

    4. Okay, I edited the review so that the picture's not there. (It wasn't worth the trouble to have it...)