Thursday, May 17, 2012

More of The Freak's Thoughts on Elementary

  So, Elementary has officially been picked up by CBS. You remember my last post about this show, right? Anyway, they've officially released a first look at the show:

 Here's some of my thoughts from watching this (I'll TRY not to be picky):

 -First, I'm disappointed that it appears Lucy Liu's Watson comes into Johnny Lee Miller's Sherlock's life BECAUSE of his rehab. Specifically, she's hired to help him "transition" back into society. I liked the original way they first met: they both needed a place to stay, so they shared 221B, and became friends. I mean, props for coming up with something new, but the original way wasn't broke.

 -Second, I do have SOME hope for "Millerlock". He seems alright from what I've seen, but I'd have to see a little more of him, though.

  -I'm a tiny bit irked by Sherlock-in-a-T-Shirt. I know, I promised not to be picky, but Sherlock Holmes has never struck me as a T-Shirt guy. Just sayin'... But who knows, if Millerlock's good, I may let it slide... (I'm not going to complain about the tattoo, though. Can't be helped, *Little Korra Voice* I GOTTA DEAL WITH IT!)

 -I'm also a little sad the detective of the show isn't one of the story detectives/inspectors. You know, like Lestrade, or Gregson! Sherlock hasn't used Gregson. He needs love, too...

 -And I'm a little surprised that Sherlock has a father in this show. I don't think Sherlock's father has ever been mentioned (let alone seen) in a Holmes work. Usually, the only family we ever see of Sherlock's is his brother Mycroft. This could be interesting, or (as my pessimist side says) proof the writers aren't THAT familiar with the canon. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

 -Finally, to go with the aforementioned father, I get the feeling that Daddy Holmes was the one who got Sherlock in rehab. Well, that was sort of like the "tough love" scenario I mentioned in my earlier Elementary post, so, I guess that's a little better...

 Overall, this hasn't got me excited or anything. It seems okay, but I'm not like, "OHMYGOSH! NEW SHERLOCK! WHEE! I'M WANNA WATCH IT! HURRY UP, *INSERT PREMIERE DATE HERE*!" Which is kind of sad. But, I'm not going to go all "It's terrible! It's a Sherlock knock-off! Let's attack CBS!" Not yet. I think I'm going to watch it first, and see how I feel about it. Then I'll decide whether or not to let forth the horrors of EPIC NERD RAGE!

 Well, I've said my piece. What are your thoughts on Elementary?


  1. Nice post.

    I too have my fingers crossed. They made a very interesting choice as far as Watson is concerned.

    Hope it turns out well(for Holmes's sake)....

    1. Me too. I would love it if it turns out better than I think it will...