Friday, December 7, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 9 "You Do It To Yourself"

  Well, another Thursday, another Elementary episode.

  This week, a professor is found dead with both his eyes shot out. It's soon revealed that the professor was involved with a Chinese gambling ring, and that his killer was paid by someone else to kill him. Meanwhile, Joan deals with an ex who's not only been doing drugs, but has been arrested, though he claims he's innocent...

  ...Oh, and did I mention Millerlock's sick for most of the beginning of the episode? No? Well, he is.

  Alright, I'm just going to outright say it: this was another not-so-interesting one. Joan's subplot wasn't that interesting (though it did reveal why Joan chose to become a sober companion, of all things). And I was a little disappointed by the case. It was another one I thought would be more interesting. I mean, the guy had his freakin' eyes shot out! Both of them. I was kind of hoping for a psychopathic serial killer. But, alas, my appetite for crazies was not appeased. Heck, I was hoping they'd reveal (or at least tease that) Moriarty was behind it! But once again, 'twas not to be...

  ...But that's not to say that the twist at the end of the case wasn't interesting. It was an interesting twist. And, as always with this show, this episode had it's high points.

  First of all, while her subplot left a lot to be desired, it was awesome to see her supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ness Joan do more deducing. And to see her rattle off medical science facts about the tea she made Sherlock for his cold. *shakes head* Honestly, Millerlock, you should know to listen to her on this sort of thing. This show actually utilizes Watson's med knowledge. *Unlike Sherlock, that sees to focus more on "I was a soldier! D:<".

(*Not that I don't still love John...)

  Anyway, and I thought it was cool when Bell was able to point out a fact Sherlock didn't know. Ah, Dectective Bell, you are growing on me, dude...

  Plus, Millerlock seemed to be in rare snarking form this episode. It was entertaining. I didn't get quite the amount of "lulz" I was hoping for with this episode from Sicklock, but the snark made up for it.

  Also, the ending to the case was surprisingly sweet. And the end of the episode was heartwarming as well, if not bittersweet.

  And, I'm really really glad the duo's getting along better. When they had "aww" moments, I was trying to contain myself from flailing around like this:

Okay, it's official: I adore Lucy Liu...

  Okay, last minute thoughts:
  • What is it with modern-day Sherlock Holmes adaptions and having Chinese groups doing illegal things?
  • Favorite Scenes were everything involving the tea, the ending, and Millerlock's snarking about the songs a suspect downloaded being "almost all exclusively bad". (I agree with him about "Pina Colada" being bad, BTW.)
  • Did we really need the wild surprise product placement for that new Windows computer?
  • I think the whole "Sherlock is sick on a case" thing was a reference to "The Reigate Squire", where Holmes appears to be... sick during a case. 
  Well, those are my thoughts. Not "The Long Fuse" or "Child Predator", this episode. But, as always, it had it's merits.

  That's all I have to say, except  for this: I saw the teaser for next week's episode, and... well...

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 ...Why do I get the feeling it's going to hurt?


  1. I started watching this episode and dropped off at about the 10 min mark. I enjoyed the exchanges between Sherlock and Bell.

    Good observation about the racial stereotyping of Chinese. You are right about "The Reigate Puzzle" - Holmes was sick and took that case against Watson's strong disapproval.

  2. *sarcasm*
    Pina Colada is a classic. Right along with Rick Astley's, Never Gonna Give You Up.

    1. But of course!

      (And thank you for the comment!)