Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Game: Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Gold Edition

  So today I played some Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Gold Editon for Xbox 360. It's an awesome game. I'm a HUGE Marvel fan, no lie. Viva la X-Men and Deadpool! And Hawkeye. And Spider-Man. And Human Torch (RIP). And.......

 *A long list of Marvel Characters I love later....*

  ANY WHO, I enjoy this game. You can create your own 4-Man team of Marvel heroes and go on missions to fight the Masters of Evil, led by none other than Doctor Doom. Gold Edition adds characters that weren't available in the original. There's:

  • HAWKEYE! (Yay!)
  • NIGHTCRAWLER! (I love you, man! You shouldn't have died in Second Coming! You're awesome!)
  • VENOM! (Ooh, villain!)
  • MAGNETO! (He's cool!)
  • HULK! (He make puny men into rag dolls!)
  • COLOSSUS! (He's pretty cool!)
  • SABRETOOTH! (Ooooooohhhh......)
  • DOCTOR DOOM! (Nice! That's.... Hey! Wait a minuto....) 
  • MOON KNIGHT! (I don't know you, but OKAY!)

  • Cyclops. (Eh. Not a fan....)

   Anyway, it's a cool game. My current favorite team consists of:

  • HAWKEYE! (He's a sharpshooter!)
  • NIGHTCRAWLER! (Coolest Mutant of them all... Okay, one of them, but he's HIGH on the list.. Whatever, he's so awesome, he only needed one appearance in the X-Men Movie series)
  • DEADPOOL! (He's psychotic!)
  • SPIDER-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! (A classic, he's awesome, AND in this game, is voiced by the same guy who played one of my favorite characters in Kingdom Hearts!)
  Let''s just say, Spidey makes people into pinatas, and it's fun! Especially if you get Deadpool to beat 'em up.... >:D

 So, that's what I gotta say. It's a cool game, with great graphics, and worth it. Yooooooouuuuu won't regret iiiiiiitttttttt...........

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