Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Avengers In Target

  So, I went to the Target twice in the last few days. And I had all sorts of fun. First of all,  ALL THE AVENGERS STUFF IS THERE, NOW! WOOT! So I went to the Toys aisle to look at all the awesome, and to get opinions.

  But wait, aren't I a little old and female to be looking in the Toys aisle for myself? No, no I'm not. XP
  So, first thought I had was when I saw this figure of Iron Man on a motorcycle. Iron Man, in full armor, on a motorcycle. Said thought was "IRON MAN DOES NOT RIDE A MOTORCYCLE! HE CAN FLY!" Why is it toy developers are stupid about these things and give vehicles to characters that they don't need? Yes, Tony's awesome and could make a motorcycle, but he doesn't need one. Plus, he doesn't strike me as a motorcyclist.
  Then, I say the Mini Muggs. OH SWEET LORD ALMIGHTY THE MINI MUGGS! THEY. ARE. ADORABLE! I want them. I wants them all. Especially the little Hawkeye. He's too adorable. With his little sunglasses and bow...
  Then, I saw the Hawkeye bobble head. that I need as well. He would be my little Yes-Man. And it has been my week-long dream to have a bobble head with Jeremy Renner's likeness. I also wonder if they have Iron Man ones (especially ones with him sans helmet, so I can achieve my other dream of having a bobble head that looks like RDJ).

  After looking at them, I wondered why Hawkeye didn't have any regular figures (besides his Mini Mugg and bobble head). Hawkeye is awesome! I love that guy! I love him so much... And Black Widow's got nothing. SHE IS FREAKING AMAZING! Did the people not see her legendary scene in Iron Man 2?

  It's kind of chauvinistic. Guys are Black Widow fans. And girls love Avengers, too! (Just ask the people I follow/that follow me on Pintrest!) Maybe we want a Black Widow figure, too. THINK OF THE PERIPHERY DEMOGRAPHIC! >:( And Scarlett Johansson is awesome, too! She's earned the right to have her likeness cast in a plastic figurine that comes with accessories!

  (Also, I looked at the Young Justice figures, too. I'm kind of mad Robin and Artemis don't have normal figures. Shame. They're my favorites. :( )
  And finally, I looked at Dr. Pepper. I was overjoyed at them having Avengers cans. (Yeah, I have a reflex that requires me to stop and squee over all things Avengers.) Then I was sad. The Hawkeye and Black Widow cans were in Diet Dr. Pepper. I dislike Diet Dr. Pepper. Seriously, does anyone who would appreciate the cans drink Diet Dr. Pepper?

  And if anyone does, could you wash them out and ship extras of them to me? :P

  So, that was my experience at the Target. Anyone else have fun and/or interesting fangirl/fanboy/fanperson stories from shopping?

UPDATE: Went to Wal-Mart. THEY have Hawkeye action figures. (10 Points Wal-Mart) Still no Black Widows, though. >:(

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