Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Artwork #11 and 12- Kingdom Hearts: Strange Silly Shenanagins

 Okay, so with the news I got yesterday, I had to draw two pictures and do a "cheap animation" of some KH3D stuff.

 First, I'm hoping someone in the game acknowledges Riku's makeover in the game. And this has a hilarious way for this to happen.

Dang it, Riku! Quit confusing Sora!

 Poor Sora. He's so used to Riku being long-haired...

  Second, one of the Dream Eaters is called the Wonder Meow. But in Japan, it's the Wandanyan. I could not resist this:

Riku and Neku are hating every minute of this...

 This is my first attempt at drawing Neku. The human characters came out weird.

 And finally, after reading the "Nyan" part, I started thinking of a certain video on the web. So, THIS was born! A HORRIBLE ANIMATION BASED ON THE NYAN CAT!

 Yeah, it's kinda bad. I couldn't get audio, so here's the original video of the Nyan Cat, so you can play it with my video and you can get an idea for what I was going for.

 So far, I think I'm the only one who came up with that....

 Hopefully someone will make a better one than I did, and when they do... I WILL POST IT!

 So there you go. I think we all learned a lesson: Don't use Windows Movie Maker to make a cheap animation, leave animation to those who have the software for it. No, wait, that was my lesson.  Anyway, hope you liked this week's Weekend Artwork!

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