Saturday, April 7, 2012

Things I Would Pay And/Or Kill A Man To See: Lego Sherlock Holmes

   Okay, so, everyone by now surely knows I kinda like all things Sherlock Holmes. Anyway, I just got Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (LOVE IT!), and I got to thinking...

  They should SOOO make a Lego Sherlock Holmes.

  Think about it: Warner Bros. does (distributes, whatever the term is) the recent movies with my beloved Robert Downey Jr. in them (oh, and happy 3 day late birthday to him :D). Warner is also responsible for Harry Potter and DC Comics, and there's been Lego Harry Potter and Lego Batman games. So I don't see why they couldn't give Sherlock the Lego treatment. I for one would LOVE a little Lego Holmes, Watson, and Irene Adler. Oh, the fun I'd have.

  Plus, think of all the abilities that the characters could have. There could be the classics, like "girls jump higher", and such. And maybe Holmes could have some cool deductive stuff, like finding things other characters can't. And they could employ "Holmes-O-Vision" as a sort of "follow this button code" thing. And he could have little disguise boxes only he can get into, and wear his various disguises (and his epic camouflage!). Moriarty and Moran could leave bombs or something. Moran could snipe things, too. Watson would have a gun, too (maybe we could see the return of blaster targets like in Lego Star Wars). Irene could have special "Charm" doors, like in Lego Batman, that only she could enter.

   AND, just for fun, you know how in Lego Indiana Jones, how Indy could whip his companions to pull them over and kiss them? And in Lego Stars Wars II: The Original Trilogy (Yeah, I play a lot of Lego games, don't judge me), whenever Lando and Leia got close, Lando'd kiss her hand? Maybe Irene can do a gender-reversed version of that: Irene kisses Holmes whenever they're in proximity of each other.

   I would love to see the reenactments of the scenes. Part of the fun of the Lego games is how they parody certain scenes. Like, say, the part where Holmes pushes Mary off the train ("I timed it perfectly!") in A Game of Shadows, or basically any Clingy!Holmes moment. Heck, I'd also love to see how they'd interpret the "beneath this pillow" scene (if they even do it, maybe it would just be Holmes in his underwear). It would be awesome if they could get Eric Loomis (you know, the guy who voices Iron Man in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes) to do Sherlock Holmes' gibberish. Since, you know, the similarity of his and RDJ's voices is uncanny.

   They could probably release the potential game after the third movie comes out in 2013, since they tend to tie-in their game releases to the subject of the game's most recent release (Lego Pirates of the Caribbean came out around On Stranger Tides, for example). Plus, then we could get THREE movie levels.

  And, on a wishful thinking note, if BBC/Moffat and Gattiss were nice and said okay, maybe an alternate Holmes and Watson costume could be BBC Sherlock!Sherlock and John (under something like "Sherlock Holmes (Modern)" and "Dr. Watson (Modern)"). Hey, a freak can dream, can't she?

  So, anyone else want to see a Lego Sherlock Holmes? Anyone have any ideas? Don't stay quiet! Let me know!


  1. Great blog with lot of cool posts about Sherlock Holmes :)


    1. Thanks! Glad you like the blog and my Sherlock posts! :)