Thursday, August 16, 2012

There Is Hope For It Yet: The Sea of Monsters

  It's no secret that I disliked the movie adaptation of The Lightning Thief. It cut out important characters, changed events and plot details (like the fact they DIDN'T take Percy's mom out of The Underworld. Percy left without her because he didn't want to sacrifice his friends and knew it wasn't what his mom would want. Hades restored her as a reward for Percy when he got Hades's helm back.), wasn't much like the books, and just gave me the feeling Columbus and his crew just skimmed the first book (maybe read some cliff notes) and just wrote the movie afterwords.

  It wasn't what I hoped.

 So, naturally, I wasn't pleased that they were going ahead with adapting the sequel. But, I was on Pintrest and saw a picture from the shooting. And, as the pinner put it (paraphrased): "ANNABETH IS BLONDE NOW! THEY'RE FIXING THEIR MISTAKES!" So, I looked at the Wikipedia page.

  ...And it looks to be true.

  -First of all: THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE EVERYONE THEY FORGOT! Thalia, Kronos, Mr. D, Clarisse; they're all going to be there!
 -Second: NATHAN. FILLION. IS PLAYING. HERMES! Nathan "Castle/Voice of Hal Jordan in some animated movies/other things" Fillion. That is going to be awesome. Seriously, they better not screw that up.

 -And finally, Columbus isn't directing this time. Good, he had his chance, and he failed. This time, a man by the name of Thor Freudenthal (*resisting urge to make Thor jokes*) is in-charge of that. The only other things of his I've seen of his are Stuart Little (which was decent) and the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. The latter I thought was a pretty good adaption of the book (which surprised me for a Fox-distributed flick). so I have hope. (Then again, I had hope for Columbus, and look how that turned out...)

  So, I'm actually kind of... excited for this, now. I love the books, and I want to see a good movie of them this time. I'm sure this will be better than its predecessor. If not; get my hopes up once, Fox, shame on you. Get them up twice, I will hunt you down Artemis style!

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