Friday, November 30, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 8 "The Long Fuse"

Well, I got some bad news this week. They probably won't be showing the new season of Sherlock until late 2013-early 2014...

I had to. I just had to...

  *ahem* Got that out of my system. Okay, back to reviewing Elementary.

  Alright, last night's episode was about a bomb going off in the office of a web design company. The bomb's detonator is a pager. But, it turns out that it was an accident it went off now. It was really meant to go off four years ago. And said office held an entirely different company, then. A crisis communications firm. Oh, and there's a subplot about Sherlock and Joan (mostly Joan) trying to find Sherlock a sponsor to take her place when she leaves, so he can enter the next stage of his rehab.

  I gotta say, I liked the in-show continuity nods this episode. Like Sherlock's hatred of bankers was brought up again, and we finally got an explanation for Sherlock's about six TVs on different channels thing. Apparently it's all a memory game for him to keep his head sharp. (Thus explaining his whole "love at first sight" quoting as NOT predicting...)

  And I really liked Millerlock this episode. The memory game thing was cool (oh, and he was also reading a book), and it turned out to come in handy this episode. And he made homemade bombs! And, and... I was just really impressed today.

  Heck, the only issue I had with him was with the part when the woman in charge of the firm, Ms. Heather Van Owen, was flirting with Millerlock. Now, the woman flirting with him I had no problem with (I was kind of laughing); it was just when Millerlock started talking about them having a physical relationship. -_- Yeah, I'm still not crazy about Sherlock with an active sexuality. Again, I'll give Downeylock a pass because it's just Irene Adler for him (and I like their dynamic, as I've said multiple times), and when she was gone, it was no one. But Millerlock... It's still kinda jarring. Eh, maybe I'm nitpicking. Besides, this Millerlockian trait gives me joke fodder...

  I can't say much about Joan this episode. Though she did get one of my favorite lines this episode. Basically, she described a suspect as looking like "a hobo puked another hobo". Oh, Joanie...

  Oh! And Millerlock gave her yet another fake job when he introduced her. This time she was his "consultant/housekeep". I, being the shameless BBC Sherlock fangirl I am, couldn't help but think: "Not your housekeeper!"

 I liked the subplot this episode. It actually addressed the fact that Joan was going to be leaving Millerlock. It was kind of touching, in that you could see that Sherlock seemed sad that Joan was going to be leaving soon. And I liked that. And you could see that Joan wanted to make sure Millerlock was going to be alright when she's gone. It was sweet. Even if whenever Joan said "I'm gonna be out of your life in a few weeks..." I was saying, all sing-song:

WHOO! I got a WhoAvengerLock set of Gifs this review!

  Also, I think I wouldn't mind seeing Alfredo, the guy Millerlock chose as his sponsor, again. He seems like an alright character.

  Now, on to the case. I really liked this case. I got into this one a little more than most of the others. Heck, I even actually tried to guess this time! (And I was right, in case you were wondering...)

  Okay, last minute thoughts:
 -I think the pacing was different this episode. I think I liked it this way.

 -Finally! I learned something from this show again! I learned that the fuel source of a bomb atomizes when it 'splodes! :D

  -"Yellow Sponge Man" is the best nickname for Spongebob ever. Thank you, Millerlock.

 -Some of my favorite scenes/lines were the aforementioned memory thing and the "hobo" line. There was another line I liked, but I can't really explain it without possibly giving something away.


  Overall, I really liked this episode. I think it was the most solid episode so far. And it had more things I liked about it. I was more invested. It's definitely a contender for my favorite episode. This is kind of what I was hoping for with this show. So what if I'll have to wait over a year for the next season of Sherlock? Or at least two years for the next Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr.? If they can at least keep these episodes at this quality (and do better) from this point on, I think I'll be alright...


  1. Nice review.

    Did you catch that reference to "Victorian" England by Millerlock. That was a nice nod to the Canon.

    1. Thank you!

      Oh, yeah! I almost forgot about the Victorian England thing. I remember. It kind of was a good nod...