Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Overused Plot Parody #5- Back to Tak

  Hey, it's been a while since I've done one o' these, eh? So, I've done New Girls, Dib Daddy Issues, Zim Learning The Truth, and Zim/Dib Having "Heel Face/Face Heel Turns" .... What's left?

 Oh,Idon'tknow... TAK'S RETURN!!!!!


 They say her fall out of the sky, on fire. The all-familiar female Irken looked them in the eyes, with a smile akin to a slasher. "TAK!" Dib and Zim shouted in unison. "She's on fire. It must huuuuurrrrrtttt." GIR pointed out, then walked out. Zim cleared his throat. "So, I assume you're here to team up with me and fall HELPLESSLY in love with me, because you are pathetic and not as AMAZING as me...."

 This kind of threw Tak off her mojo. "What? No. I'm here for revenge. I HATE YOU!"

 "Then she must be here for me." Dib said, looking smug.

 "NO! I want you gone, too." Tak growled. She readied to kill them, when..........

 "YOU WON'T HURT MY BABY!" Zo popped out of nowhere, screaming and rushing to protect Dib. "I THOUGHT WE SETTLED THIS WHEN YOU DIED IN THE FIRST PARODY!" Vix shouted, appearing and brutally killing Zo in a way no human can describe. Then a figure in a black hood appeared. "VIX! I told you not to abuse the Deus Ex Machina! Back to the basement to "rehabilitate" you!" Vix groaned, and walked over to the Black Hooded Figure. She looked over to Dib. "You will be mine...." She whispered. They dissapeared in a portal, and the Fourth Wall reappeared.

 Zim blinked. "Eh?"

 Tak took this weird coincidence to jump into the sky and activate her PAK legs. She lunged at her enemies, like a bird of prey, getting closer.....


 There you go! Yeah, this was weirder than I thought.

Number Six Here!

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