Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Are The X-Books Run By Age of Appocolypse Fanboys?

  I'm noticing a lot of things about recent X-Men stuff. One site (*cough* TV Tropes *cough*) mentions how a lot of X-Men writers are total Wolverine fanboys, thus Wolverine gets to be awesome all the time, while Cyclops gets derailed. (And, no, I'm not a Cyclops fan, I'm more of a Wolverine freak myself....). Anyway, being as (while I'm not a regular reader) I try and keep up with comicdom current events. And what I've been reading, the signs are pointing towards the writers loving AoA. Here is my reasoning (with comics for illustration):

1. Nightcrawler of AoA coming over to The Main Universe

  As I stated WAAAAAYYY long ago in September, they recently moved AoA Nightcrawler to the main universe for X-Force. While, yes, I understand Earth-616 Nightcrawler (regular universe) isn't really suited for a "mutant black-ops team that kills when necessary", but did they really need to take someone from another universe? Couldn't they have added someone from the normal universe? I'm just saying.....

In retrospect, he should have used X-Force's telepath, Psylocke..

2. Magnetogue

  So, since Magneto's gone good (WHAT!?) for now, apparently he and Rogue have a little bit of romantic tension. Excuse me a moment...

*runs and screams "Squicky! Squicky!", then throws up my iced coffee beverage*

...'kay, it's all good! Besides that being kind of gross to me, they were married in Age of Apocalypse. They even had a kid. Hmmm...... Isn't that interesting.....

An Alternate Nightcrawler's Opinion
(And yes, I like putting Scarlet Witch and Nightcrawler together after watching Wolverine and the X-Men, and consider Rogue and Nightcrawler brother and sister (since they're adoptive siblings))

3. X-Force Sure Seems To Keep Going Back To Apocalypse

 So, besides adding Kurt "Darkholme", X-Force seems to go back to Apocalypse quite a bit. Their first mission? Kill resurrected Apocalypse. Second, it's mentioned Apocalypse is still alive. Third? They go to the freakin' AoA reality! Seriously.....


 So, it can't be a coincidence. I mean, either A) This is their love of AoA bleeding through, or B) they have some "big master plan involving AoA". Yeah, I'm going with A, and them claiming that it's B.

 But, I guess there's some bright sides. If Jean Grey comes back, there's a chance she and Wolverine get together, like in Age of Apocalypse....

 Anyone who's reading the newer X-Books regularly want to weigh in?

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