Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Don't Feel Like Doing A Weekend Artwork This Weekend

 I just don't. But I WILL post a "saga" of pics this week/weekend. Want a hint? What have I been going on about in "One Liners"?

 So... I'm gonna go running around screaming "I LOVE ROBIN!" or something related to one of the many things I'm a fan of while playing "Rose's Turn" (The Glee Version) on my MP3 Player. Why?

So here's the song so you can get a hilarious mental image.

 And because I can, the Portal 2 trailer. SOMEDAY, I WILL PLAY THOSE GAMES!

Wow, this post took a weird turn...


 Yes, I am partially insane. Why do you ask?

1 comment:

  1. If I ran around listening to that song on my MP3 while screaming,"I love Robin!", I may or may not end up in an asylum. It'd be great if you joined me.....please?