Saturday, October 1, 2011

REVIEW: Young Justice-Home Front

 So I just watched the episode of Young Justice today, and I figured, "what the heck? The Freak's gonna review it!"


 *Reader Beware, you're in for some SPOILERS!*

 Alright, so at the start, we're treated to Artemis waking up and having a flashback about her sister, who's *gasp* Cheshire! Apparently she ran away from home when Arte was little. Anyway, Artemis starts school at Gotham Academy, and has this funny interaction with Robin/Dick Grayson (but of course, she has no idea who it is):

(Dick runs up to Artemis)
Dick: We'll laugh about this someday.
(takes a surprise picture with Artemis on his cell phone, disappears, NINJA STYLE)

 And to top off this little brief school moment, we have an interaction between Dick and Batgirl/Barbra Gordon, who's makin' a cameo.

 Next we see Megan/Miss Martian and Superboy, enjoying their little relationship upgrade, until Superboy's little pet robot ball comes along and warns them Kid Flash/Wally's coming by. Wally comes up, mentioning they "sure spend a lot of time working on his bike" and that they obviously need his help. I'm still back and forth on whether this is Wally being semi-aware what's going on and trying to get in their way, or him being oblivious. ANYHOW, and Kaldur/Aqualad discusses the whole "team mole" thing with Red Tornado, when Tornado has to leave for SUSPICIOUS! reasons. But I think he delivered his best line ever this episode:

 "I agreed to cover for Green Arrow, he has an interpersonal event with Black Canary. A "hot date"."
   After that, we get back to Artemis. She heads for The Cave, and bumps into Robin in Gotham. They have a pretty funny interaction, and then go to The Cave. Then, *gasp* The Cave's under attack by two Red Tornado-eske robots (SUSPICIOUS!), one with fire power, the other with water, who have captured the other members of The Team and have KF and Superboy in a watery death-trap and Miss Martian (who's out cold) and Aqualad in a fire cage. The "Reds" threaten that they'll kill the others if Artemis and Robin don't surrender in ten minutes.

 Arte's panicking, because if all the guys with superpowers are down, how are she and Robin, the normal ones, going to stop them? Robin, however, is calm in the face of danger. They find the others, but have to get away from the Reds. Robin tells the distraught Artemis she has to "get traught or get dead", and our heroes come up with a plan to send out a electro-magnetic pulse to shut down the Reds, with some technical help from KF. But just as they're about to set up the EMP, The Reds capture Robin, and have him drowning in a water tube (NOOOOOO! ROBIN!!!!! I LOVE-ES YOU ROBIN! I LOVE-ES YOOOOOOUUU!). And Artemis, having used her last arrow, runs for it.

 Arte ends up in Wally's room, and finds Wally's collection of "souvenirs", including Cheshire's mask. She has another flashback, and then starts to tell the mask she's found a "new family" with The Team (awww). She sees her arrow from "Schooled" (AKA a Chekhov's Gun, as they say on TV Tropes and the literary world), and goes to stop the robots. Long story short, she makes an awesome shot that sets off the EMP (all it needed was metal), and stops the robots, saving everyone. Once everyone's confirmed to be okay, Red Tornado "happens" to come back, everyone's not happy he ditched them. Suddenly, The Team realizes everything electronic that was in The Cave's starting up again, and Red Tornado starts sucking all the air out of the cave, to incapacitate everyone. SUSPICIOUS!

 When everyone comes to, the Justice League's there to check on them, and it's mentioned that the Reds (including Tornado), have all disappeared. SUSPICIOUS! 


 I liked this episode. I loved Artemis and Robin's interactions in the beginning. I also liked Robin being serious, and his "get it together" moment with Artemis. It does make sense, since he's been doing this longer/he's Batman's sidekick. I also liked seeing Artemis's vulnerable side, it was nice to see. She definitely scored some "like" points in my book this episode. And the distraction Kid Flash and Superboy(!) make was awesome.

I'm not to crazy about the pacing of Superboy and Miss Martian's relationship. I think it's kinda fast. Yes, he did kiss her last episode, but I think the writers could have held off a little longer to make it official, Y'know? Unless something bad's going to happen to one of them....

Also, was I the only one who thought it would've been hilarious if while the water raised, there had been an interaction between Kid Flash and Superboy that went like this?:

 Superboy: Me and M'Gann haven't been working on my bike, we've been kissing...
 Kid Flash: WHAT!?
 Anyway, I hadn't considered Red Tornado could be the mole. My theory was the obvious Artemis or Superboy, but he's not aware of it, because The Light have some way of seeing/hearing what Superboy's doing (mayhaps via G-Gnome). And maybe MM (beware the nice ones, you know?). But I can see Tornado being the mole, in hindsight.


 I give it a 5 out of 5.

Tell me what you think, and hey, maybe I'll do another review of next week's episode or something. Wow, this might be my longest post ever. Peace out!



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