Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Greatest Cartoon Episodes Never Completed/Made

  Ah, television. It's a fickle world. Someone's show could have the plug pulled at any moment. This can lead to some episodes never seeing the light of day on TV. Or even being completed. Luckily, sometimes reminants of these episodes still live on. And, thanks to the glory of the digital age, can be found on our good friend the Internet. So, here's a total of five episodes of two cartoons that have actual scripts and/or audio that would've been awesome to see, had they gotten to be completed.

 *Honorable mention goes to the unscripted INVADER ZIM episode ideas "Pants (When Pants Ruled)", for having pant-like aliens and the possibility of ZIM and Dib having a dance-off (that would've been epic), and "It Feeds On Noodles" (something that I wrote my little own script for, guessing what might've happened), for having ZIM become a Chinese Food-eating vampire. (Yes, I do think Vampire ZIM could take Edward Cullen down, just sayin'....)*

  Okay, here we go!

  •   The Return of Keef (INVADER ZIM)
    Here's the story, Keef (ZIM's "best friend" from.... "Bestest Friend") returns, crazier and as obsessed with ZIM as ever. And he's also latched onto Dib as well, this time. When Keef learns *gasp* ZIM and Dib aren't friends, he sets out to MAKE them friends, much to their chagrin. This episode just sound so funny, and it has a scene where they try and convince Keef they've become friends (so he'll get happy and explode, long story) though some pathetic-sounding attempts.... and hugging! I would've enjoyed seeing them hug ('cause it's so hilliarious, since they must be hating every second of it) and what they have to say later is pretty funny). Paraphrased:
  Dib: You admitted you're an alien!
 ZIM: It was part of the act...
 Dib: I videotaped it!
ZIM: GAH! Is that hug on there as well?
(Dib freaks out and smashes the camera)
 Here's the audio with the script kindly added.

  • Mopiness of Doom (Again, INVADER ZIM)
   The idea is that Dib gives up on his paranormal studies and dedicates himself to "REAL SCIENCE!" like his Dad. ZIM, at first, is happy, then becomes depressed with no one to challenge him, and goes into a sort of depression (and steals "GIR's couch"). Then GIR goes to get Dib to "fight his master again". I love how they have an odd dependency on each other in this episode. Oh, if only they didn't hate each other, they might've been friends. *snickers*

  Here's a reading that was done at InvaderCON. (With some now infamous puppets! Why, puppets, WHY!? *shudders at the horrors they've encouraged*)

  • Day of Da Spookies (Yup, it's INVADER ZIM)
  The idea is that one of the other Irken (ZIM's species) Invaders, SKOODGE, reveals he lives in our hero's basement. Then ZIM desides to mess with Dib when he finds out he knows a little TOO much. So he, GIR, and Minimoose (ZIM's OTHER sidekick) go and impersonate ghosts in Dib's house. It gets pretty crazy. I like it because it's got some classic ZIM humor, a part with ZIM's imagining of Dib crying, and it's CRAZY!

   Here's the hillarious reading at InvaderCON.

  • The Trial (Guess Which Show....)
  ZIM's put on trial by his leaders, THE ALMIGHTY TALLEST, for everything he's done in his life (appartently, ruining Operation Impending Doom I wasn't his first offence..). Meanwhile, GIR temperarily conquers Earth! This just sounds like and awesome special, and it would've been fun to see. For some reason, I want Jesse McCartney to voice a character from the episode named "Little Timmy", because it would be hilliarious, and I'm a Jesse fan and it'd connect him to ANOTHER thing I like. Probably would've never happened, but I can dream, can't I?

  There's no audio recorded, but I found the script here.

  • Bye Bye Beavers (The Angry Beavers (What? Not ZIM?)
  I've come to like The Angry Beavers. It was... is a good show. There was a series finale that was written, but was never made because apparently it broke the rules they had at Nickelodeon about revealing the characters weren't real, etc., so it never happened. Boo! Am I the only one that finds it stupid that they had rules about that? I mean, I understand censorship rules for shows, but..... Um, I'm going on a tangent, aren't I? Let's reign it back in.....

 I like this episode because it's a unique idea for a finale. With the main characters going through what cartoon characters apparently go through after the shows cancelled, and going to "The Other Side". And I love the fact the characters start to refer to each other by their voice actor's name or some mixture. ("It's okay, Richie-Dag...." "Ya know what, Nicky-Norb?")

  I think this is the audio, but there's no script with it. It has a lot of laughing, so it must be a rough one or something.

 So that's all for now. If I find more, I'll post 'em.


  1. It really is amazing what you can find online these days. Is anything REALLY gone forever anymore?

  2. It's more surprising what DOESN'T end up resurfacing. Like that Angry Beavers episode I brought up in that earlier post...