Friday, February 15, 2013

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary - Episode 16: "Details"

  Well, I hope you all had a good Valentine's Day/Forever Alone Day yesterday! I had no special plans yesterday. But I didn't just curl up with a pint of ice cream watching Elementary. No, I'd already finished the remains of the cookies and cream shake I was drinking during the last few minutes of Person of Interest waiting for Elementary to come on. There's a distinction.

  But, enough personal asides! Time to review this puppy!

  Okay, so Detective Bell is attacked while driving one night. At first, they think it's a former drug lord, Curtis Bradshaw, who Bell investigated years ago. But then Bradshaw is found dead. And to make matters worse, there appears to be evidence that Bell did it. Also, Sherlock tries to overprotect Joan by having guerrilla tests of her self-defence skills.  Oh, Millerlock... She's played Lucy Liu, she'll be fine! Have you seen some of the movies she's in?

  Okay, this one wasn't so interesting to me. It was cool to see more of Bell's life outside of his mandatory appearances for case-related things and nothing else. Like that he has an ex-gangster brother named Andre he's concerned about. But the plot didn't have me that invested.

  ...But, as seems to often to be the case with these episodes that I think are kind of duds, there was adorableness from my favorite fictional friendship, or as I've started calling it since my last review: my OTF ("One True Friendship", I shall try and get this into general fandom vocabulary!)! Okay, first there was the whole "trying to make sure Joan can defend herself" thing, because he, quote, "couldn't forgive himself" if she got hurt because of him. And the big one...

  ...Millerlock reveals he knew for a while Joan wasn't his sober companion anymore. And he wasn't mad, but grateful she stayed. And he tried to let her know he was fine so she wouldn't feel obligated to stay but "curiously, you stayed". And he tells her he wants her to stay, and he'll pay her with some funds he has. And, and he tells her it's because "I'm better with you, Watson..." A-and she agrees to stay. Andandand nngh! oiufrahtujergtnherajgujergterhtiureth!


  ...Okay, I've composed myself, now. Anyway, I also appreciate that they didn't just use Millerlock finding out Joan was lying for some "I can't believe you lied to me! I trusted you! Do you not trust me? Go away!" drama. That was nice.

   Alright, last minute thoughts time!
  • Millerlock suggesting Joan take up boxing could be a reference to the fact Holmes could box in canon.
  • Favorite scenes where everything with my OTF, Joan's reactions to/revenges(?) for Sherlock's help (including her taking out the lock collection organized by country of origin), and this scene with a basketball. Oh! And when the Bell brothers reconcile!
  • Is it bad that I noticed every other black guy in this episode besides Bell was either a gangster or former gangster?
  • I've officially decided I hate Joan's therapist. I mean, in "M" she's more or less suggesting Joan stay with Millerlock, then in "The Red Team" and here she's all "this is bad, you should leave"! Doesn't she understand they're bros even though Joan's a woman now!? I think she should take Mycroft's advice to John about his therapist in "A Study in Pink" and fire her...
 Overall, besides my squeeing over my OTF, it wasn't that impressive of an episode. I guess that they needed an episode to balance out the scales between the even-numbered episodes and the odd-numbered ones (besides "Child Predator"). Oh well, I guess all the post-"M" episodes can't be gems. Besides, they just make the good ones shine brighter! :) "Dirty Laundry" makes them all seem like diamonds. Let's hope the next episode gets things back to "M" and "The Deductionist" levels!


  1. I think Joan's therapist is concerned for Joan's physical safety and hence her professional advice to her patient to leave Sherlock.

    BTW, nice reference to the advice of Mark Gatiss' Mycroft.


    1. Good point, B2B. I guess "hate" was a strong word. "Dislike" would probably be better.