Saturday, August 18, 2012

Goof-Ups I've had

 As much as I hate to admit it, I am not perfect. Especially when it comes to typing sometimes. Trust me, Spellcheck is my best friend sometimes. So, I felt like sharing three typos I've had: one general, one that I've corrected, and one mildly hilarious one from a post I did.

 -Ah, Mark Gatiss. He's rather awesome. I mean, he writes for (and has appeared quite a few times in) Doctor Who. He's (so far) the most consistent writer on Sherlock, writing two episodes I enjoyed (Steve Thompson having written the "weakest" episode of Series One, "The Blind Banker", then a good one in Series 2, "The Riechenbach Fall" (RIECHEN- nope, not gonna do the gag). And Moffat wrote the fantastic episode "A Study in Pink", then wrote the episode with a rather irksome Adler interpretation known as "A Scandal in Belgravia.") And to top it off, he plays Mycroft on that show as well. And I'm eager to see how he writes "The Empty House". I'm sure it'll be fantastic.

 But why on Earth do I have so much trouble with his last name? I mean, it's not that hard!
 First, I was somehow under the impression it was "Gatniss". I dunno, there was all that Hunger Games stuff, so my mind must've went: "Gatiss is similar to Katniss, so Gatiss=Gatniss". So for a while, I spelt it like some some of portmanteau crack couple name for him and Katniss. Then, I realized my mistake, and corrected it as best I could. (I'm sure in some of my older posts (around March-ish) still have this mistake if I haven't tried to fix them already).

  But the worst part is that I used this misspelling on Pintrest. And a lot of people don't edit what the stuff they're repinning says. So, long story short, there are a lot of repinned Gatiss pics that call him "Gatniss" now. (If anyone has repinned one of those and had it pointed out, I apologize, it's probably my fault.) Maybe if I'm lucky it'll turn into a meme. Then, yay for me... Heh, heh...

  Also, I know I've called him "Gattiss" at least once. Ironically, I was fixing the "Gatniss" that time I remember... Oops!

  So, I apologize for the misspellings, Mark Gatniss Gattiss ...Erm... the guy who plays Mycroft! :P

   -Ever since he first appeared in "The Empty Child", I have been a fan of Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who. He's my favorite companion of Eccleston's run, was one of my incentives to get through Series 3, and one of my overall favorite companions (along with Donna Noble and Rory Williams "Pond").

  But, at first, I forgot he had an "n" in his name, thinking it was "Harkess" (which, is still a cool name, by the way). This one was fixed sooner than the Gatiss fiasco, and I doubt that you'll find the error on this blog. (It was more of an error when I wrote little humor comics with him out of boredom.)

  ...Now that I think about it, I must've just stole the "n" from his name and gave it to Gatiss... Hmm...

 -And now, an error that never came up on any final drafts of my posts, but was just too bizarrely hilarious not to mention. In fact, it's what inspired this post in the first place!

 The error comes from my post about who my pick was to play Sebastian Moran on Sherlock. In that post, I have a picture of Eccleston with the caption "Could you be our Moran, sir?"

  However, I had accidentally put down "Could you be our Moron?" at first. After giggling at my mistake, I quickly fixed it before publishing. But still, I couldn't resist sharing.

  Haha. Oh, Eccleston. You know I don't think you're a moron. I think you're brilliant and fantastic! :)


  So, that's my little bit of self-deprecation. I now return you to your regularly scheduled life...

  ...Unless you've seen any other mistakes I've made but have been too polite to share...

*UPDATE* Oh yeah, I almost forgot. My screen name, Loveable Freak, is a spelling error. I didn't realize there wasn't an extra "e". Oh well, I like it better this way...

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