Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 Okay, so there's a page on Facebook called InvaderCON. It's the offical page for the convention they had devoted to all things INVADER ZIM. Anyway, they have this little contest going on. When they get a certain amount of likes on Facebook, someone can win an autograph from one of the voice actors from the show. Liking the page make you eligable. At certain levels, another autograph is given away.

 The list and more (probably the same) info is here.

 Here's the page, for those with Facebooks who are intrested and want to go for it. Click it! So that I......I mean, you can have a chance to score some sswwwweeeettttttttt autographs.

 Seriously, it's an awesome shot to get autographs from the cast of one of the best shows EVER! If you wanna go for it, GO FOR IT!

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