Friday, February 1, 2013

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 13 "The Red Team"

  Well, we're back to Elementary reviews again. I'll admit, as what often happens when a good episode of Elementary airs, the next week, I tend to get optimistic.

  ...And as it sadly often happens, the episode following did not quite meet my expectations.

  Okay, so shortly after the events in the wonder that was "M", Sherlock has been suspended from helping the police by Gregson for his attempted torture of Moran. But that doesn't stop Millerlock from trying to find out why a conspiracy theorist has died in his own home. What he uncovers is an actual conspiracy, involving a military war game in 2009, where the "red team" uncovered something about the government that could be dangerous. And now each member of that team's being picked off one by one...

  ...Also, Millerlock takes care of a tortoise. And it is brilliant.

  Okay, first of all the case was sort of another "eh, not so interesting" one. It kind of had a big one to follow up on, after all. Though it was kind of interesting to have Millerlock trying to use the NYPD's resources to solve the case, but Gregson constantly telling him "no". I kind of admire Gregson for trying to stick to his decisions and such.

  Speaking of which, I both liked and disliked the final scene, where Millerlock tries to make amends with Gregson. On one hand, I liked Gregson's speech about how Millerlock betrayed his trust, he thought he was better than that, "I'll admit we need you, and I'll let you come back, but that doesn't mean I can trust you again". Blah blah blah... He even punches him in the gut before he leaves. But on the other hand, I was a little disappointed (and this may sound ridiculous), because I was kind of hoping Gregson and Millerlock were going to end up with a surrogate father-son relationship since "The Rat Race". And now, (while it may still be salvageable) nope! He's mad and distrustful of him! :( Why doesn't this show let me have nice things?

  Besides Joan...

...And Moran...

   But other things regarding Millerlock. First of all, it turns out he trolls conspiracy theorists. That is hilarious. And also, there's this whole running gag with him and a tortoise named Clyde that Millerlock takes in. That was brilliant, too. I loved everything involving the tortoise.

  Now it's time from my Obligatory Joan Watson Gushing Paragraph! :D

  *ahem* OHMYGOSH JOANNIE I MISSED YOU! YOU HAD SUCH WONDERFUL SNARK AT TIMES! AND AS USUAL, OHMYGOSH I LOVED YOU GETTING TO BE ALL "DR. WATSON'-Y AGAIN! AND CONGRATS ON SHERLOCK PROMOTING YOU TO ASSOCIATE! I wish I knew what music you were listening to before Millerlock turned the radio to static. I bet it was awesome. AND OHMYGOSH, YOU HAILED THAT TAXI LIKE A BOSS! OHMYGOSH! I loved your jacket. And your hair. If I grew my hair long, I wish it'd look like yours! And you should fire your therapist, because she's crazy: you can't cause any problems for Millerlock! You're bloody PERFECT! :D

  *ahem* Okay then... Last minute thoughts...
  • Favorite scenes where everything to do with Clyde, the fact Millerlock trolls conspiracy theorists, the aforementioned Gregson speech, and the scene where Millerlock texts Bell...
  • A lot of good lines, too, mostly from Millerlock. My favorite was when Millerlock introduces Joan: "This is Joan. She keeps me from doing heroin."
  • I really hope they keep Clyde the Tortoise. I love that little guy, and the shenanigans Millerlock gets up to with the wee fella.
  • There is a reference to Moriarty being referred to as "The Napoleon of Crime" in The Canon, with Sherlock's "wall of crazy" having a picture of Napoleon on it.
  • Millerlock's maroon sweater he wears at some point reminded me of a Starfleet uniform for some reason. How apropos, because it feels like this show's episodes have a similar curse to the old movies: where the even-numbered ones are more consistently good than the odd ones...
  • The ex-red team member McClenahan seemed crazy awesome.
  • Okay, I'm calling it now: I think Moriarty was the one who made an offer to the killer and somehow arranged for Sherlock to get photos of the crime scenes! (Unless I missed something with the latter....)
  As usual, an alright-not-spectacular episode. It's a shame. I think I need to stop getting such high expectations for this show after good episodes. But still, I thought "M" was going to set the standard from here on out! We'd have consistancy!

  Oh well, we got another one to look forward to this weekend, after the Super Bowl. I won't be watching the game, not really interested. I can always look up Iron Man 3's new TV spot and the new ads on teh internetz. Erm... Go Ravens, because I don't hear about you guys a lot and your mascot is cooler, I guess. I'll skip it and hope my theory that the even-numbered episodes are the pretty good ones is true...

EDIT: Here, I found a picture of Clyde. Bask in his reptilian glory, mammals!


  1. Yes, the Clyde scenes were fun.

    The one exception to your even numbered episodes being better theory is episode # 3 - Child Predator.


    1. True, Child Preditor was one of the better ones! :) And so far, it's the lone exception.