Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anyone Else Notice?

  So I was going retro and watching some episodes of The Angry Beavers today. Anyway, I started watching the episode "Moronathon Man" (AKA the episode Norb and the other animals become stupid and Dag is the only one who's unaffected, for those who've seen it), and I couldn't help but notice something.

 There was a slight similarity to an episode of INVADER ZIM.

 To clarify, it turns out that Daggett's the only one immune to the "Stupidity Potion" (no, really) in the pond water that everyone drank, and his body can produce the antidote through his burps (seriously). The scientists responsible for said potion in the first place then load up Dag in a gun and have him burp at everyone, thus curing them (well, mostly). Hooray! But HOW is this similar to ZIM, besides Daggett and ZIM having the same voice actor?

  Well, allow me to explain as I pull out my pointer and get my diagram. Wait, I don't own a diagram...... Well, just listen.

  In INVADER ZIM, there is an episode called "Lice", where all the children get, well, lice. And ZIM, the title character, is immune (due to being an alien). Eventually the people in-charge of dealing with the lice outbreak find out ZIM's skin destroys the lice, so he's.... wait for it... loaded into a gun and his liquefied skin is sprayed on everyone, killing the lice and the "Queen Louse" that caused them. Yeah...

  See the similarity? And both characters, again, are voiced by the same guy! Wait, I already said that? Oh well, Richard Horvitz (said guy) is awesome, so he can be mentioned repeatedly! Oh, and they both aired on the same network. The retroactive hilarity continues!

 I'd post links of the episodes in question, but I can't find "Moronathon Man" on YouTube. I can find "Lice" though, but it'd kinda be pointless to put it up if I don't have the other to compare it to. So just..... whatever... look for it yourself! (Netflix is where I found Angry Beavers..).

  All in all, it's a weird coincidence. I heard that the ZIM example was a homage to Aliens, but I'm not sure about the Beavers one. But it's funny that almost three years after one episode of a show, another show does an episode with something similar....

(And on an unrelated note, yes, I spell "ZIM" and INVADER ZIM with all caps. That's how I roll...)


  1. You should do some research and see if there is anyone who worked on both shows. Seems like such a coincidence!

  2. Well, so far I've only seen this colorist guy who was the same... Doubt he had a say in the stories, though....