Monday, October 10, 2011


 One of the funny things on this one site, TV Tropes, is the Wild Mass Guessing. Sometimes, the guesses are serious ("_____ Will Die The Next Episode", for example), while others are ridiculous and joking ( for example, "_______ is Cyclops's Son"). So, I decided to do my own, mostly goofy, ones.

The guess is in bold, the explanation in normal, just so yous know.



Perry The Platypus is a Milliner.

 In The Looking Glass Wars, Hatter Madigan (AKA The Mad Hatter) is a Milliner, who are like soldiers with cool hats that do all sorts of stuff (Madigan's top hat becomes blades, for example). Perry's hat does some fly stuff. Thus, part of the OWCA's training must be Milliner training.

YJ Robin and Dr. Doofenshmertz are related somehow.

 Both tend to play around with prefixes (Dr. D:"Your timing is impeccable, and by impeccable I mean COMPLETELY PECCABLE!"; Robin: "Would "aster" be the opposite of disaster?"). Coincidence? I THINK NOT! (*Told you these can be ridiculous*)

Luxord was a pirate.

 Now, this one I'm kinda serious about. In Kingdom Hearts II, "Luxy" knows about "parlay", and I don't think that's common knowledge. Plus, if you look at the Pieces of Eight in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, one is a card (Luxord's signature weapon). Obviously, Luxord was one of the original Pirate Lords, and time just... passes differently.

Cheren is based on Dib.

 When I first played Pokemon Black, I noticed a weird similarity Cheren had:



 See? Their hair has the same sorta look. And they wear glasses and blue stuff. And they're both pretty smart. I'd post an anime version of Dib, but I don't want some fan*insertgenderhere* to get mad that I stole their drawing, then chase me down the street with replicas of the Buster Sword and the Gunblade..... again. Obviously, someone over at Game Freak is a Zim Fan.


 Well, that's it. That's all I got.... FOR NOW.... *evil laugh*

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