Friday, October 14, 2011

I Pitch Ideas For: Young Justice Episodes

 Is anyone sick of my Young Justice "fan girling"? Well, I'm sure I'll mellow down... Eventually..... You know, when I move onto something new in my "Fan Cycle" (When I have a resurgence of super-fanning of something, and dominently obsess over that). So, I'm desided to post some ideas I have for YJ episodes, that aren't in the works.

  • Something With Robin Singing I just had to get it out the way. I'll settle for something like Robin/Dick listening to an MP3 player and maybe singing along. *sings* Or just maybe, we could see, the return of the Batman The Brave and The Bold-specific character known as.....
               THE MUSIC MEISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Sadly, I could not find a good video for what I wanted. Look up "Mayhem of the Music Meister" on YouTube.

The next one I have two ideas for:
  • Some Sort of Future Related Episode
  1. The whole "One person goes forward in time" thing. That would be okay. I read something saying that wouldn't be a good idea because Teen Titans did that, and it'd be to like that episode, bladdie-blah.... But c'mon. A lot of shows do that. *cough*thewhole"Xaiverwakesup20yearsinthefuturefromacoma"plotfromWolverineandtheX-Men*cough* But there's also....
    2. A Future Team Visits the Present Day. That would be intresting. There could be the successors of The Team visiting (one of the other Robins, the other Speedy, etc.). And there could be hints to the present!Team, like Robin being Nightwing and/or Batman IN THE FUTURE! KF being The Flash IN THE FUTURE! Etc., etc.

That's all I got FOR NOW! I'm a gonna do Loveable Freak-type stuff, then tommorrow, I WILL watch me some Young Justice episodes from tonight and last week since I haven't seen it yet.


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