Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hypothetical Casting: Sebastian Moran for Sherlock Series 3

  So, one of the minor mysteries of the Sherlock fandom is who will be Sebastian Moran and what will he be like. After all, with where the last series ended, the writers will have to do Moran's story, "The Empty House". I've heard a couple ideas. Heck, I've even heard/seen someone's idea that he will be a woman ("Sabrina" (?) Moran? That could be interesting...) And I've come up with some ideas, too. Here is the one I came up with that I'm currently set on and I'm all for.

  Christopher. Eccleston.

  Why Christopher Eccleston? Because I think he could do very well as Moran. Granted, I've only really seen (and paid attention to) him in Doctor Who, during his run as The Ninth Doctor (my personal favorite). But he was a very good in his performance.

  I think "Dalek" is a very good example. In that episode, he confronted the last of the Daleks. The part where he confronts the Dalek for the first time (and subsequently tortures it) gave me chills. I was seriously freaked out. I mean, he was THE FREAKIN' DOCTOR! (EDIT: I had a clip of the scene up on this post, but the person who originally posted the clip took it down. Sorry. But I do suggest watching the episode. Heck, I highly suggest watching all of the (New Series) Series 1 (Eccleston's run), and the show in general. ;) )

   For example, one of his lines when talking to the Dalek is: "And I got your little signal. Help me. You poor little thing..." Somehow, I can totally see Sherlock!Moriarty's equivalent of "Watson" saying something like that in that sort of voice. Yeah, I picture Sherlock!Moran to be a little mentally unstable. They may not be how he behaves in-show, but that's how I picture him for now.

  Plus, I saw this picture of Eccleston. (Not sure how recent it is, but...)

Could you be our Moran, sir?

  I can picture modern Sebastian Moran looking like that. I saw it and I thought: "That could TOTALLY be Moran!" Yes, it would be a little weird/jarring to see The Doctor playing a sniper working for Moriarty, but I think he could pull it off.

  Well, that's who I've mentally cast as Sebastian Moran. Who are your possible candidates for the role?


  1. Eccleston does have more than a passing resemblance to Paul Anderson, who played Moran in 'The Game of Shadows'.

    I am sure you would have noticed that :)

    1. Oh my gosh. He does kind of look like him! That is so cool! Thank you for pointing that out.

  2. Just wanted you to know that I like your page, will follow.

  3. I think Craig Parkinson would make a good Moran..

    1. Hmm... I've never heard of him. I'll have to check himout. Thanks for your opinion!