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Infamous Movie Reviews: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

*Reader Beware, Ranting Ahoy*

 Here we are again. It is time for another review of a bad adaptation: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief! A movie distributed by, who else, 20th Century Butchers 20th Century Pox on Almost All Movies' Adaptations With Their Involvement 20th Century Fox. Like Airbender, it was one of the movies I was looking forward to. And c'mon, Chris Columbus did good with the first two Harry Potters (but in hindsight, he went to Rowling for help), and Night at the Museum was awesome. What could go wrong?

Everything. Everything could.

 So, shall we begin?


 -Hello? Clarisse? Where the heck are you, Ares, the Oracle, Mr. D, and several other characters from the book? Oh, wait, Annabeth apparently fused with you and took over part of your role (going against Percy in the first game of Capture the Flag).

-They took the fun of the "Greek Myths fused with Modern Day" stuff and wiped it away. Camp Half-Blood didn't look much like a summer camp (where were the awesome cabins?). And what about the Gods having modern looks (Zeus wears suits, Poseidon wears Hawaiian shirts, etc.)? There was only the first few minutes of the movie, Hades, and The Lotus Casino.

-Everything having to do with Persephone. 1) She didn't have anything to do with the pearls. 2) She wasn't.... attracted to Grover (I don't even think they met in the books). 3) She didn't have issues with Hades. 4) SHE. WASN'T. IN. THE. FIRST. BOOK. They explicably say in the book she was with Demeter.

-The aforementioned Persephone Grover attraction. That made me a little uncomfortable.


- The Hydra doesn't appear in the first book. It comes up in the second. Seriously, if you needed a monster, Columbus, you could have used one FROM THAT BOOK! Like The Enchinda! I don't care of the Hydra's the better-known monster, USE ONE OF THE ACTUAL MONSTERS PERCY FIGHTS IN THAT BOOK!

-*ahem* All the deviations. Seriously, I understand cutting some stuff out, but some things shouldn't be messed with.

-What? No quest or prophecies?


-I kind of liked Hades having a modern spin here. It was the closest thing to the original books' trademarks, so best not to lick a gift horse on the mouth. (Off-Topic, but I first pictured book!Hades looking like Snape in the Harry Potter movies.)

-When I first saw the movie Grover, I was like, "Why is Grover black?" (In the art, he's a scruffy white guy, with a little beard). I know it may sound racist, but I was curious why he was changed. But I kinda liked movie!Grover better than book!Grover. I don't know why, but I just did.


 Overall, I was disappointed. They changed to much stuff for me to fully enjoy the movie. It wasn't as entertaining as the book. Seriously. Well, at least there may not be anoth....


 Okay, Columbus, if you're doing the sequel and happen to be reading, listen up, I have some suggestions:

  1. Don't take this so seriously, part of the books' appeal is that it still has fun with the world it's in and is funny when it needs to be.
  2. PUT KRONOS AND THALIA IN THIS ONE! Thalia's important to the plot, and, as I said earlier, KRONOS! IS! THE! VILLAIN!
  3. Ya know... Just... Just get the author, Rick Riordan, to help you out with the movie. In my opinion, adaptions are better when they have the author's input. Like I said before, J.K. Rowling helped with the Harry Potter movies, and those were good, Columbus. I mean, I read your first Potter movie was the second-highest grossing in the series. It not the end of the world to ask for help....
 That's all I gotta say about that. It wasn't the greatest adaption ever, and I'm desperately hoping the sequel's better......

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  1. An interesting bit of info Riordan said in an interview was that he had no control of the movie when it was in production. Partially, because the series was still growing a following and mostly, because he was a middle school teacher at the time and they didn't take him seriously. He even said when they gave him the script to read for his opinion he said that he had a lot of complaints, but since he had no control he wasn't going to bother with it and stick to the book side of things.