Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Overused Plot Parody Theater #4: Whose Side Are You On?

 Been a long time since I've done one of these, huh? So here's plot parody 4: Zim or Dib have a change of heart.



 Zim had an epiphany one morning. The human race was beautiful, with it's ignorance, and disgustingness. He decided that he would work with the human race. He would become..... A LAWYER! Like this guy he saw in some superhero movie he watched for research. But he was blind, so obviously these "lawyers" had to have some sort of horrible handicap.

 So Zim was going to gorge out his eyes.

 BUT! Before he could mutilate himself, Dib BURST into his base. "ZIM! I've realized my species is horrible! I am going to align myself with you to destroy them!"

 Zim looked to Dib, "But.... your species is beautiful! Why would you do that? I no longer seek destruction, Dib!"

 Dib snarled and headed for the door.....

 "But you make a good point! I must destroy them!"

 "What!? Well, I'll stop you!"

 "Well, I want to help humanity again!"
 "UGH! I just remembered how much the human race stinks! I MUST ELIMINATE IT!"

 This went on for a long time. The Computer groaned and shut itself down. GIR got bored and ran to Las Vegas, and then promptly razed it to the ground. It was Minimoose who snapped. He went to the lab.

 "NYAH!" He screeched, and FIRED A LAZAH AT THEM!

 The two promptly realigned themselves to their proper sides.

 And peace was restored.


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