Monday, October 10, 2011

A Weird OHP "Fanfic": LLAMA!!!!!!

 And now, for something completely different.

 This AWESOME group, Operation Head Pigeons (AKA "Operation Head Pigeons 2.0" on Facebook), has hit 10,000 likes on Facebook not long ago. So, I decided to write the girls over there a "Fanfic" of sorts. Is this weird? Kinda. But anyway, this is my little gift to them. I've been a pigeon since the original "Operation Head Pigeons". So, here we go!


 The Control Brains and The OHP Tallest were hanging out in OHP Land. Tallest Sarah and CB Hillary were discussing the awesomeness of Richard Horvitz. CB Lillias was writing an MST of a bad Fanfic and trying to hold on to her will to live though a particularly bad part. "The plot thickens." She said to herself. CB REL was reading reviews for her singing of the OHP version of "Want You Gone", and CB Opera and Meadow were drawing. And Jackie and Alexia were talking to each other.

 Suddenly, Tallest Karissa  burst into the scene.

 "GUYS! THE LLAMA FINALLY LOST HIS VOICE!" Everyone gasped. "You mean the llama that keeps us from telling THE SECRET?" Meadow asked. "Yes, and wonderful exposition, Meadow." Jackie replied. REL smiled, "This means..." "...We can tell the secret." Opera answered. "Okay guys," Sarah said, "on the count of three..."


 Suddenly, there was loud hip-hop music. A low-rider car drove by loudly as they spoke THE SECRET. Upon closer inspection, one could see a llama in shades, driving. On his licence plate, it read: "LLAMA!"

 Everyone stood there, in shock.

 "I forgot me and Sarah took the llama to the DMV to get a Driver's Licence." Hillary said. Alexia looked over at Hillary. "It seemed like a good idea..." Alexia scowled. "I TOLD you guys that was a bad idea! I swear, sometimes it's like I'm not here..."


 Any Head Pigeons out there? Were the CBs and Tallest "In-Character", so to speak. Tell me what you think! CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, please!

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