Friday, December 14, 2012

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 10 "The Leviathan"

  Yup, for some reason (*cough*Watson*cough*Stupid optimism*cough*Promised myself I'd watch and review the season*cough*Need something to prevent Sherlockian Withdrawal*wheeze*) I'm still watching Elementary. Even if the after-episode promo had me dreading this episode!

 So, in this episode, some people break into what is considered an impossible to break-in vault. Sherlock is asked by the people themselves (not the NYPD) to figure out who did this. And, as all crimes on this show invariably lead to, there is eventually a murder. Also, we meet Joan's mom and brother!

  ...And did I mention at the beginning of the episode, we find out Millerlock had gotten... involved with some twins (Ugh, it's not just one? The horribleness has been doubled...) "for science"...

Yes, Nine! Save yerself!

 No? Well he did.
T_T Yeah... When I saw this in the preview...

"Do you bite your thumb at me?"
  I kinda died a little inside and remembered the big thing I dislike about Millerlock. I'm going to fast-forward through my usual rant about this, which would normally go something like:

  "Blah blah blah, Holmes doesn't work that way! Blah blah blah, Downeylock's excused! Blah blah blah, What is it now you who has experience with women from three continents?"

...Luckily, it was only in the first few minutes... Okay, moving on!

  I was kind of happy that this time, the police didn't come to Sherlock, but the guy from the vault. It was nice to see a canon element, here. And it was nice that the case wasn't initially a murder. Yeah, it took them like thirty minutes to turn it into one (it's a new record!), but still, it was a nice, albeit brief change in pace.

  Also, the twist was a pretty good twist. At least the culprit wasn't someone who appeared in the first few minutes this time, like it typically is. The case felt a little bit like it was in the typical formula for the show until that point. And they even threw in a subtle red herring! It was alright.

  And the subplot was alright, too. It was nice to meet some of Joan's relatives. And there was a really nice scene where Millerlock stuck up for Joan's choice to be a sober companion!

Rainbow Dash Approves

  Yay! I'm loving the relationship development! They're getting closer to one of the best friendships in the history of fiction! And I liked the conversation between Joan and her mom at the end. I found myself thinking: "Yes, Mrs. Watson, talk Joan into staying with Sherlock and being a detective..."

  Okay, as always, I have something about Joan to gush about, so I've decided to officially dedicate a paragraph of the review to squeeing:


  Ohmygosh! I loved her line about not knowing if the French-named thief lead was "French, English, leprechaun"! Ohmygosh I loved her scarfs and how she wore them! I'm gonna look up how she got them that way! Ohmygosh, deductive!Joan's the best Joan! Ohmygosh, Joan more or less found the key to/solved the case! Ohmygosh, she said what I was thinking with the twin-thing ("I don't want to know!") Ohmygosh, I adore her! *squee*


  And, Millerlock did do some funny, eccentric things this episode. So I was pleased.

  Last minute thoughts:

  • My favorite lines/scenes were anything involving Van Gogh's La Pieta, the aforementioned "leprechaun" line, Millerlock's 3'o'clock "basking" in solving a part of the case and Joan's reaction, Millerlock loosing it and attacking the safe with a freakin' AXE!, and the aforementioned scenes with Joan's family.
  • As far as nods to canon, Joan has a brother. In the original canon, Watson had a brother, too, though he was dead before the books began (at least before The Sign of Four). As usual, the modern adaption of Sherlock Holmes spares the other Watson child. Also, the big one that kept being repeated is the famous "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth" line. Ironically, that was from The Sign of Four, too.
  • So, Millerlock can play piano, too? Hmm...
  • I'd say what cool thing I learned this episode, but it gives away the ending...
  • Apparently Millerlock knows what malboge(?) is. I guess knowing binary's too Cumberlock...
  Overall, it was another alright episode. Not the best thing I ever saw in my life, mind you, but alright. In fact, some of the good stuff almost completely made up for the week long dread (hmm... good name for a band) I had and the horrible reminder of my least favorite Millerlock trait I almost irrationally dwell on....

  Well, there's not going to be a review next week, since there's no episode to review. But I do have something else in mind... ;)


  1. This episode was definitely better than the previous two. The twist was good and the show had a mystery worth living up to Sir Doyle's standards.

    I wonder if the next episode will maintain this standard or again lapse into mediocrity. Elementary has proven to be highly inconsistent!

    1. Exactly! Every time it looks like they've gotten better, they take a few steps back. It's annoying...