Friday, February 8, 2013

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary- Episode 15: "A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs"

Alright, time to review the latest episode of Elementary! Has it lived up to the streak the show's had of decent episodes? Find out!

  An old friend of Sherlock's, Rhys, drops in from out of the blue (and makes himself at home in the brownstone, much to Joan's dismay) seeking his help. He tells Holmes that his daughter's been kidnapped for ransom and he can't pay, so he asks our protagonists to help. But there's a catch. You see, this friend of Sherlock's... He used to be his drug dealer... DUN DUN DUN! Now, on top of all this, we have Joan worrying about Rhys triggering a relapse for Millerlock.

   First of all, let's address something amazing here: this wasn't a murder! It never once turns into one this time! He never goes to the NYPD for help until the end (and that's just to arrest and interrogate the culprit). HALLELUJAH! I'm stunned and pleased. They actually didn't have anyone killed this episode to turn into one. In fact, minor spoiler, nobody dies at all in this episode! It's fantastic!

"Everybody lives, Joan. Just this once, everybody lives!" 

So kudos to them. Another brief thing I want to bring up plot-wise is that I admired the little bait-and-switch at the beginning, when we see Rhys's daughter's kidnapping. It looks as if the guy knocking at her door is out potential killer/distraction with the world's most flimsy excuse. And the whole time I was thinking, "Lady, if you fall for this, y'all gonna die." But it turned out that the guy really did need his phone charged, and while Rhys's daughter didn't let him in, if she would have... It was a nice touch. And I liked that they addressed the reason they couldn't go the easy way out and just have Sherlock "My Dad Is Rich Enough To Own Multiple Properties In New York" Holmes lend Rhys the cash (besides the obvious "we'd have no plot" thing).

  The character of Rhys was a pretty interesting one. On one hand, he has faith in his friend that he can get his beloved daughter back. But at the same time, he's wary and desperate when he's not getting results as fast as he'd like. He even goes so far as to say Millerlock'd probably do better if he was doing drugs again. Heck, he goes out and BUYS MILLERLOCK COCAINE AND TELLS HIM TO TAKE IT TO DO BETTER! (Millerlock never does, BTW). The whole time, I thought, "Joan's is gonna kill this guy. And it will be awesome and Lucy Liu will get to show off why no one messes with Lucy Liu...". But, in the end he redeems himself. I kind of like his character for that in the end. I have a feeling we'll never never see him again, though. (And I'm not cementing it by saying I want to see him again, because every time I say I want to see another character show up, it feels like they never will again...) Also, I liked his accent.

  Okay, same stuff as usual to say about the leads: Millerlock's clever this episode. I think he's, dare I say it, growing on me. And Joan is made of rainbows and is stylish and awesome. And she does take a guy out with Agnus the Bust. And they have more "aww"-inducing friendship moments.

  Alright, final thoughts:
  • Favorite parts were: Millerlock's story at the support group; the introduction of Rhys; as immature as it is, Millerlock knowing...certain things about Joan; everything to do with the finger deduction; Watson chewing out Rhys; and every time the words "I Believe In Sherlock Holmes" were said. Especially when Joan says it.
  • About the aforementioned "I believe in Sherlock Holmes"s, I especially liked it, knowing the Sherlock fandom's whole thing revolving around that phrase. It's now canon in one of the versions! ^_^
  • Two nods to canon I noticed: Millerlock knowing multiple types of tobacco ash and the fact that apparently Millerlock has done cocaine as well.
  • I have the feeling that Holmes's deal with his dad's going to pop up again...
  Overall, it was a decent episode with things I liked. Was it my favorite? Well, not really, but it was okay.

  But next episode looks fun. Three words: Overprotective Millerlock Paranoia (ooh, "Overprotective Paranoia", that'd be a good band name). And, based on the previews, this is gonna be entertaining...


  1. This episode was decent, no doubt. But I am not so sure about the next episode. Looks too campy.


    1. Well, who knows? Maybe they'll keep it from being too campy. Or it could be a case of misleading previews again... (like the preview of "The Leviathan" focusing on Sherlock and those twins from the beginning of the episode... *eyeroll*)