Sunday, November 18, 2012

Loveable Freak Discusses Elementary (After Actually Watching at Least Seven Episodes)

  Well, I'm pretty sure with Thursday being Thanksgiving, there will be no Elementary. Thus, no review on Friday. (That's okay, because I have another post planned for Thursday, anyway.) So, I've decided, to fill my weekly "Go on and on about something Sherlockian" quota, to discuss my feelings about Elementary. So far, that is...

  Now, I admit, I was a little... skeptical when it came to this show. I wasn't a full-on member of the "Pressed Sherlock Fandom" (apparently that is the proper term for the Sherlock fandom members who blindly hate this show, mostly because "Ermahgersh, It's a Sherlock rip-off!" or "Ermahgersh, Watson's a woman!"), but there were things I was hesitant about. But, I tried to keep an open mind. Besides, there were things that showed potential.

  And I'm glad I tried it.

  But, I'm going to break down my thoughts on certain elements:


  Millerlock has been sort of a work-in-progress for me. For a good chunk of the show so far, he's been a little unsure of what direction he wants to go. Does he want to be All-New, All-Different? Does he want to be like Downeylock and Cumberlock? But he's settled into the role pretty well by now.

  I think he's a decent Sherlock so far. Yeah, I had/have a few nitpicks with him. And, yes, in these little humor comics I draw about the different Sherlocks and their various supporting casts (often interacting with each other), he got picked on a lot before I watched the show. But, Some of those things have grown on me. Like the T-Shirts and waistcoats. Plus, I've found some of the things he does I don't normally associate with Holmes to be good joke fodder. (Besides, it gives him distinction). And, I do still tease him in my comics, but it's a bit more loving. ;)

  And who knows? While right now, I may not love him like I do Downeylock or Cumberlock, I might in time...


  Oh, my gosh, where to begin with Joanie? She was the thing I was most worried about with this show. I wanted her to be awesome, but I wasn't sure if it would work out. I worried about the dynamic and such, etc., etc...

  Then I saw the pilot, and I was like: "Okay, she's alright. Not horrible..."

  THEN I saw "Lesser Evils", and all fears and hesitations were zapped.

  JOAN. IS. AWESOME! I absolutely adore her now. She's brilliant! She's fantastic. She is wonderful, like rainbows laid by unicorns in the dreams of small children!

....No, I have no idea what I just said in that last sentence...

  On this one Tumblr I sort of look at, ONLY FOR THE PRESSED (which is dedicated to pointing out the irrationality and stupidity of The Pressed Sherlock Fandom, and praising Elementary), the person in-charge often refers to Joan Watson/Lucy Liu as a goddess. While I wouldn't go that far, I think that's pretty close.

 (And no, I still don't have a Tumblr. For the same reasons I've stated before: dang it I have Pintrest, It'd consume my "life" (whatever that is), and the potential to see something that'd leave me asking:
I made this gif mahself! I'm very proud...

  Well, not much more to say about Joan except:
Come at me, Pressed Sherlock Fandom!


  The supporting cast is pretty good, too. I really like Gregson. I think the "he's originally form America" thing was a good idea, and could be used as a reasonable excuse for why he didn't appear as much in the Canon (though I do have another theory). And Detective Bell is pretty good, too. I certainly prefer him to the other detective in the pilot, who was pretty forgettable.


  The cases are alright. I have to give the show credit for coming up with original cases. Though I felt some of the earlier ones were a little more interesting. The antagonists are all right, too, but the third episode's was the best so far.

  Overall, I like the show. I may not have a definite favorite, but I often can find something I really like in an episode (Joan in "Lesser Evils", the relationship developments in "The Rat Race", The villain in "Child Predator", etc.) I could kind of compare it to my feelings towards the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz: I certain things about it. It still has a lot of potential.

 And who knows? Maybe now that everything's settled, it can really live up to it's full potential.


  1. Nice post. I love Lucy's pic.

    To your list of favorite episodes, I would also add 'Flight Risk' for Miller :)