Thursday, February 2, 2012

Overused Plot Parody #6: He Got Irked!

  So, I finally got an idea for these again! After the epic fail that was "Back to Tak" , I came up with a next instalment of the series after a hiatus.

  Ladies and Gents, I give you....

                                He Got Irked!

   Zim and Dib were in the heat of battle in Zim's lab. Zim had captured people as test subjects, and you know Dib wouldn't let that go on.

   Zim shoved Dib into a weird generator, labeled "The Plot Device", that just so happened to be in the corner. When Dib hit the generator, something flickered on his face. It was an Irken face. Zim freaked out. "The Dib? Half-Irken?" Dib tilted his head. "Really? That's your first conclusion?" Zim ignored Dib. "COMPUTER! SCAN THE INSIGNIFICANT IRKEN IMPOSTOR!" "Yes, Alliterative Master!" The computer replied, scanning Dib.

  "Sir! Dib is inexplicably an Irken." Zim and Dib freaked out. "My kind, soiled!" Zim screeched. "My life! Ruined!" Dib shouted. There was insane giggling. The two horrified enemies looked left to a container holding a girl.

  "Yay! You two can work together to destroy mankind!" Dib raised an eyebrow. "Why would I do that?" The girl smiled. "'Cause your gunna looooooovve each other!" Dib and Zim were disgusted. "Or maybe you're brothers!" They were both  doubly disgusted, and Zim was about to rant about how the mighty Zim had no siblings, and he was too amazing to have relatives, anyway. Then the girl made a blasphemous claim so horrible, the author could not bear to write it.

  Zim lost it. "COMPUTER! KILL THIS HORRIBLE HUMAN FULL OF LIIIIIIEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!" Zim looked around. "Where is the disgraceful Dib-Irken?" The Computer answered, "He left, saying something about wanting to end it all rather than be the same creature as his worst enemy..." Zim scowled. "Eh, I can't let him do that! Only I am allowed to end the Dib! Selfish abomination..."

  Zim began to storm out of his lab. "Eeeeeeee! He's gonna save Dib! He DOES love him..." The girl squealed. "COMPUTER!!!" Zim called. The Computer analyzed the human. How was he going to end her? Lasers? No, they'd been overused lately. Neurotoxin? No, that seemed like another AI's shtick.

   Suffocate the human in a liquid-solid? "That's original...." He mused. Yep, The Computer was going to go with that....



 Well, there you have it!

  And relax, no eleven-year-old boys committed suicide in the creation of this FanFic/Parody...

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